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  1. It was only a small plane, hopefully it landed smoothly in the sea and is still floating.
  2. Daily Mail: Emiliano Sala LIVE - Cardiff new signing feared dead after plane goes missing over English Channel. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-6618491/Emiliano-Sala-LIVE-UPDATES-latest-fears-grow-Cardiffs-new-15m-striker.html
  3. boro_boy

    Economic Control is Abuse

    Will be a good thing, I think it happens all the time, the man or woman saying what the person can and can't spend their money on and how much they can or can't spend!
  4. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

    21 Days dry :)
  5. boro_boy

    Lunar Eclipse!

    haha nah, I seen the earth shadow on the moon but it was moving away so I missed it when it was red.
  6. boro_boy

    Lunar Eclipse!

    Think I missed it so going back to bed lol
  7. boro_boy

    Lunar Eclipse!

    I was awake and just got up to see if it was on view from my bedroom window and it is. So I'm watching it.
  8. boro_boy

    Lunar Eclipse!

    Yeah between 0545 and 0645 apparently. I'll be fast asleep
  9. boro_boy

    Word Association

  10. boro_boy

    Football quiz questions

  11. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

    Ha, I guess I go off topic every time I post in here about not drinking.
  12. boro_boy

    Word Association

  13. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

  14. boro_boy

    Brexit not going very good?

    Cannot stand this man, only twats on benefits and the young cute for these idiots.
  15. I do enjoy playing about with the forum. Not as much as I used to though. It's just a thought nothing set in stone. I think what the forums need is new members, but it's so hard to get members to sign up. I don't think people search for football forums these days.

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