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  1. boro_boy

    Random Videos

    This should make you laugh
  2. I don't think she has to mention they were Christians, everyone knows that! Some people just read into their twitter feeds too much! If she had totally ignored it then that would have maybe been a problem!
  3. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    Bit of a joke, mention your a brexiteer and I bet they wind dance with you. London is so far left it's untrue.
  4. boro_boy

    Britain 2019

    Is anyone really surprised by this anymore? MPs at the moment don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.
  5. What the fuck is that plaster shite?
  6. Just had a big fish and chips in Falmouth but now my guts kicking off, knowing my luck this week i'll probably now develop food poisoning!!
  7. I feel better today haha.
  8. Your all a bunch of cunts. Wheres the sympathy. I have a fever now, had to get up at 5am today too and had a broken sleep. I'm a broken man.
  9. So Boro got a 1-0 victory against Stoke, back in the play off position now as Bristol city only managed a draw, they still have a game in hand though.
  10. Well the head cold is gone but the new captain came on with a cough and I've had that for a week and it's getting worse each day. Throat and chest and killing me. Having some right coughing fits and got a proper runny 👃.
  11. Just close them down. If this was any other business it would be in administration by now.
  12. These are the easter Friday fixtures hope boro can continue their winning streak!!!
  13. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    Just leave the cunts there. Take the train out of service.
  14. Yeah I see your point about where people worship, but still, very weird the amount of money being raised so far!!
  15. boro_boy

    Random Videos

    Dirty bastards!!!
  16. Obviously Bolton will be going down and deservedly so! Reading - 44 Points Millwall - 42 Points (Have game in hand) Wigan - 42 Points Rotherham - 40 Points Bolton - 32 Points Ipswich - 28 Points
  17. What about the Grenfell tower where people actually died? Compared them together and no one gave a fuck about grenfell. The world is fucking crazy!!!
  18. Yeah why would we want to help build one of their buildings back? It has no positive effect to the UK? They didn't help the Steel Works on Teesside???
  19. Band I hate: Madness Band I think is overrated: Paul Weller Band I love: Queen Guilty pleasure: Queen Favorite band: Oasis Do't really listen to bands, OASIS where the band who I went through school/college with so obviously some good memories linked to a lot of their songs. I'm mainly into Pop, dance (House, Funky Trance, Trance ect) anything thats good, I've even listed to rap. It depends what mood i'm in on what music I listen too!! This is my current Spotify Playlist:
  20. It's an absolute embarrassment the way people are going on about this. People need to get a grip #firstworldproblems.
  21. I like him, he's got a cool head and knows what he's doing. It's hard to balance the books at any club. We haven't spent much this season as we don't get the parachute payment anymore so we had to sell players. We not have a very weak team and not enough money to buy new players. Obviously the thick fans want him to spend billions on players lol. I don't go to the games anymore as football is a little shut at the moment with diving and cheating. But Gibson is a good chairman, I think he's highly rated in the football community. If clubs are being unfair by spending too much then you can't just sit around and let them get on with it, you have to say something to the authorities.
  22. Everything is fake on that show. Fucking horrendous show. Saying that I watched both episodes so far in the new series as I've been bored sat in my hotel room. But honestly, if it was too dangerous then it would not be allowed to happen due to health and safety.
  23. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steve-gibson-wants-investigation-financial-16134607?utm_source=gazette_live_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=EM_GazetteLive_Nletter_News_Home_largeteaser_Image_Story1&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter It's only fair that they abide by the same rules of everyone else.
  24. People have been crying and singing prayed FFS, what is the world coming too. It's just bricks and mortar. All celebrities are posting on twitter arghhhh. I really don't understand it all.
  25. I highly doubt it was mostly all original. Would not give a fuck to be honest. There's more things to get worries about than buildings. They look better as ruins anyway. I know I sound like a cunt, but I'm not that bothered about it. Does.nit affect my life one little bit.
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