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  1. Hopefully for you lot it's not just a fluke win.
  2. The Derby/Cardiff postponement.

    first I've heard of this, if the pitch and surrounding area was fine then they should be docked points like boro were when we postponed our game due to the snow!
  3. Birmingham got a good vital win today @The Realist.
  4. The weather is not the best is it.
  5. Plans for the weekend?

    Yeah £30 is fuck all. I don't bet as I get a little addicted and start betting to reclaim my losses back, but end up losing. Just easier not to bet. Not bet for years.
  6. Sunderland losing 1-0 at home and down to ten men, they are so so fucked. Don't think we're having a good game. Watching soccer Saturday so not sure exactly how we're getting on.
  7. Plans for the weekend?

  8. Haha Wtf birmiham are beating hull.
  9. Plans for the weekend?

    I took another week off sick on Tuesday so been decorating the spare room nearly done now so will be sorting that out this weekend. Then going to a wedding open day at Newton hall in Northumberland where I'm planning on getting married.
  10. The police obviously know who he is, so they have to charge him as he's commited an offense. If he doesn't get charged and points in his licence, does that mean it's okay for mentioned film in my phone whilst driving.
  11. Dash Cam's.

    Hahaha that's pretty funny. I have one, people are daft not to have one.
  12. 28 years ago....

    Why are you forgetting what your doing this afternoon?
  13. How did she get away with it?
  14. 28 years ago....

    Happy birthday ship wreck.