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  1. If you want I can delete Gasworks Gus and then rename the account your using now back To Gasworks Gus instead of Gasworks_Gus
  2. I can't really, if you use a VPN you can change your IP address, that's really all I have to go off. Harold said he knew the gasworks bloke though.
  3. Below are a selection of great website resources for Euro 2020 (2021): OneWorld-Futbol A great website for seeing the countries who are in Euro 2020. Click on a country to see their up and coming fixtures. Link: http://www.oneworld-futbol.com/
  4. Happy days, I'll send you a Private Message.
  5. You'll probably best us, England have a great record of fucking everything up in competitions.
  6. Hello @markslawton Would you be interested in a link share? I could add your link to the bottom of the site and sticky this post in the Euro 2020 forum. we would just like a good link on your site. It's a pretty decent site 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. @Harold and @Bastion please take this to a PM thanks.
  8. Its being held all over the place isn't it? Wembley is hosting the final, that's all I know.
  9. Yeah I think we should stop talking about this now. 👍
  10. Well it depends on the crimes they are committing but yeah, people trying to kill other people, should be instantly shot fatally. Surely its cheaper to do a kill shot than to just injure them, treat them, lock them up for a few years, let them out and they commit again. Just end the cycle there and then.
  11. Its mental the cops even have to go to this level to stop the BLM cunts rioting and looting.
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