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  1. Lovely arse. But why get someone to film this and take photos. Maybe she fucking loves herself? So vain. But saying that, I'd smash her, the lucky bitch.
  2. Chelsea v Norwich Tuesday 14/07/20 - 20:15 Please also note that any predictions after kick-off will not be accepted.
  3. How did you find the forum? What did you search for to find us? What .are you register? What do you think of the forum? How could we improve the forum? What's your fav alcoholic beverage? Have you had a Middlesbrough Parmo? What's your fav type of weather? Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  4. Ha, it's rammed in my face and other people on other forums are discussing it. It's hard not to know some things about it.
  5. Well I have no more interest in it. Lol, the dog.
  6. Even so, who actually gives a fuck?
  7. Nope, I think they are definitely down!
  8. Owen Jones yeah?? He's a twat! Why do people have to show off their books!! I own 1 and its about the weather!
  9. I'd say how it is now, look at the form!! Bournemouth and Villa to go down!
  10. Who gives a fuck about these two nobody's
  11. That seems to be a first for you! I still think we need 2 more wins though!!!
  12. I really hope so, we need help as we can't fucking hell ourselves!!!
  13. Sorry not keeping up with this am I haha. I am deployed away from home at the moment. I'll try and update this today and get the next game up and running.
  14. Losing 0-2 now We've been playing well, all boro, just no end product.
  15. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/boro-mourn-the-loss-of-jack-charlton Such a great manager. Very sad. RIP
  16. Oh right not I got to the end of season 3. I'm going to start watching it on my summer league in August.
  17. The fact is, she asked you not to call her that name but you did again. It's like anything, if someone says they don't like being called something, you don't call them it. It's not rocket science. Yeah it may be trivial to you and me but you don't know why she doesn't like to be called that.
  18. Jack Charlton dead 85. Great player RiP
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