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  1. Morning Routine

    I live in a base so I get up at 0730 shower, brush teeth, eat cereal then leave room at 0815 walk to work which takes 10 mins. I start at 0830. All good
  2. http://www.middlesbrough.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=500808 Middlesbrough have agreed a fee for Birmingham City defender Ryan Shotton. @Negan is he any good?
  3. John Terry to Birmingham?

    We all know he was lol
  4. Villa losing 2-0 against Reading. Terry's doing a good job then haha.
  5. I must have missed it, you should have posted it on here
  6. We need to sort this out, Burton getting into the game now, end to end, and I thought this was going to easy!!! Reply below added 4 minutes later 2-0 Boro about time, Assombalonga again
  7. Still boro 0 - 0 Burton, listening to it online after finding out there was a radio stream online. Sounds very frustrating, they are making it difficult for us. I'm sure if we score one, we will score again and again. Reply below added 5 minutes later 1-0 Boro - Asombalonga
  8. Health problem

    Well, all you can do is wait. Hopefully, it's nothing bad.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40931420 This is a great idea, every club should have all their transfers sorted out by the start of the season. At the moment clubs can still buy other players until 31st March. The EFL are also going to talk about this next month, it's good for the smaller club. At the moment we have Gibson but I don't think we will have him come 31st August, he'll be snatched up by Liverpool or another bigger club. It will mean clubs have the stability and reassurance that the team they have now, won't change until the transfer window opens up again.
  10. Dennis Bergkamp's elegant turn and finish at St James' Park has been voted the best goal in 25 years of Premier League football. Do you agree with this? I can't remember the goal.
  11. Health problem

    Well thats never good, did he say what it could be?
  12. Middlesbrough play Burton tonight, as I work away from Middlesbrough I have no means of watching or listening to the game as Middlesbrough FC have not got anything sorted for the season for the fans to use. I know we used to have Boro+ which was £4.99 per month and that was for commentary which was on BBC Tees. That wound me up as I pay my TV licence, yet I can't listen to the game online without paying. The commentary still doesn't work on BBC Tees online after the game kicks off. I'm going to have to Pay £5 again and sign up as a "Person Living Abroad" on the Burton page and watch it that way. I know I've brought this up before but this day and age, we should be able to log onto our clubs website and purchase the game to watch online. I don't think this will affect crowds at all as people prefer to go to the games due to the atmosphere. But for people living abroad or away from their home town, there is no legal way to listen to Middlesbrough FC. It's a fucking joke!
  13. Suprised he's not left the club yet. Also glad as he's a decent player