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  1. boro_boy

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    Just unsubscribe lol
  2. boro_boy

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Hahaha good one. How's you these days?
  3. boro_boy

    Tonight' dinner.

    It wasn't ready there, it was very nice.
  4. Just watching this now, as I do every yearr.
  5. boro_boy

    Tonight' dinner.

    Cooking it now, I'm eating so fucking late. You can see my point of vodka and Coke. It sounds worse than it is. I only put a treble in it. Give or take a double haha.
  6. boro_boy

    Tonight' dinner.

    I'm having s risotto tonight.
  7. Hope the "Mightly" boro win today!!!
  8. boro_boy

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    Fuck knows lol, never heard of them!
  9. boro_boy

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    Whats PLPC?
  10. boro_boy

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    Just the UK I think. They ban that but the Water Aid and other shite adverts are allowed. Its a joke.
  11. boro_boy

    Question for BB

    All cars these days are reliable. Technology has advanced a lot so everything just works. The garage just tightened up something on the car and he said check the coolant level for the next week and ifnits dropped bring it back in. They didn't even charge me for bringing it in. It's such a good garage.
  12. boro_boy

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    Because it's too political, what the fuck, how can this be banned. We need to stop using palm oil as its the cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. I fucking hate humans. Sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/release-iceland-s-banned-christmas-advert-on-tv-nopalmoilchristmas?signed=true Here's the banned advert, apparently it's too political.
  13. boro_boy

    Question for BB

    It's an insignia. I have 115000 miles.on it. I thought get 60-65 mog when motorway driving. I can get about 700 miles on a tank doing motorway driving. It's in the garage on Thursday as I'm losing coolant. I noticed a bit of white fumes when I stopped at a roundabout in Wales last week. So hopefully nothing too serious. Why you ask are you thinking of getting one. It's very reliable and comfy to drive. It's not fast but it's a fantastic cruiser.
  14. boro_boy

    The Reluctant Landlord

    I just record everything and watch it when I want to watch it.
  15. boro_boy

    How It Ends (2018)

    Might have to give this a watch

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