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  1. boro_boy

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Weather today was shite. Cold and cloudy.
  2. boro_boy

    Plans for the weekend?

    Yeah I know, I just hope she's alright. We meet in a park, poppy and Darcy. If they get on we take her home. If they don't get on we don't. If we get.home and find they don't get on then worst case I'd have to return her to the charity. I know.i said I couldn't get rid of her, keeping her would not be fair on poppy. But hopefully that never happens.
  3. boro_boy

    Gary Rowett Sacking! Opinion's please.

    Just like any normal person then, if I was going to get a pay rise I'd move ship too.
  4. boro_boy

    Plans for the weekend?

    I don't know who'll win this one!! Anyway this friday i'm picking up a new dog, a rescue dog called Darcy. She's a 3 year old Hungarian Vizsla so Poppy will now have a friend. Thats if they get on, i'm driving half way to meet her. The family are getting rid of her as one of their parents mothers died and their dad is going to live with them but he doesn't like dogs. I'd fucking get rid of the father, couldn't get rid of the dog, no way!
  5. boro_boy

    Sleeping in seperate beds!!!

    I'm 3 years into my relationship and the Vodka has taken its toll, when I drink I now have to sleep in the spare room as I snore like fuck "Apparently" Cunt women!
  6. I don't really care who commentates as long as they actually speak about whats going on. I hate it when you see replays of a blatant foul and they say he might have cought him, when the player clearly took the cunt out on purpose. Everyone is scared to talk the truth! I think I should be allowed to commentate on games for entertainment value.
  7. Well I honesty thought chelase would struggle.
  8. boro_boy

    Great day for Britain Today.

    Punching above his weight;
  9. I'm totally shocked Celtic and winning!!
  10. boro_boy

    Great day for Britain Today.

    Missus showed me this today. Anyone think Harry is punching?
  11. boro_boy

    Plans for the weekend?

  12. Nah, United will win this one! Chelsea are dog wank! Either way i'm not watching it as I don't care who wins!
  13. Celtic have NO competition in that league or in Scottish football. Everything is theirs for the taking! There has to be a 99.9% change they will win!
  14. boro_boy

    Great day for Britain Today.

    Im not a Royalist either but this is good for the country. The only thing I hate is hearing about it every time I put the radio on or the TV. That does my tits in!!! Its been non stop for weeks!

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