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  1. They just had a goal ruled out. We were okay for about 20 mins in the 2nd half, now it's all Fulham. We are getting nothing from this game.
  2. We started playing a bit better so hopefully get some goals back in the 2nd half.
  3. We are being demolished by Fulham, they should be 3 or 4 nill at the moment.
  4. Watching the boro game Fulham sponsored by dafabet Middlesbrough sponsored by 32red Seen Skybet on the advertising boards Seen dafabet on the advertising boards
  5. Yesh I think I seen that on the news sometime today. Is the bubble bursting in Sport and the wages players are paid?
  6. I know I have mentioned this in the BFC v EFL thread but I think this deserves its own thread. They could be deducted 9 points just like Birmingham where last year. Surely that a little bit dodgy, I remember Steve Gibson kicking up a fuss about this last year and rightly so. Trying to bend the rules, looks like they have failed! Derby County: Championship club charged for breach of spending rules
  7. Come on BORO!!!!! I'm confident for tonight, we played well in the 2nd half of the Spurs game. Fulham are 4th, 11 points ahead of Middlesbrough. Playing at fulham isn't always the easiest for us. Just hope its a good attacking game, i've paid money to watch this haha. Mt Prediction is Fulham 2-3 Middlesbrough Should be a decent game, with Leeds and West Brom continually fucking up recently, they will be up for this game!
  8. Doesn't look too bad!!! If you change your colour, i'm not changing the colour of the indicator again!!!
  9. There's going to be another series of this. can't wait for it as its very good.
  10. boro_boy

    Racism Thread

    Another good video from QuestionTime Never heard of this guy but I like the way he is not afraid to speak the truth.
  11. I think i'm a bit of a hypocrite saying adverts should be banned and then moaning about all the adverts everywhere. I have a pop down advert which should appear once a day at the top of the forum for a gambling site, then I also have 3 links on the side bard which are all gambling!!!
  12. boro_boy

    Catarrh Cough

    hahahaha no that's minging!! Yes he is, I reckon that's what he does to his wife when they spice things up. hahaha how fucking thick was your phlegm. I can never spell phlegm, always need to spell check it!
  13. Today is my 21st Day Alcohol Free
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