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  1. Well morale of the story is not to get banned then and post within the guidlines 👍
  2. I know exactly what i'm doing thank you very much 🙂 Harold is not stepping down. Yeah because polls ahve great outcomes on here!! remember the last one we done to get Mags back Fair point! He's not telling me anything, Harold isn't going anywhere. Why don't we do a poll to see if SP should be a member or banned? I was thinking that even the general election the Priminister can vote for his party!!! How am I out of my depth? I just have other commitments, you know like life!!! You need to get over yourself and move on I have and he's not going anywhere. hahaha fair one. I certainly am ableto make a decision, Harold is staying. 👍 ??? Because.... You never explain yourself. Stand down because? Harold is fit for the job. Harold is staying. Stop with this shit, its getting boring now. 👍 Don't worry Mak, i'm not letting SP dictate how we run the forum.
  3. I'm only working a couple of hours from 7pm, then back to my cabin and shower/sleep! Up early tomorrow though 6am for more work 👍
  4. I'm off to work in a bit, but the past hour and a bit makes me feel like i'm already at work, rather than enjoying the forum.
  5. This isn't a witchhunt, no one is getting banned.
  6. What about this on Anyway its not tit for tat if it all starts getting personal. The thing is, your on her back straight away, just let it go, if you don't like her ignore her. Do you follow her every posts with an instant email so you can get at her straight away. Just leave it out and move on. You say harold is ruining the forum, more like yourself when replying to her. Well get over it, if you didn't make them and she doesn't prove that you did make them comments, then in my eyes you didn't make them. Fuck knows!
  7. I don't know about the posts you've ellegedly made, i've personally not seen them. But when she retaliates its usually after you enticing her to bite.
  8. Where? Is that the "Paki.Stan" comment? from Unique? Thats great play on words in my opinion. If he'd has said "Stans a stinking Paki" then that would be racist. The word racist is sued too much these days. I have a great sense of humour, no one reported it so nothing was done about it. I don't know this stan guy as in i've never spoke to him. So like I say, this wasn't reported, no one shouted up about this until we had a bit of trouble last week. Its like you save things people have said to then use it against them at a furute date. Like what the people on Twitter do, which then ends people jobs over something they said 10 years ago!
  9. Here's just a few: Yes they are all aimed at Caz. This could be classed as bullying or trolling, it was never ending, it was like you were trying to break her! There's probably more, but I only found the recent ones. Your no angel yourself, we warn people on accumulaton, above there are 5 replies to Caz, you could have been warned for any of them. You post shit like the above and then you are watched more closely by us, there is a limit of what you can get away with. We are probably the most lenient forum on the internet.
  10. Harold has been doing a good job as moderator and he (along with myself and Mak) have to put up with a lot of crap from members, most of it we take no action over, but the one time we do take action, we get an earfull from the warned members and their "mates". Its not an easy job maintaining a forum, I wouldn't even say its enjoyable at times. The fact is, Harold is a valued staff member on here and the only way he'll be demoted is it he requests it. I'm not going to remove him from moderator status. As for the future of the forum, its not going anywhere, i'm not closing it nor am I going to leave it rot. Were going through strange times at the moment with everything thats going on in the world. So its always nice to just come on here and vent / have a laugh with like minded people even if the majority of the chat is not football related. The forum is in safe hands. The forum would run much better if people just stuck by the guidelines, stopped the trolling, insults, arguing. I'm sure @Harold will reply to this thread in good time 👍 No one else is being added to the staff.
  11. Will Justin Trudeau get a 2nd round in office? Or should I say Mr Blackface!!!!
  12. So you're the bastard I've sorted it now, I created a filter so they are never sent to spam anymore.
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