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  1. A poll should not be necessary. An honourable man would stand down.
  2. It's spring again so I'll sing again ..................................................
  3. Nothing to add. I think everyone knows my position on this matter.
  4. She has handled the covid business very well, but I'll still vote National.
  5. only nuking done here is with microwave ovens
  6. Earlier today I decided to trim my beard. Unfortunately had a clipper fuckup. Now barefaced. 😨
  7. No. A lot cheaper, but maybe takes a bit longer to cook stuff.
  8. This is fish and chips (in NZ fush and chups). not fish and fries!
  9. The antipodes have become too Americanised.
  10. Doing nights can be fun! Oops! Sorry, spelling error! 😈
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