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  1. I'm off to Amsterdam next year!
  2. 5000 deaths have been wiped from the UKs total, so now it stands at 41,000. They are not only counting peoples who have died within 28 days of a positive test. So this will include people dying of heart attacks, car crashes, stabbings, cancer but as they tested positive within the past 28 days, thats the cause of their death. How is this allowed? What the governments agenda here?
  3. boro_boy


    Only because i've been watching it on sky!
  4. boro_boy


    Just finished season 3 episode 13. The ending was great so had to download it instead of waiting for a week for it to come on Sky!
  5. Livingston v Rangers 11/08/20 K.O. 16:30 Please also note that any predictions after kick-off will not be accepted.
  6. Yeah I seen comments in the DM, people saying brexiteers are to blame and old people should get their pensions slashed. They lefties are fucking daft I seen this today. Outside of Middlesbrough town hall.
  7. Very sad news. What can you do if you can't see the land slide ahead. Sensors on the track?
  8. Auckland has gone back into lockdown due to a few new cases FFS.
  9. I had 1 thin, two veggie sausages and two egg whites flavoured with soy sauce, salt and pepper. It's was nice
  10. https://mol.im/a/8617795 Why are we not shielding for m the flu?
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