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  1. What an absolute cunt. He is a child, if he doesn't get his own way they the toys get thrown out of his pram. #absolutefuckingcunt
  2. Boro where in the lead but Millwall have quickly equalised. With our "New" attacking style, we keep letting goals in.
  3. Bringing guns into the situation will make this an unfair fight, With animals, I think all fights should be unarmed. See how the trophy hunters get on
  4. I don't understand how the situation has changed, He took over and the team instantly became better. I blame the players!
  5. United losing at the moment, at home to crystal palace. Is this going to be a tough season for United?
  6. Good effort to the mother 👍🏻
  7. I honestly don't think he'll ever get in power, he is however so so desperate to get in as PM.
  8. https://mol.im/a/7388227 Well apparantly. I think vapours look ridiculous with the stupid amount.of vapour dispersing from their mouths. Surely it can't be good for you, can you not get secondary drowning lol. They also fucking stink with their stupid flavours. I love the family.guy.episode where they take the piss out of values haha, it's so true.
  9. I bought s bottle of vodka. Only had 3 pints of vodka and coke though. In bed now. Also I bought the Tesco bottle of.vodka, 1ltr for £15 a right bargain, in my.eyes vodka is vodka. Well apart from the cheap stuff in Estonia and surrounding countries, that stuff gave me a very very bad hangover.
  10. Yeah I know that, ha. That's why I posted both of them. They are very similar to me.
  11. Just watching this admin bored, it's fucking shite, someone called Laura Lo Sung is playing. The crowd looks like it's full of cunts, this DJ is playing in a tent and it's 90% cockfest. But the a lot of the twats are wearing some kind of bag around their shoulders like a bum back but over one arm. As I said it's in a tend the fuck wits are wearing caps and sunglasses. Absolute cunts.
  12. That's good 👍🏻 I honestly though why would a Catholic support rangers when they sing all these stupid chants to Celtic fans. But as Harold said that's just the minority. The minority.spoil it for the rest. I didn't know either. I'm going to say probably but I doubt they would tell any of the Celtic fans. The Celtic fan who used to be on my ship was a Catholic and hated the queen and everything to do with the UK. He was a cunt.
  13. Oh right, well to the average fan of an English club (me!!!) all I ever hear is religious shite between your clubs. Might just be the MSM with their agendas.
  14. Rangers and Celtic will never learn. It seems like so called fans support the club's purely because of religion and.nothing else. I imagine there will be a few fans who don't care about religion but I can't see it being many. Do any Catholics supports Rangers?
  15. Bury could go under at midnight tonight. They are obviously shit with money.
  16. Yeah thanks haha, don't really give a fuck about birthdays.
  17. What the fuck is going on. They are cunts, we need to stop the deforestation of the rainforest.
  18. Everything he said is sooo true. Piers usually annoys me but he makes a lot of sense in that video. Katie Hopkins also used to annoy me but she seems to talk sense these days too, well mostly. We should be able to say what we want and when we want to.
  19. 39 today 😀 Taking dogs for walk and then off to Tesco tonight. A great day ahead 😂😂😂😂
  20. My results are in my navy folder, wherever that is.
  21. How are we obliged to still pay once we have left lol. It's like paying your car's hire purchase off and then them asking for money money, we need to tell them to fuck off

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