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  1. Net neutrality rules weakened by US regulator

    I like not having a phone on me, no one can interrupt you. Also its nice when your in the countryside walking with no signal.
  2. Just had my dog spayed

    Proper feeling sorry for herself haha, poor thing.
  3. Net neutrality rules weakened by US regulator

    I wouldn't pay a company just access parts of the internet. Sounds Ridiculous,
  4. Net neutrality rules weakened by US regulator

    People will just stop using the internet, companies online would be worse affected. The FCC are just cunts wanting to make loads of money! The EU Has strong net Neutrility so i've heard!!
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42355666 How has this even been allowed to happen, now ISP can speed up websites like Facebook and slow down other sitres? Also they can charge people for the services they access. WTF!!!
  6. Football and the art of telling lies!

    That is a valid point, even when the players of a team, when playing awful football, they dare not say it to the media, they just say we were unlucky. Usually, if someone tells the truth in football they are punished and fined.
  7. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Lemsip? But isn't that why they have a team docttor who should know all the limits?
  8. Thought I'd watch this on 4OD and it's pretty good. About these two Just fancied watching something different.
  9. Britain's most successful road cyclist Chris Froome is facing questions after a urine test revealed abnormal levels of an asthma drug. https://news.sky.com/story/questions-for-chris-froome-after-abnormal-urine-test-11168754 So we now know why he's a cheat having taking an asthma drug. Is cheating the only way to succeed these days in sports? They every cyclist should be drugs tested after each event until the sport clears up. Don't get me wrong I don't like cycling as a sport as its boring but these cheats need to be riddled out and all their previous history erased from the sport. Once a cheat always a cheat
  10. English Premier League Match Discussion

    Huddersfield getting dicked 0-3 by Chelsea haha
  11. Bitcoin!

    hahahahaha, or maybe he started it?
  12. English Premier League Match Discussion

    Three games tonight: Burnley v Stoke Palace v Watford Huddersfield v Chelsea Going to watch the Chelsea game.
  13. Man Flu!

    That is a valid point hahahaha Men feel pain more than women apparently.