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  1. VID-20191205-WA0014.mp4
  2. Yeah it was pissing now near Kirkcaldy today.
  3. Oh I know they don't tell the whole story. Game of two halves, like with boro and hull the other week. We were 2-0 up then frew 2-2 as we had a player sent off towards the end of the first half and then just defended the lead, and failed!
  4. It's good though as that doesn't lie surely? It's simple and it has no human intervention, it's either a goal or its not!
  5. That what I have planned for work today, all 5 of the crew are going, that's including me. Then were off for a week, back for 3 days then off for 2 1/2 weeks christmas leave. Has anyone done clay pigeon shooting and do you have any tips!
  6. Why is everyone going on about this film, everyone says its too long, its dragged out too. I'm not going to watch it anytime soon, well I have no plans to anyway!
  7. If that still shows the inccident then surely its outside the box. Also the Ref should not be apologising to the Rangers manager, its clearly just a big talking point as you threw away a 2-0 lead. I've just watched the highlights on youtube and its all Aberdeen, they dominated.
  8. Sky must set it so they get some good money and the pub gets some good money. Maybe all the Pubs who are moaning about it, don't get a lot of drinkers in the first place?
  9. I don't think it is. But I like the goal like technology as that works, I think the ref gets a vibration on his watch or something like that, so he knows its crossed the line.
  10. Damn, I had a Rangers win, I've been putting them in for draws the past 2 goes.
  11. I had CousCous with 2 Quorn Fillets, tasted alright, need to flavour the couscous more!! I flavered the Quorn with Maggi So Tender Italian Herbs, they are just Seasoned Cooking Paper for Italian Herbs flavouring.
  12. Updated Chart: Still looks nice and cold but, I don't think the cold will last as long. Its still 9 days away so A LOT can and WILL change!!
  13. I think most pubs will get rid of the TV subscriptions, they are just too expensive, however much they cost. I don't really go to pubs to watch football. I go to just get pissed and talk utter shite.
  14. There is an open letter to the labour party with celebrities vowing for them. Does this mean they all hate jews too and they agree with Corbyn and want support and trust Abbott haha. Full List Ronan Bennett, writer and producer Noam Chomsky, author Chipo Chung, actor Clean Bandit, band Steve Coogan, actor Rob Delaney, actor David Edgar, playwright Brian Eno, musician Andrew Feinstein, film producer Stephen Frears film director David Graeber, author Steve Gribbin, comedian Kane “Kano” Robinson, rapper Asif Kapadia, film director Aki Kaurismaki, film director Peter Kennard, artist AL Kennedy, author Naomi Klein, author Mike Leigh, director Ken Loach, film director Lowkey, rapper Sabrina Mahfouz, playwright Esther Manito, comedian Michael Mansfield, barrister Francesca Martinez, comedian Massive Attack, band Bill McKibben, author and co-founder Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), musician Michael Rosen, poet Martin Rowson, cartoonist Mark Rylance, actor Alexei Sayle, comedian Gillian Slovo, writer Robyn Slovo, film producer Ahdaf Soueif, author Joelle Taylor, poet Kate Tempest, musician Jess Thom, artistic director Mark Thomas, writer Yanis Varoufakis, economist Ashley Walters, actor Roger Waters, musician Benjamin Zephaniah, poet
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