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    Football Funnies

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    2 people hospitalised at Gordon's

    2 people have been admitted too hospital at Gordon Ramsays restaurant due too a flaming cocktail. Just a coincidence the restaurant is called hells kitchen?
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    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    I have a man crush on Tom Hardy.
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    Boring Football Clubs!

    Aston Villa i would rather watch paint dry ,they are so fecking boring i always change channel or just switch off
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    The Tee-total thread

    Bb you are always on a diet or not drinking then cave in and still get hangovers and excess poundage round the girth! You will be drinking soon enough. I got shit faced yesterday and it was great!
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    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    I'm planning on retiring when I'm 30. Fuck it haha.
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    Cover versions better than original

    Use this thread to say what cover version is better than the original in your opinion. Post the cover first followed by original.
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    Premier League Predictions

    A bold prediction Anton. Welcome to the forum mate. Enjoy and post away.
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    That Sturgeon Woman!! (or bloke?)

    That all depends on the will of the voting public Hairy and that depends if the Scottish Executive is permitted to hold another 'once in a lifetime' referendum...........especially when both Sturgeon & Salmond along with Cameron all signed the Edinburgh Agreement to respect the result of the first referendum which did NOT include the wording....'but only if things go in our favour'.
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    Football Funnies

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    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    got an e-mail just now from post code lottery....Good news it said....thought I was in line to buy my Jeep Cherokee.....won a tenner ffs!......
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    Comebacks on 😂🤣
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    Monday, not my words copied but- Don’t miss England v Tunisia on Monday. Two nations in World Cup football. One nation is A fanatical Muslim country where terrorists are born and trained, where Sharia law rules, and White Christians are treated like dirt, if they speak out of they are thrown in jail....... The other nation is Tunisia.
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    Off the cuff posts re World Cup games

    aye...fucking oil prices will rocket!!!!!!
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    Tommy Robinson!

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    The Realist

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    All wasps must be female. they are all angry and always in a bad mood.
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    She is as Dumb as that cunt Corbyn
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    better still imo....stripped of UK nationality and deported (without appeal) to Palestine or even the republic of ireland the terrorists of which he is in awe to. How the fucker has the brass neck to appear at the Cenotaph every November is beyond me. He is a weakling in charge of a party which has shown its racist tendencies, most recently towards Jews.
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    Red Devil

    VAR Again.

    That decision in Germany was a farce, it's ruining the game completely. I personally hate VAR, Iove the debate in the pub after the game. If a decision goes against you, it might go for you the following week. It's what makes the game interesting, they are draining any fun from football.
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    Staff Members Needed

    I check in most days so if it assists you I'll help out BB.
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    Oh I agree completely. I was just using sport as an example. Sport is well and truly on that politically correct diversity shit slope. I mean is it really that bad that someone has hurt feelings? The world will fail to function if everyone's feelings are considered in every matter or subject. Personally I think a lot of it is down to those nutters from the left wing with that twat Corbyn in charge.
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    The Realist

    Return of the devil

    About feckin time.
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