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  1. Watching this now as the missus is in bed and shows no interest towards it. Yet she wants me to be interested in weddings and shite. But its alright and a good advertisement for shitty Middlesbrough. Actually Boro isn't shit, I've been to way more shitter places that Middlesbrough.
  2. boro_boy


    If the women were fit I'd watch the women's world cup but they are all just male looking women haha.
  3. Also we voted in the Referendum already, if remain win a 2nd referendum, can we have a third one as that would be 1-1.
  4. Off out for a few drinks with the Captain and the lads after successfully passing sea training today and yesterday
  5. This weekend, i'm chilling taking the hound to the Referrals again for another check up and bloods taken to see if she's still on the mend. Poor thing has diarrhea and has a mass on her back now near her spine so getting her all checked out this Friday. Hopefully its nothing serious, just seems to be endless problems with her.
  6. If he's stopping the police doing their work then yes. Well they will be allowed to keep it covered as we are to scared to upset Muslims.
  7. He was arrested because he was angry. Not because he covered up his face. Also what is the harm in taken your photo. If you have nothing to hide then there is no problem right? He's obviously a dick.
  8. Not seen it, the trailer looks alright though. Well I don't think I've seen it anyway.
  9. Uber have added the option to their service which basically means the driver should not engage in small talk with them. So gone are the days of small talk in taxis such as, "You been busy" "How long you working till"
  10. I totally understand but I just find it strange. But hey ho.
  11. Could create a sun forum for Rangers?
  12. Yeah the world is fucked up when people still believe in a God.
  13. Tried this tonight, found it in B&M. It's very nice cider.
  14. Everyteam who starts the league knows this though. Don't see what the problem is it how it's piss poor.
  15. If Leeds had played better and got into 2nd position then they wouldn't need to go through the Play-Off route. Its all to play for in the play offs. Does not matter what position your finish, everyone has an equal chance at winning!
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