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  1. I found this funny Liek you say during the world cup the majority of Scottish people who were on my ship were supporting everyone but England.
  2. I just meant "I'm pissed" Having a few tonight when I get back from picking the missus IP from work tonight.
  3. The EFL have confirmed Birmingham's points deduction for 'a breach of the League’s profitability and sustainability rules Relegation battle?
  4. I'm sure i heard it on the radio that misgender is now in the English dictionary. FFS.
  5. Hahahah that is a real man's cure. Back on the vodka and coke tonight. Have to get my body used to drinking prior to this deployment.
  6. I'm on leave now until 31st when I sail away for 3 and a bit weeks. Then back on leave for 2 weeks. Then away for 2 months going to the Baltic.
  7. I'd love to get a no deal outcome on this. But I can't see it happening. Something will stop this from happening, probably at the last minute.
  8. Don't ask for an extension just leave next Friday.
  9. boro_boy

    Let myself go

    I never though that haha, I thought if I'd go to the gym and burn the calories I'd be fine. But I'd then reward myself for doing the exercise with shitty food. The most weight I lost ever was 2 1/2 stone in slimming world 2 years ago. Think I'll be doing it again when I'm home each week. I was eating shit before hand with heart burn and just feeling shit. Within a month of slimming world I'd lost just under s stone, my heart burn had gone and I was feeling fucking great. I'm slowly losing weight now as shock horror I put it all back on. Think I'm 212 lbs now. Dunno what that is in kg or stone. But im still eating shit, not as much but I still eat it. I'm much better when I'm at home as the missus is dieting and I try to eat what she eats. She's also vegetarian so I eat a lot of Quorn stuff and this decent soy stuff called oumph. I'm just a sucker for savoury snacks.
  10. I would not trust other people on the road if I had a motorbike and I would certainly not trust myself in a motorbike. Cars only for me 😀
  11. It's getting out of hand. I don't understand why people need to take knives outside the house with them. If you are found with a knife then it should be revoked and you must go on some kind of register so if your found with a knife again you will be arrested. It's mainly all the "hard as fuck" black teenagers who are doing the stabbing.
  12. boro_boy

    Let myself go

    You don't lose weight going to the gym. You lose weight eating healthily.
  13. Fucking hell, that's bad, This is why people need dash cams!
  14. How can he now be so against it?
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