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Stephen Hawkins dead.

Rare genius': the world pays tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking

Astronauts, scientists and celebrities celebrate the life of a ‘colossal mind and wonderful spirit’


Post in Jamie Carragher - Spits at 14 Year old

What do people think about the fans' actions?

I'm not entirely sure what the grievance is with the running of the club? 

It was nice to see an angry mob showing what they think, in the sense that there's still a heart beating somewhere in English football.

That guy with the corner flag thought he was dead hard, what a dick 
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Dirty bastard!!!

I wonder if he'll lose his job.
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What the fuck is that all about!! Lazy bastards!
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A UK company has designed a new system that is quick to deploy and dismantle - and can help keep crowds safe from vehicle attacks.


Great idea to stop these loonies from killing multiple people with vehicles. 
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Its seriously doing my nut in, it does it 2-3 times per day which isn't a lot, but its just . It doesn't matter what i'm doing at the time, I could be on Chrome, google maps using navigator with it plugged in to power or as it has just done, reset when i'm not even using it and the screen is off!!!

I've just decided to carry out a Factory reset. Hopefully I can slowly add my apps back a week at a time just in case its an rouge app that causing the phone to reset!

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Current half timesscores



So boro play anyone in the top half of the table and we can't score. Don't think we'll get into the play-offs. Unless we start to actually play some decent football. We have Hull at home tomorrow, I think we might be able to get a win, maybe!!!

After sustaining a serious head injury against Chelsea in 2017, Hull City's Ryan Mason has had to retire from football.


Only 26 years old, that considered young in football. Wonder if he'll have gotten a big payout for being forced to retire due to injury, i'm sure footballers are insured by their clubs. 
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BT Sport has won the rights to broadcast 32 matches per season on a Saturday at 12:30.

Sky Sports is to broadcast 128 games per season, including 32 matches on a Saturday at 17:30.

BT paid a total of £885m and Sky paid £3.579bn for the Premier League rights over three seasons.


That's stupid money, where does all the money end up going?
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How do they get away with this?

Is the white hetrosexual man the only person who can be discriminated against?
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2,964 - Leeds United
2,756 - Aston Villa
2,574 - Sheffield Wednesday
2,409 - Wolves
2,393 - Middlesbrough
2,282 - Sheffield United
1,841 - Birmingham City
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I like it, plain and simple. Tho it looks like a dodgy photo shop job too me. Badge looks iffy.

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World Cup Russia 2018 - Group B Discussion + Poll
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Which 2 teams will progress
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Quick to appoint a new manager. If I was him i'd stay at Barnsley, Leeds have gone though a lot of managers recently!!!
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Cleveland Fire Brigade wants to attract more people from minority backgrounds as part of a new drive for equality, diversity and inclusion.

The brigade’s workforce is 98.3% white, and is dominated by men - with 82.3% of its workforce male.



This winds me up. Maybe if more women applied and more ethnic minorities applied then there would be more of them represented. Forced equality, diversity and inclusion. How is this equal and inclusive if they want ethnic and female workers?
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The fucking worlds going mad!
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Thought i'd start this one, its the last day of the transfer window being open. I'm hoping boro get some attacking midfield players and maybe a striker, i can only dream! Anyway are you hoping to get any signings today or not?
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Sheffield Wednesday v Notts County/Swansea

West Brom v Southampton

Chelsea v Hull

Leicester v Sheffield United

Huddersfield/Birmingham v Manchester United

Millwall/Rochdale v Newport County or Tottenham

Brighton v Coventry

Wigan v Manchester City
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Not a full fixture list but good amount of games for Tuesday night. Boro need to win to keep our promotion chances alive. 

Good, Wimbledon should never have been allowed to move to Milton Keynes. Wimbledon where called the Don's so rightly so they don't recognise mk "dons".


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Arthur Masuaku spits at Nick Powell and is sent off during West Ham’s FA Cup clash against Wigan

Dirty bastard