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Post in Championship Match Discussion Thread

Another weekend of Football. 

Hope boro actually turn up this afternoon.


This can't end well. 
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How daft is this car!!!

The Fiat Seicento which has been converted into an Arriva bus


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Spurs and Newcastle Losing tonight!
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wonder how the lefty PC brigade would act, If this was a job for whites only.

And the people I see defending it, are pissing me off a lot.

I feel as if I could stamp on their face til I have to stop through exhaustion.

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Coming up on Saturday, oh the excitement builds.

What are your picks for England? Group of life / death?

England Dream Draw: Poland, England, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

England Nightmare Draw: Brazil, England, Denmark / Costa Rica, Nigeria / Serbia

Group of Death: Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Nigeria

Group of Life: Poland, Peru, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia

You can have some fun here:
World Cup pots

Pot 1
Russia (hosts)
Germany (1)
Brazil (2)
Portugal (3)
Argentina (4)
Belgium (5)
Poland (6)
France (7)

Pot 2
Spain (8)
Peru (10)
Switzerland (11)
England (12)
Colombia (13)
Mexico (16)
Uruguay (17)
Croatia (18)

Pot 3
Denmark (19)
Iceland (21)
Costa Rica (22)
Sweden (25)
Tunisia (28)
Egypt (30)
Senegal (32)
Iran (34)

Pot 4
Serbia (38)
Nigeria (41)
Australia (43)
Japan (44)
Morocco (48)
Panama (49)
South Korea (62)
Saudi Arabia (63)
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The weekend is nearly upon us (not). But here's the first fixtures in December which is a very busy month!!

Not looking forward to watching Bristol v Middlesbrough. I think we'll struggle, I don't know which Middlesbrough will turn up. We've not had an amazing performance this season, just average ones. Been a poor season and I don't think we'll be going up this season. The way we play at the moment it would be stupid to try and go up, we need another season in this league to get the best team. Unless we buy more players (Midfield and defence) in the transfer window. The team at the moment doesn't work, the striker department is fine but we need more cover in defence and midfield, more attacking minded players!

From 2019 there will be 190 live Premier League matches available on television and Saturday nigh games too. (http://www.bbc.co.uk...otball/42022871)

La Liga have Saturday night matches but the culture is very different. Prime time NFL and hockey are staples of US and Canadian television too.

Personally, from an armchair point of view, I quite like the idea, would be even better if they showed the 15:00 kick offs too. They are stuck in the old days where nothing was really streamed live. There is money to be made in this and they are so slow in sorting it out. The hard core fans and many regular fans will still attend, the likes of the family who can't afford to go, the old man who can't walk to the games anymore, would find it so easy and convenient to just buy your teams game for say a fiver. Boom!!!

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VID_20171122_202711.mp4" width="640">  

Its now, 2-0 to the boro Assombalonga again. 





The living wage

Is it just me who thinks this is a con?

Increase the wage, people pay more tax

Companies have to increase prices to cover extra wages, this creates more tax for them.

Where no better off.

So basically, pay cap on public sector to remain.

Alcohol to go up

Diesel/Petrol to go up

Tax on Diesel cars (Even though the government recommended us to buy them)
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Another defeat for Sunderland tonight at the hands of Aston Villa. Seriously in DEEP SHIT!!! 

A few more games are scheduled for tomorrow night. 

I hope we can get back to winning ways with a home win against Birmingham!!!! What do you reckon @The Realist

We have two hodge podges, we had two last year and they had two little hoglets but they were out during the day so we handed them to a santuary but they died which was a shame. We have just started feeding them and for the past week the food was gone in the morning so last night I put my nest indoor cam outside as it wasn't going to rain, we got the hogs on the camera and a fat ginger cat which we call gingi. Was funny just watching them all eat and drink.,


1st Hodge.mp4
2 hodge podge.mp4
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Cost Of Football
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Looking forward to the Leeds v Boro game, might actually watch this with a couple of Vodkas as I don't have to be at work until Tuesday. I have to drive from Middlesbrough to Scotland and then From Scotland to Portsmouth on Monday though!!!

Reports all over the sports news that he's been linked to them and he's posted a cryptic message.

He'll keep them up I think. He builds the team up from the back, I thought he done wonders with our defence in the time he managed us. Shame he couldn't get us to score!
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Get your two for one on festive drinks!!!


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This is for our women drivers @Babycakes  
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Salford City goalkeeper Max Crocombe was sent off for urinating during his side's 2-1 win at Bradford Park Avenue.

He was sent off for urinating at the side of the stands. lol


Anyone know of any other weird or unusual sendings off?
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The fixtures for this coming weekend. Looking forward to the Middlesbrough v Sunderland game, going to be watching this on the TV, i'm sure i'll find a stream as its on Sky. We should hopefully get a decent result with us being at home. Just hope their players don't perform as they have lost their manager!

He's been sacked by Sunderland, not suprised, they shouldn't be where they are considering they have just been relegated from the Premier League!
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Can't wait for this to begin again, I hope they don't just issue all the episodes at once, I want it to be a weekly thing so every Friday they will put out a new episode. Looking forward to it though!!!
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