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  1. You have won Leonard Cohen's Greatest Hits
  2. Hairy Scot

    Racism Thread

    A crock of shit.
  3. Yep, I think I covered that in another thread.
  4. I'm now worried that they've run out of ideas. Don't want to post spoilers but I'm getting a bit LOST.
  5. Hairy Scot


    A sweet titbit --------e / -------
  6. Hairy Scot


    A sweet titbit --------- / -------
  7. Now watching Season 7. Up until the appearance of "The Anomaly" I had a grip on what what was going on. But now we're on a different plane.
  8. Hairy Scot

    Mazda 6

    Mazda has done a number of RX models. Very nice to drive.
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