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  1. Agree, what do you need £500 for, takeaways? You can't go out and do anything. Surely if your on benefits, will they stop as your self isolating, no they probably won't so they probably won't be worse off!!
  2. Should have closed as the other manager tested positive for COVID-19 and the people who were around him don't have the app and are not self isolating. I'm sure shops have to close if anyone tests positive, I could be wrong. But she was covering a shop in Redcar today as that manager also tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday! She's probably going to get it but she's double vaccinated so hopefully she'll be alright if she does get it.
  3. Only if you have been contacted by Track and Trace either my telephone of the NHS App.
  4. Yeah that's a bit bad!! All the young uns drinking and fighting will be taking up all the ambulances! Maybe he needs to stop drinking!!
  5. I'd probably understand it and it maybe would make sense if the government told us why they give this payment to the poor and not the rich. At the end of the day, everyone who claims the sick pay for the time off is poor!! £96 per week is not enough! I was in a lucky position as I kept my full wage. But the missus did not.
  6. I have to agree, it would be much easier if you were NOT cryptic. Straight answers are always the way ahead!! People might engage with you more if you just gave meaningful answers. 👍
  7. Getting ready to go back to Scotland. Missus finishes work a 17:30, where eating together then i'm going to work!
  8. I think you can only claim is once per isolation, if you are in isolation and it gets extended then you can't claim more. If you are in isolation then come out of isolation but go back into it in a weeks time you can claim a max of £500 again!
  9. They will be the lower paid people probably working below minimum wage or part time. But why do they all of a sudden need £500 for 10 days off? They clearly don't earn that from work so whats the big increase for. People who work minimum wage and above would need the money more. As they are used to having money money. Makes no sense to me!
  10. Socif you are on a low income you can claim upto £500 if your told to self isolate after being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. How come people who are on benefits can get up to £500 but people who work can only get Statuary Sick Pay which is just under £100 per week? Make total sense 😕😕😕😕
  11. Last day of isolation. Should be back at work tomorrow if there is anything on. Should find out today when my boss ring me.
  12. Yeah I'd say so. Sick of hearing about the druggy.
  13. VID-20210725-WA0000.mp4
  14. The people will always win! Thats why I'm not too bothered about all the people who go on about build back better shite. The people will speak and overrule the leaders if things get out of hand.
  15. So they are rioting in France and Italy. Surely the best thing to do is not go to the restaurantes, concerts, events. Then as everything collapses due to no one going, the government will u-turn.
  16. Oh my god 🤣😂 You do know that's one of Victor Meldrews sayings? Haha.
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