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  1. Do you think her surname was Herman but as she's a old cunt she changed it to Heenan?
  2. All these people saying they never voted for him. Have we EVER voted for a PM? We vote for MPs not the PM. They are fucking outstanding idiots!!!
  3. I can't see that happening as the Brexit Party are going to run in the General Elections whenever that is. We have more chance of getting a No-deal or a decent deal if the Brexit Party get in with a majority. All the students on my ship at the moment hate Boris, their all stuck up young posh kids!!
  4. He's a cunt, he's a Labout MP near me. I really don't understand how people still vote for Labour!!! Its great, i'm loving it and i'm glad he's PM just because its pissing so many people off.
  5. good one haha, its alright here in Germany, tomorrow is going to be a hot one, i'm going to out for a bike ride, but pile on the Factor 50!!
  6. haha Nah, I don't have spare money, I have to fucking dogs who like visiting the vets!!! Erm, yeah I think something more simple like the pickems app should be better. I'm waiting to see what the developer actually produces as if its actual shite then i'll stick with the betting app.
  7. Exaclly who the fuck is she/he? What the fuck is Pansexual (Do they think they are kitchen equipment) These people are fucking IDIOTS who need help!
  8. Such a horrible City!
  9. What the fuck, how is she still an Labour MP after saying that!
  10. I do not give a fuck about his OPINION! Everyone who posts this shit on Twitter are just attention seeking CUNTS!
  11. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    They are saying temperatures are going to break records this week, then he said in cities. You know where the following happens: People live their and give off heat Vehicles give of heat concrete soaks up heat and then radiates it All the air conditioning units give off heat We don't seem to get these MEGA high temperatures in the country side!!!!
  12. boro_boy


    Immigration is good for the country. The immigrants are taking up jobs that us lazy British don't want. Such as toilet cleaners or brain surgeons. They pay taxes so what's the problem. I hate people who say they come and steal our jobs. The NHS would be fucked even more without immigrants. Also who would I get aftershave off when I'm on a night out in a toilet having a piss haha.
  13. I hope he does too, I'm optimistic about him. Hopefully he'll be more hard line and actually get stuff done.
  14. I'm going to remove the betting app we have in the forum and replace it with a new Pickems app. Basically you just decide on who's going to win lose or draw for each game presented to you. There will be weekly tables and apparantly myself and Harold will be able to add games without logging into the admin section of the site. The current betting app is the most unuser friendly app I have ever used. I will only remove it once I get my hands on this new app. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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