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Full kit wankers
This twat even has boots on

half and half scouser

Fat Pipe will enjoy this one

an SNP separatist
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Manchester United unveil their most expensive home kit ever
This is stupid!!!

Whats the difference between the Replica and Authentic shirts?
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Post in Pub Funnies
Post in Pub Funnies

Croatia vs England - Wednesday 11th July 7pm
Croatia vs England - Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm (Match 62) - ITV

Well this has been the best world cup i've watched. I'm not just saying that as England are in the Semi-Finals. But just for the amount of shocks and good performances from the underdogs and none of the Vuela shite the South African world cup had which was annoying as fuck. Russia have put on one of the best World Cups EVER!!!

Anyway, this is England's biggest challenge yet, a great Croatian side who will be a bigger threat than Sweden. I just hope we can get a few early goals on Wednesday. We are so good at cross pieces at the moment.

 1-3 To England 

#Cro v #Eng


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France vs Belgium - Tuesday 10th July 7pm
France vs Belgium - St Petersburg, 7pm (Match 61) - BBC One

Both teams have played well during this world cup and to be honest, fuck knows whos going to win this. 

My Random guess will be France!

#FRA  v #BEL


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England Fan Celebrates world cup win on train
This is funny, man celebrating england winning on penalties on the train! SILENTLY haha!!
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7pm #BEL v #JPN
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3pm #BRA v #MEX
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So the first two games have been good, well especially France v Argentina, I thoroughly enjoyed that one, Uruguay v Portugal wasn't as good but it still wasn't a boring game. I think this world cup is going to go down as one of the best world cups in recent history. Its just been full of suprises and NO violence has been reported. I honestly thought there would have been deaths galore, but I made the mistake of believing the mainstream media!!!
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Hopefully this is a decent game, not really bothered who wins this one, I just home its a good game whilst i'm in my hotel in Wick!!!
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France v Argentina
 #FRA v #ARG

Thats it, the group stages are out of the way, usually they are boring with the odd upset, but thsi time round its been very good and very entertaining. This game is a big one so i'm hoping its going to reward us with some goals and some good football!!!


I hope France win just because I dislike Argentina.

3-2 to France with a very late winner for France 90+5 

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Here are the remaining fixtures for the world cup. 

30th June

3pm #FRA v #ARG

7pm #URU v #POR

1st July

3pm #ESP v #RUS

7pm #CRO v #DEN

2nd July

3pm #BRA v #MEX

7pm #BEL v #JPN

3rd July

3pm #SWE v #SUI

7pm #COL v #ENG

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Just found this by google. 


If you click on the logo of the tv company under the games your interested in watching, it loads up the stream

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Middlesbrough New Football Kit by Hummel
I actually really like this shirt. 

doubt i'd buy it though as its
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World Cup 2018 Free Excel Spreadsheet
Hi guys,

I have made a spreadsheet for the upcoming WC in Russia which you can download for free here: 

World Cup 2018 Template

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!
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World Cup 2018 Predictions
Do this and see you you think will win the World Cup:


Heres mine:

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Englands team for Russia World Cup
Goalkeepers: Jack Butland (Stoke), Jordan Pickford (Everton), Nick Pope (Burnley).

Defenders: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Gary Cahill (Chelsea), Fabian Delph (Manchester City), Phil Jones (Manchester United), Harry Maguire (Leicester), Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur), John Stones (Manchester City), Kieran Trippier (Tottenham Hotspur), Kyle Walker (Manchester City), Ashley Young (Manchester United).

Midfielders: Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur), Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), Jesse Lingard (Manchester United), Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Chelsea).

Forwards: Harry Kane (Tottenham), Marcus Rashford (Manchester United), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Jamie Vardy (Leicester), Danny Welbeck (Arsenal).

Standby: Lewis Cook (Bournemouth), Tom Heaton (Burnley), Adam Lallana (Liverpool), Jake Livermore (West Brom), James Tarkowski (Burnley).
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Got Poppy some new shoes!!
I went out on my mountain bike with my dog last week and she cut both 1 of her pads on both front paws. So I went on Amazon and bought her these shoes:

Which will hopefully prevent this from happening again!!

But I don't think she likes them haha

I'm going to put them on here for a few mins each day until she's used to them!
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Championship Play Off Semi Finals 2018
These are the Play offs dates and teams.

Fulham v Derby (1st Leg May 11th / 2nd Leg May 14th)

Aston Villa v Middlesbrough  (1st Leg May 12th / 2nd Leg May 15th)

Should be some good games and i'll definitely be watching these. 
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This comes into force soon, something to do with what information is stored aboutneach member. Fuck knows what I'm supposed to do. I created a new privacy page which I haven't read but made you lot all accept it, no doubt you didn't read it too so we're both as bad as one another's 

The only information that is held in my database is.yiur email address and IP address, oh and you username, your location if you entered it, the team you support and other shit you may have entered on the forum. All your posts are identified as being posted by you too as you posted them. Maybe photos you uploaded are also identified as being posted by you too. 

FFS if you do something on this forum logged in then everything you posts is logged. Simples. 

Unless we are hacked I will never sell your data or give it to anyone. Other than the police if thry needed it. But I dunno why they'd ever need it. 

Enjoy the forum 

Vodka Mike out.
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MP's to debate Safe Standing
Safe-standing petition: 100,000 people sign, triggering possible MPs' debate

This is long long long overdue, as one of the comments says on the BBC:


Celtic have the right idea on this!
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BBC Women's Footballer of the Year 2018
More PC Shite from the BBC

 Hopefully the women with the biggest tits wins it.  

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FA Cup Final - Chelsea v Manchester United
So this is the final. 

To be played on Saturday 19th May at 17:30.

I can only see a United win here.

There is an uproar at the moment about the ticket prices for the final as some fans will be charged up to £145 for a ticket. To be honest, if you can pay that your an idot, or have more money than sense. But at the end of the day its supply and demand, if people will pay it, they wil charge it.

FA Cup final ticket prices

Category A - £145 (was £80 for semi-finals)

Category B - £115 (£65 for semi-finals)

Category C - £80 (£45 for semi-finals)

Category D - £45 (£30 for semi-finals)
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Real Madrid v Juventus [Penalty and Buffon Sending Off]
Its a penalty and Buffon deserves to be sent off for gobbing off at the reff. 

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Pubs in danger: Six charts on how the British drink
Thought this was interesting, from the BBC website. 


Do the booze calcualtor:


I drink like I'm from Haiti. What's your booze nationality?
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