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  1. Ashley has no intention of selling Newcastle. He is ripping off the club too much to give up. A golden goose that lays golden eggs and he refuses to feed. Gone for Bruce solely to enrage Newcastle fans knowing he'll have the anti-Newcastle fans media making excuses for him (which they have done - the repulsive Talk Sh*te radio for one))
  2. Look across Europe and see the countries starting to unravel. Not just terrorism either. Recently a few hundred illegal African immigrants invaded a French tourist spot and demanded free housing, free this free that - which the French people themselves DON'T get nor ask for. But it's those making excuses for it even blaming the victims - who make damn sure those they defend are allowed nowhere near THEIR middle class estates. I used to happily call myself a socialist. That changed when I saw the ones dictating were no more "working class" than Theresa May. They were parasitic minorities. Entitled. Druggies. Expected OTHERS to pay for what they demanded and were purely oligarchic. Yes, the stinking undemocratic and openly FASCIST Remoaners keep shrieking its racism - they are still of the outdated "Say racist and you've won the argument" - no longer. The tidal wave of immigration's slow destruction of the NHS, council houses being taken away from our own people and given to people who shouldn't be here - etc etc etc - if it hadve come down to stay Brexit types would just have got on with it. Remoaners have thrown tantrums like a spoilt brat and kept delaying and delaying Brexit
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