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  1. I loved don't fuck with cats. My missus refuses to watch this FFS!!! Its annoys me! Anyhow, I still haven't watched this, may watch this tomorrow.
  2. They should stop people from leaving or entering London from this weekend. That gives enough time for the idiots to leave or re-enter london!!
  3. hahhaa I read this earlier, what a cunt! She's a shit actor, what the fuck does she know about the virus!!
  4. Enjoy the early rise!!!! You still working?
  5. Hahah just get over it, Yeah I regret spending on the cars but shit happens. I haven't spent on my credit cards for a while
  6. I doubt it, I just think every now and again you'll be prompted for a pin, so the checkout person will be safe but the person paying may not be, unless we use a pen or something to enter the pin.
  7. hahah fair one, he did look a bit useless!
  8. This is great news, I always pay by card and especially contactless whenever I can! I think @Harold and his conspiracy's will not be happy
  9. Oh I have more than one , but they are 0% and there is a plan to pay them all off.
  10. Yeah I know I can only pay £5000 extra per year, any more and you get charged!
  11. Not at the moment, paying my Credit card debt off!! ha. Then once thats gone, I will be paying for the fucking wedding!!! I suppose I could manage 10-50 quid a month extra on the mortgage!
  12. Why don't they just shoot the cunt? Or knock the cunt out? To safeguard the other shoppers!
  13. Rather live in the North than the Midlands!!! SAFEGUARD!!!
  14. hahahahahahaaha you fuckig dick!!! When you retire you can spend your remaining days in your garden ha!
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