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  1. I've not drink for nearly 3 weeks now. I feel like a drink and this weekend is going to be nice and it will be a good time to start drinking again haha. I've just watered my garden as I've been overseeding the grass so need to keep it wet. It's been so dry the past few weeks.
  2. https://mol.im/a/7482245 For 32 weeks. I hate Beardsley he can't speak properly and looks like he touches kids haha.
  3. The EU have just said Boris has 12 days to get a deal or it's over. So this means the case at the supreme court will go in remainers favour so parliment can discuss the deal for the next 12 days. Well that's what I reckon anyway. https://mol.im/a/7478565
  4. I still don't understand how people can still want to remain in the EU, Gina Miller needs to die too.
  5. I don't care anymore. I'll still call people men or women.
  6. Just about to watch John wick 3.
  7. Nah haha. Nope, just drank quiet a bit in August. Piss water
  8. I hope he does break the law. We have to leave. Macron says he won't accept an extension and he says a general election is needed.
  9. Oh yeah why was a lie. It's was for the Lisbon treaty, I just looked. The EU needed all member states to accept it for it to become law, Ireland rejected it in a 2008 referendum but they they had a 2bd referendum in 2009 and they voted for it.
  10. You lot had a vote and lost. Your people don't want informant, are you like the EU and Ireland when they voted to leave but had another vote which then turned out they wanted to remain. The SNP are terrorists. That horrible man as your leader. You want informant but to remain in the EU? Makes no sense unless you need all the grants from the EU to survive as you would not survive without the UK or the EU funding you. Oh and morning She was a rant. And of topic.
  11. I don't believe in heaven or hell but yeah if it did exist is want him there. Horrible discussing bastard.
  12. So we have a government who can't govern and the public who can't vote. What the.fuck.
  13. So snap general election is off the cards as labour abstain. Labour have wanted a general election for ages, they wanted the people to have a vote in a referendum. Surely a general election would have done this. Tell you what I'm fucking done with politics.

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