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  1. I bought 16 on Thursday as they were in the Sainsbury's in Edinburgh.
  2. Just absolutely cringe worthy, the NHS are doing an amazing job at the moment. But clapping at your doorstep at nothing is weird and I won't be doing it. The navy have had a few ships doing it too, it's just cringe.
  3. I felt embarrassed watching this on the TV. Fucking cringe worthy. Yeah they are doing a amazing job but I'm not going to clasp on my doorstep like a duck.
  4. I think sky made the game better right at the start but it's got worse as time has gone by as people and clubs get greedier.
  5. Just read that they won't be available next week. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52035615
  6. We have a new captain now. And he was talking to our old captain and they were talking about covid-19 and that the old captain went skiing in the Alps and came back with a cold. The new captain said that was probably coronavirus. Got me thinking my missus was quite ill a few weeks ago and was off work for a few days. Maybe we've all had it on the ship but only had mild symptoms. Apparantly there is a test that's going to be available next week from Amazon which will tell you if you've had coronavirus already. Think I'll be testing myself if it's not too much.
  7. Why are people not kicking fuck out of these cunts.
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