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Post in Brexit not going very good?
I will be posting this today, #BrexitParty

Notre Dame cathedral collapses as 'terrible' fire ravages the historic building
A pretty bad fire!!! was 850 years old apparently!

Was it a yellow vest protest or a contractor!!!
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Well 4 games are left, probably should have started this thread a little earlier, oh well, i've been busy at work!! So this is the table as of today:

Norwich City (Played 41 - 85 Points)

Leeds United (Played 42 - 80 Points)

Sheffield United (Played 42 - 79 Points)

West Brom (Played 42 - 73 Points)

Aston Villa (Played 42 - 69 Points)

Bristol City (Played 41 - 65 Points)

Middlesbrough (Played 42 - 64 Points)

Derby County (Played 41 - 63 Points)

Hull City (Played 42 - 60 Points)

Sheff Wed (Played 42 - 60 Points)

Forrest (Played 42 - 57 Points)

Preston (Played 42 - 57 Points)

Swansea City (Played 41 -56 Points)

Brentford (Played 42 - 54 Points)

I've listed all the teams mathematically still could get into the play-offs.

The Automatic promotion places are between, Norwich, Leeds and Sheffield United)

The Play-Offs positions are between: Leeds, Sheff United, West Brom, Villa, Bristol City, Boro and Derby

If Leeds go up or Sheffield go up, the other are guaranteed the play-offs along with west Brom so its only the final 2 play off positions that teams are playing for.

Any Thoughts?


Remaining Fixtures:

Aston Villa (Played 42 - 69 Points)
Bolton (A)
Millwall (H)
Leeds United (A)
Norwich City (H)

Bristol City (Played 41 - 65 Points)
Reading (H)
Sheff Wed (A)
Derby (H)
Millwall (A)
Hull (A)

Middlesbrough (Played 42 - 64 Points)
Stoke (H)
Nottingham Forest (A)
Reading (H)
Rotherham (A)

Derby County (Played 41 - 63 Points)
Birmingham (A)
Derby (H)
Bristol City (A)
Swansea (A)
West Brom (H)

Hull City (Played 42 - 60 Points)
West Brom (A)
Sheff United (H)
Swansea (A)
Bristol (H)
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Middlesbrough: £44m worth of players not playing!
How on earth has a club of our size got into a position where we start a match with £44 million worth of 'talent' not on the pitch?

Britt 15 
Fletcher 6
McNair 5
Shotton 2
Gestede 6
and Braithwaite 10

The game is becoming completely unsustainable. What an absolute mess we have got ourselves in. Pulis needs to fuck off too, he's fucking AWFUL!
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Well May's deal has been rejected for a third and final time lol.

Hopefully we will get a General Election, the UK are fucking sick to the teeth of Brexit, we need a massive clearance of MPs.

Post in Brexit not going very good?
4million signatures wow.

That's only 13.4 millions signatures short for the 17.4. Million who voted to leave. 

The BBC and other teaming establishments are wanking over this. 

Worst performance since Anfield,Wolves deserved it👏

People Are Saying Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Is 'Transphobic'
For fuck sake, did the mental illness of trans people even exist then?

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London......Stab City
2 months into this year and already 18 people are stabbed to death in London,the latest being a 17 yr old girl,a fucking child

Imagine being a peeler and unarmed in London,a frightening thought when cunts are carrying huge knives and machetes

It's only gonna get worse 
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Angry Graeme Souness "Why are you looking at me like that?"
What a cunt he is!!!
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Seen this on another forum, 

What revolutionary ideas do you have for the future of football? What would you bring back to benefit the game? Brainstorm here!

A Transfer Window for Managers?

Remove the away goal in some competitions?

Mandatory Saving Schemes for Young Players?

Should captains get enhanced penalties, eg yellow cards for not controlling players?

Abolish Rebounds From Penalties?
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Middlesbrough FC Finances
Read this today about the "Hidden" costs of running a football club these days, tbh the costs aren't hidden, just forgotten by fans who wonder where all the money goes when running a football club. 


Sponsorship and commercial earnings were £5.6m, down from £8m in the previous year.

Merchandising brought in £2.6m.

Wages for the year fell from £57.1m to £43.2m, after the club offloaded some of the high Premier League earners.

Spending on salaries was around 70% of income.

Gate receipts of £7.1m

It seems very costly to run a Championship Football club, I was shocked at how low the merchandise is for the Boro! Saying that, I don't buy anything these days. 
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Fans on roofs
Seen this on football ground guide website. In the old days when health and safety was not an issue fans could take their chance and sit on top of a roof, here’s a pic from Colchester v Bradford in the FA Cup in 1948
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My Dog Darcy off to the Referral Specialists tomorrow
Shes our Rescue dog and has been having little episodes where her head shakes every other day, think they're going to carry out an MRI/CT Scan to see if there is anything wrong with her, they quoted us £1.500 to 3,000 for it. The insurance only covers £1,500 for an MRI/CT scan. So I'll have a nice little bill to pay!!

Below is the video of one of her episodes/fits, it happens 3 times. 

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What became of the Boys of '66?
Great photo, shame about the losses and the people with Alzheimer's

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Gordon banks 


Championship Midweek Fixtures 12-13 Feb
These are the games that are on tomorrow and Wednesday night. everyone is televised either live on sky or live on the red button. I'm looking forward to finding a stream of the game on Wednesday night. Hopefully boro can get a win, it will be hard as we never make anything easy for ourselves. One good thing is we are better away than we are at home, for some strange reason!!

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Got a parking charge notice today
For this
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We didn't really buy anyone at the beginning of the season, selling a few of our players. We struggle during the first half of the season, so maybe we might buy some players to strengthen the squad, but no we didn't buy anyone and sold a couple of players again. Safe to say we are now going to be a middle of the league finish. 

Currently drawing 2-2*

*As I started this we were losing 2-1. 

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Love dog programmes wonder why Hungarian Vizslas are.
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FA Cup 4th Round Fixtures
FA Cup 4th Round Fixtures
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New Cardiff city player Emiliano Sala feared dead in plane crash
Daily Mail: Emiliano Sala LIVE - Cardiff new signing feared dead after plane goes missing over English Channel.
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Brexit not going very good?
Does Gary Lineker have a point when he says the politicians aren't doing a very good job with Brexit negotiations?

I think he does regardless of what I voted (and I voted leave) as we are in serious danger of being shafted by Barnier and ending up in the worst possible scenario and having no deal.

Personally I think May will be gone by Christmas and either a hard Brexiteer in place or another referendum in the offing. I don't see any other solution

Personally I would vote remain next time as it is all we have heard for two years and I am sick to death of it.
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Someone needed my bike for than me last night
Bastards stole it. The bike in the photo is my misuses obviously too shit to pinch. Next door neighbours CCTV shown2 men get out of a car driven byba woman. Absolute cunts, hopefully the twat gornrun over and killed when he fled on the bike. 
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Next Man Utd Manager!
So who do you think is gonna take the hotseat?

Not looked at the bookies odds yet.
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