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Google Cloud Print
Google are doing to kill off Google cloud print on December 31st 2020. I use this all of the time, why would they stop this service arghh.

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Looking forward to Corbyn Embarrassing himself!!


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Is It time to ditch VAR?
It just doesn't work in football. It took the VAR team 3 min and 20 seconds to decline Sheffield United their goal the weekend just gone, that's an absolute joke in my eyes. You can NEVER celebrate a goal anymore as you'll know VAR will be looking into it. Its ruining the game. Surely it will be better to just had the refs mistakes. 

You could say its in its infancy so there are bound to be mistakes. 

The linesman is there do say if a goal was offside or not, why do we need VAR for that? Yeah there are mistakes but that's football. 
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The New Joke Thread,if You Are Easily offended,Tough Shit
Looking around in disappointment, my girlfriend said, "When you told me I'd never forget tonight, I was expecting a big ring."

"All in good time love," I said, reaching for the lube. "All in good time!"
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Vertonghen Does a John Terry
Dirty dick


Tottenham Hotspur FC.
Jan Vertonghen caught sleeping with Christian Eriksen wife.
Harry Kane got involved, big dressing room bust up.
Club refusing to offer Vertonghen a new contract. Eriksen was due to join Real Madrid but personal reasons stopped the deal.
Half the players not taking to each other, Eriksen said he’s not in a good place to play football.
Pochettino unable to resolve the situation, likely to join Real Madrid in the summer and take Eriksen with him and possibly Kane.
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Worlds gone mad, but I say that every week. Need a new way Ng for this.
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Post in The Halloween Thread
My missuses pumpkin haha

How to win a GE Dec 2019:

>No Deal Brexit
>End BBC licence
>Cancel HS2
>Appoint Supreme Court
>Drop ‘zero carbon’ targets
>Invest in northern infrastructure
>Drop ‘hate speech’ law
>End ‘Common Purpose’ influence 
>80 MPH speed limit
>End ‘Smart’ M-ways
>Ban child transgenderism

>Kill off the Quangos 
>Declare AGW a fraud 
>Remove all illegal immigrants 
>Stop any ISIS fighters returning
>Reduce income tax
>Remove inheritance tax
>End NHS tourism 
>End 20mph limit on through roads
>Arrest Bercow for misconduct in public office

>Abolish the House of Lords
>By-election if MP switches party
>Ban non-stun abattoirs
>Expand apprenticeships
>Make illegal to ban adverts
>Clean the streets
>Ban trans-women from women’s sports
>no-platforming banned
>Fine YouTube etc if they censor people for political views

Post in Championship Season Match Discussion 2019/20
Boro are on Sky Football tonight so i'll be able to see how shit we are, even though I already know.

The table doesn't look good for us! 

One positive is if we beat Huddersfield then we will be 4 points clear of relegation, if we lose we'll be in relegation 2 points behind. Dunno why i'm typing this as its easy to see haha. 

Post in Brexit not going very good?
They are voting now on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill. 

Clocks go back this weekend
Clocks go back at 0200 on 27th October 
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Paris 2024 Olympic LOGO Revealed
Its supposed to be a gold frame but looks like a woman!
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Post in The Halloween Thread
Post in The Halloween Thread

A good video worth watching. 

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Czech Republic v England
Should be a win for England. Not going to watch this as qualifiers and friendlies bore the fuck out of me. I only like actually watching the Euros or World Cup games.
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What the Heck
Awful keeper kit but also funny and for a good cause. 
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Rooney - Player / Coach for Derby
I think he'll be a shit manager, he's so boring to listen to. How can anyone get.moativated listening to him. I think he'll fail at the first hurdle. He'll still be one of the best players in the championship but I don't.think management is the way for him. 
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Adoring media sheep  now report that Greta Thunberg will no longer be sailing across the Atlantic, but walking across it.

English Ticket Prices 1980-81 season
Holy shit,compare the first division to the lower divisions
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My Dogs an aggressive CUNT!!!!
Poppy's aggression has been getting worse, she often submits to dogs then suddenly goes for them when they sniff her private parts. Which to me is confusing!!! But the dog walker knocked on my house today and spoke to my missus. She said Poppy had bit a lurcher on their neck and they had to take it to the vets to get surgery to no doubt clean and close the wound. The dog walker said they will still be able to walk her but she has to wear a sort muzzle. 

She also said Poppy pinned another dog down a week ago. She seems to be getting worse, she is very very bad when food is around!!! I honestly don't know what we can do to sort the crazy bitch out. 

She looks innocent but she's turning into a cunt!!! She's 3 years old. 
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Mike Ashley is not daft, he know exactly what he's doing! 

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Looking forward to the new season
Even though we have a manager with no previous experience, I've decided to give him a chance haha, yeah I know, lucky him. I watched his first interview as manager and him setting the rules and what he expects and so far it sounds very promising. Obviously he's got to actually live up to everything he's saying so hopefully the up and coming friendlies will be an indication of the team he'll be playing and the style he wants to create with the squad. I'm not hoping for promotion this season as maybe thats too much to ask for but a battle for the play-offs shouldn't be out of the question. A mid table finish would be a good start, I quite enjoy the Championship as we have a chance of winning games .

We've had a lot of managers who have started their careers at middlesbrough and have done alright Bryan Robson, Steve McClaren, Gareth Southgate and Aitor Karanka. I also didn't realise we have Robbie Keane as No,2 on the coaching staff. The more I actually read into this, the more positive i'm feeling about the beginning of the season. Maybe this is the season I start to enjoy football again as to be honest i've massively falling out with football, its continuing to become more and more commercial and unavailable to the poorer fans who without them, the game would be shite! 

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Real Madrid Offer Tottenham Gareth Bale on Loan
Real Madrid have offered Tottenham the chance to sign their former player Gareth Bale on loan for £10m. The Spanish club would also want Spurs to subsidise about half of the Wales forward's £600,000-a-week wages.

What the FUCK!!!!    
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