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  1. ...punished when their fans are caught abusing footballers? I'm going to say no, the club doesn't know what type of fans are walking through the gates. The club's don't exactly vet all the fans. It's stupid to punish the club. What about when passengers are abused on trains. Should the train company be punished?
  2. boro_boy

    Smart Watch

    Do you own a smart watch? I used to ahve a fitbit which I know is't a smart watch but I got bored of it. so last month I bought a WearOS Huawei 2 watch. Its rather good, now instead of using Fitbit, i'll be suign Google Fit to track my weight loss next year haha, yeah yeah, i'm going on a diet again, heard it all before . But seriously, I am going on a diet and i'm going to bore you all with it.
  3. boro_boy

    Brexit not going very good?

    Fuck, so the vote tomorrow has been delayed. May is an absolute embarrassment forn the UK. We just need to leave on a NO DEAL.
  4. boro_boy

    Smart Watch

    Yeah I have to charge mine daily which is a bit of a downer, I knew this before i bought it, but it only takes half hour to fully charge.
  5. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    Haha he got proper banged out
  6. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    Hahaha I think I may have been locked out then arrested if I was taking photos. What the fuck is with you lasses eyebrows these days. They are about 1cm tick and look like slugs.
  7. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    Christmas shopping now Been waiting in Victoria's Secret for about 20 mins why the missus gets her tits measured. I'm getting strange looks, maybe I should stop pering on the women haha.
  8. boro_boy

    Should football clubs be punished be...

    I suppose ifmyou fine the club's then they will want to stop repeat trouble as they won't want anymore fines.
  9. boro_boy

    Amusing Videos

    I'll have a gander at thee later, just off out to walk dogs then go Christmas shopping.
  10. boro_boy

    Smart Watch

    That's fair enough. It doesn't get your weight, it just does steps and heart rate. I used to have an old forefinner, this one. I'd say it will do at its a "watch".
  11. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    I am not miserable. I lik that, a lot. Hahahaha maybe your right.
  12. boro_boy

    Smart Watch

    Yeah it definitely will haha.
  13. Mine officially started yesterday, I have 4 weeks off. I do like my current draft! But un-officially it started 2 22nd November haha. Technically I've had 6 weeks off. I have been doing a bit of work at home though as I've got the world laptop with me.
  14. Spurs and Newcastle Losing tonight!
  15. I thought these days were over, fucking thugs! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-6475087/Met-Police-confirm-investigation-incident-alleged-racist-Man-Citys-Sterling.html Sterling appeared to laugh off the vile abuse; video footage appeared to show the fan (circled) saying 'you f****** black c***'
  16. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    I don't even think i'm putting any decorations up. Put a few up last year but were not doing anything this year. I used to love Christmas as a kid with all the decorations, but these days Christmas starts in October when the shops start selling their shite Christmas decorations and what not. So by the time December arrives, i'm sick of it. This year I'm just not in the Christmas mood, can't be arsed listening to Christmas songs either, the shops have Spoilt it, Christmas isn't a month anymore, its fucking 2 and a bit months and it get early every year. They do it with Halloween and Easter. Even pancake day, I can't believe the shops are already selling flower and eggs!!!
  17. boro_boy

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    6 weeks is a lot of time off. Enjoy it.
  18. boro_boy

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    I've asked for s pair of jeans from next. I don't want anything other than a pair of jeans. Of to London for a few days to go to the Olympia for the horse jumping, bought tickets for the missus, but obviously I have to go too.. London should be good though
  19. These are opening fixtures for the new Championship Season. Hopefully its a decent season for boro. Saturday 4th August Birmingham City v Norwich City Brentford v Rotherham United Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Ipswich Town v Blackburn Rovers Millwall v Middlesbrough Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers West Bromwich Albion v Bolton Wanderers Wigan Athletic v Sheffield Wednesday Sheffield United v Swansea City Sunday 5th August Leeds United v Stoke Monday 5th August Hull City v Aston Villa
  20. boro_boy

    London tomorrow.

    I've not heard anything about this march. Wonder if it will be in the news tomorrow.
  21. boro_boy

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    I'm maybe going to Ipswich with the missus to go for Sunday lunch with her family. That's if we can get the dogs sorted. I've told her to stick them in the kennels but she doesn't want to. I told her they are just dogs and she said, no they're not. Lol. She's humanised them, I'm sure she things they have human feelings, they clearly don't
  22. boro_boy

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    Hahaha , ban. You cunt
  23. boro_boy

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    I should van you from this thread.
  24. boro_boy

    Martin O'Neil

    hahaha I don't know what his manager skills are like
  25. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

    Well her flight was 12 hours and she didn't sleep on it. I prefer it when she doesn't speak

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