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  1. They're the best fans in the world though. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/celtic-named-best-fans-world-11396349 Well in 2017!
  2. Their 2nd goal went to VAR too, but that one was allowed!
  3. I'm not sure how the game went from after that screen grab, if the ball was passed to him then he's interfering. The offside rule should be just that, no ifs or buts. If you are in front of their last defender then your offside if a ball is kicked forward! There are too many interpretations of people being "Interfering" in play!
  4. Oh yeah I totally agree with you, but then isn't he interfering with the play if he's offside?
  5. boro_boy

    The CUNT Thread

    Don;t waste Sarson's Vinegar!!!
  6. Seated areas did kill the atmosphere at some grounds. I remember going to Ayresome Park back in the 90s and it was great fun in the terrace areas. Then at the riverside it was very different. I still enjoyed it, but it was different, too quiet. I get tired sitting down as I get too relaxed haha, maybe the quality of football helped me to relax. But saying that, when we had some great games there, the atmosphere was electric. I think all grounds should have a standing area!
  7. Yes, if the offside is as close as the above picture shows, then you have to give the forward the advantage!
  8. It just doesn't work in football. It took the VAR team 3 min and 20 seconds to decline Sheffield United their goal the weekend just gone, that's an absolute joke in my eyes. You can NEVER celebrate a goal anymore as you'll know VAR will be looking into it. Its ruining the game. Surely it will be better to just had the refs mistakes. You could say its in its infancy so there are bound to be mistakes. The linesman is there do say if a goal was offside or not, why do we need VAR for that? Yeah there are mistakes but that's football.
  9. Who is Eric Ciaramella. Start a new pay on him. Watch Google ban the site ha.
  10. Would want to watch it anyway but yeah for the real fans they probably won't be able to go. Just let them get on with it and kill the game. Football is not as good as it used to be anyway especially with VAR.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-50341210 Fucking BBC!!!
  12. Thats not going to happen, there is too much money in eco this, earth friendly that.
  13. That was a good read, thanks for posting it. Ended up looking at the Grant Solar Minimum for some reason! Think it was from one of the comments haha.
  14. 3 min 20 it took. I think it should be removed and only have goal line technology for when a ball crosses the line or not.
  15. Liverpool beating Manchester City 2-0. Is this finally going to be Liverpool's season.
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