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  1. Yeah we just not performing anymore, wouldn't be surprised if Woodgate Goes soon.
  2. Its a setting in the Admin control panel. There is nothing in the Users Profile or Settings page. Its either 1 space or 2 space in my admin settings and the default setting is 2 spaces. I'm just curious why you need it to be 1 space per press of the return key?
  3. Finished 1-0 to Barnsley who were bottom of the league at the start of today!!
  4. Boro losing 1-0 so where 3 points off Relegation haha.
  5. Its so windy, went for a walk on the beach with the hounds, they didn't like it, they were freezing, I should have put their thermal coats on haha.
  6. All sorted now boro drawing 0-0 fuck sake, Birmingham drawing 2-2, West Brom winning 0-2 and Leeds drawing 0-0. Wigan winning 1-0 which is bad for boro as were not just 4 points from relegation. Its not looking good!!!
  7. Yeah he won't be lasting long, he's a cunt when things don't go his way. I see Newcastle and losing 1-0 haha, would be funny if they went down!
  8. I must be haha, I've done well, 56 Days. I was going to aim for 100 but I'll try that next year. It was yersterday where I wanted to drink, I have such a headache and felt like I had a hangover and I didn't even fucking drink, I felt better at about 4 ish. So I thought, i'm not drinking and I feel like I have a fucking hangover so I may as well just drink.
  9. Same here, I don't know why I would ever use just one space, I just use the enter button to start a new paragraph.
  10. That's just the way the forum is set up. There is an option to turn that off and have single spacing but I'm used to it how it is. Unless more people want single spaces I'll keep it how it is.
  11. If you lot keep up your decent performances then I think you'll maybe get into the play-offs. But do you think you have it in you to keep winning.
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