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  1. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    I like this on his twitter: 100% of babies are birthed from the female body. “Gender gap” confirmed.
  2. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    I love shit like this, they haven't got a clue have they haha
  3. Watched that, was a bit boring, but there is definitely a coverup going on isn't there. If its at government level then good luck getting anything from this!
  4. That's an absolute joke isn't it. They should sue the school! He was stating a FACT.
  5. Are you ever not on it. You'd love Poland, its just full off pissheads and little shops selling a lot of cheap Alcohol!!
  6. Had a few Vodkas and coke last night as we had a BBQ only had one sausage and a stick with bacon wrapped round it!
  7. MPs are only in it for themselves!!!! Simple as that!
  8. haha Mike Ashley is not daft, he know exactly what he's doing!
  9. Well not really as they shout Ragbone!!!!
  10. boro_boy


    I meant for me, I don't eat ribs
  11. My mam has loads framed, dunno where they are, but I have one on in my bedroom with other teddys. Don't know where it came from though. We still get them round here but the drive these.
  12. boro_boy


    I'm talking more about the lack of chavs and benefit scroungers over here in the countries like Germany, Sweden ect. Not a big loss!
  13. boro_boy


    I enjoyed Germany, was their earlier this month. Went to Dan Helder and Kiel, its a nice place, definitely better than the UK!! Being away at the moment just makes me dislike the UK more and more!
  14. Is the bloke really that good?
  15. 15m is a lot of money, especially for a Scottish Player!!!
  16. Because the Cyclist is the one who will cause a lot of damage to a Human. You get on a bike and you take that responsibility. I'm a cyclist, not one that goes on roads much, but on the hills. If there are hazards you slow down as you expect the unexpected. Yes it was her fault, but he still has responsibility. I might actually read the story haha
  17. When i'm cycling i'm always very careful when there are a lot of pedestrians out and about. The majority of them are on their phones and don't have a clue about their surroundings but at the end of the day, its the cyclist who will cause the damage so i'm sure they are always going to be the one at fault, no matter how stupid people are, they have to be careful when cycling around them. He obviously seen the woman and he should have slowed down. But I still think the woman is at fault 100%. Its a tricky one! If you driving a car and a kid runs onto the road, you don't just beep your horn, you slow down too!
  18. I think its funny how you say they are so shit, yet they are a lot better than Birmingham
  19. We need more cycle paths. The Netherlands have this sorted as do Germany. We lag behind so much. You are right about him having all the time.ti honk his horn and should but not to brake.
  20. boro_boy

    Britain 2019

    Hate London. Also the dick on the phone filming they're a cunt too, no initial help when the man's shouting in pain
  21. When they first introduced VAR I thought it would solve a lot of problems and I was up for it. But after seeing it and how it disturbs the game I think it should be scrapped and only have goal line technology.
  22. boro_boy


    Wwell i've been breathing normally and they have gone!!!
  23. I've been given the nickname Eddie Yates Who is he!!! Where is he from!!!
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