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Mourinho Finally Sacked
Took them too long to act!!


He gets £22 million for being sacked FFS
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Should football clubs be punished be...
...punished when their fans are caught abusing footballers?

I'm going to say no, the club doesn't know what type of fans are walking through the gates. The club's don't exactly vet all the fans. It's stupid to punish the club. 

What about when passengers are abused on trains. Should the train company be punished?
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Raheem Sterling suffers shocking racial abuse at Chelsea
I thought these days were over, fucking thugs!


Sterling appeared to laugh off the vile abuse; video footage appeared to show the fan (circled) saying 'you f****** black c***'
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Bolton Wanderers v Walsall/Sunderland
Millwall v Hull City
Gillingham v Cardiff City
Brentford v Oxford United
Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town
Manchester United v Reading

Everton v Lincoln City
Tranmere/Southport v Tottenham
Preston North End v Doncaster Rovers
Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers
Chelsea v Nottingham Forest
Crystal Palace v Grimsby Town

Derby County v Southampton
Accrington Stanley v Ipswich Town
Bristol City v Huddersfield Town
Wrexham/Newport v Leicester City
Fulham v Oldham Athletic
Shrewsbury Town v Stoke City

Solihull Moors/Blackpool v Arsenal
Manchester City v Rotherham United
Bournemouth v Brighton
West Ham v Birmingham City
Woking v Watford
Burnley v Barnsley

QPR v Leeds United
Sheffield United v Barnet
Norwich City v Portsmouth
Guiseley/Fleetwood v AFC Wimbledon
West Brom v Wigan
Middlesbrough v Peterborough/Bradford
Wolves v Liverpool
Aston Villa v Swansea City
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UEFA Account 3rd European Tournament: Europa League 2
I heard on the news whilst I was driving, that UEFA are creating a new cup so that will be three cups now. 

I don't really like the European cups, probably because boro are never in them, but your now going to have:

Champions League
Europa League
Europa League 2

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Worst United side I've seen since 1989. 

We've got some rebuilding to do, I'd advocate clearing the manager and 95% of the playing squad. 

Only players I'd keep for the squad and first team. 

De Gea, Dalot, Rashford, Martial, Lingard. 

The rest are either too old and need to be moved on or not up to the job of playing for United. In terms of talent Pogba is a disgrace, all the ability in the world but a strutting peacock who thinks he's better than he is, at Juventus he was played in a rigid system with Vidal and Pirlo pulling the strings, if he played the way he does now at United he wouldn't have been in their team. 

I also believe he's virus in the dressing room, get rid ASAP. 

Hope we get a win today. Decided to start creating individual match threads then people can just posts the games they want to discuss rather than doing the generalises championship match discussion thread.

By in going to say today results will be a Villa away win. 1-2 to villa.
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Shirt pulling
Just watching the Sheffield United v Leeds game and there is no much shirt pulling which the ref and lineman can see but choose to do nothing about it. It's a blatant foul and defenders usually do it as they are shit and cant defend properly. 

Think the refs need to start awarding penalties for the smallest pull of a shirt. 
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Wilder v Fury (Free Live Stream)
Anyone going to watch this?

Don't think I will but will be good if Fury wins. Only mentioned this as I just seen it on the news. Wilder looks and acts like a twat.

Might find a post up a live stream over the weekend. 
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This is great to watch and long overdue.

Look at what cunt is against it.

She is a cunt and is thick as fuck.
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They are blaming cows now for when they burp or fart. They want us to eat Quorn now to cut down on emissions and to only eat veg that is home grown to cut down on emissions from flying the veg out here, you know, on that flight that would have arrived anyway. 


I hate everyone. 

We need to stop deforestation for palm oil, that's a bigger issue  thannthis made up global warming. 
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Why is everything these days about gay, bi, fucking confused, greedy people. This is doing my.tits in now, everything. So annoying, the score now has a rainbow colours above it. Everyone is now wearing rainbow laces pin badges. 

Why is this LBGAQ community shit put into my face all the fucking time. If it's not this it's fucking women, how strong and indipendant they are. FFS.
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England v USA
Anyone watching this shite?
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Iceland palm oil advert banned
Because it's too political, what the fuck, how can this be banned. We need to stop using palm oil as its the cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. I fucking hate humans.

Sign the petition


Here's the banned advert, apparently it's too political.

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The Reluctant Landlord
Just watched the first episode of this, was very funny
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Post in Carabao Cup - Quarterfinal Draw
Tottenham v Arsenal
Middlesbrough v Burton
Chelsea v Bournemouth
Leicester or Southampton vs Man City or Fulham

Carabao Cup - Quarterfinal Draw
Only 8 teams left in it (Obviously) , hope boro get a easy draw and a home draw!
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Carabao Cup Fourth Round
Results So Far

Bournemouth 2-1 Norwich
Burton 3-2 Nottingham Forrest
Leicester P-P Southampton

Wednesday 31st October

Arsenal v Blavkpool
Chelsea v Derby
West Ham v Tottenham
Middlesbrough v Crystal Palace

Thursday 1st October

Manchester City v Fulham

Can't see boro getting anything from this game, we are struggling to score at home. In Our last 4 home games we managed to score 1 goal and that was an own goal by George Friend haha. We have NO CHANCE!!!
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Post in The Politically Correct shit thread
It was snowing this morning so I thought I would make a snowman...

8:00 am: I made a snowman.

8:10 am: A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snowwoman.

8:15 am: So, I made a snowwoman.

8:17 am: My feminist neighbor complained about the snowwoman's voluptuous chest, saying it objectified snowwomen everywhere.

8:20 am: The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead.

8:22 am: The transgender ma..wom...person asked why I didn't just make one snowperson with detachable parts.

8:25 am: The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

8:28 am: I am being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

8:31 am: The Muslim gent across the road demanded the snow woman wear a burqa.

8:40 am: The police arrive, saying someone has been offended.

8:42 am: The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snowwoman needs to be removed, because it depicted women in a domestic role.

8:43 am: The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

8:45 am: My local TV news crew from the ABC showed up, asking me if I know the difference between snowmen and snowwomen. I replied, "Snowballs." Now I’m called a sexist.

9:00 am: I'm on the morning news, being described as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe, and sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

9:10 am: I am asked if I have any accomplices. My children are taken by social services.

9:29 am: Far left protesters offended by everything are marching down the street demanding I be charged by the Anti-Everything Commissioner and then beheaded.

So, how's your morning been?

Post in Things that piss you off.
Post in Things that piss you off.


Looks like it was a bad one. Nothing heard about casualties though. Usually you hear there where so many casualties / fatalities or whatnot but not heard anything. It's very secretive. 

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1-1 own goal



I think the nail has come out...Utd 0-2 behind to Newcastle within 10 fucking minutes.

So when will United sack Mourinho?
He's such a whinging moaning boring bastard these days. How can players be enthused by this "Victor Meldrew". I think United need to get rid and get someone who can get the current team playing and not whinge all the time. 

He's had the backing from United so he'll surely be gone soon??
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London - Horrible Dangerous Place!
Every other day there seems to be a stabbing, in the past 48 hours there have been 3 deaths through stabbings. There is constant moped theft, parts of it is like the Ghetto. The mayor seems to be doing fuck all about anything! I'm going there in December and i'm not looking that forward to it due to all the problems. Its mainly black on black so hopefully me and the missus will be alright. 
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