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  1. Saturday 13th March Livingston 15:00 Hamilton Academical---1 Ross County 15:00 Hibernian------------------2
  2. And in what way have I been snide toward you or Harold in this chat. You purport to be straight talking, but that I think is a euphemism. You often take a dig, not just at me but at others. Vague? Ha fucking ha! I am not going to be drawn into any further discussion outside of the topic in hand. If you and Harold wish to have your snide little digs then feel free. They will be ignored. Perhaps you both might give a thought to why the active forum membership seems to be dwindling. Soon you'll be on your own to do as you please.
  3. @Harold @Mr Magnificent Is it not possible to express an opinion on this forum without you two coming in with snide comments? You seem intent on debating the person rather than the opinions.
  4. I must admit that I tend to ignore what appears in the media about "The Royals", However, in this case, there is an eerie parallel with the treatment meted out to Diana when she got in tow with that mob. And she was not a commoner of mixed race.
  5. It's quite possible to admire or respect one aspect of a person while decrying another.
  6. There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
  7. Irrelevant in the context of on screen performance.
  8. Daniel is second best. Sean was tops.
  9. It used to be a simple game.
  10. A storm in a stirrup cup??
  11. Give them both a yellow card and a spell in the sinbin.
  12. IIMHO none of the changes made in the last 30 odd years has brought about any improvement in the game. They have all been, at best, cosmetic.
  13. For more than a century the rules of the game remained pretty much unchanged. But in the last 39 years or so we have had a number of changes. Just how beneficial have these been? https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56291850 The latest does seem to be rather strange. The ball hitting an arm accidentally is not an offence unless it goes into the goal?!
  14. Just watching a replay of the match. Why did John call a foul on himself in the first frame? Did he double hit the cue ball?
  15. The Wee Wishaw Wizard is certainly in great form. Should be a great final. The goat may well be sacrificed. BTW, what's happened to the commentators?
  16. Successive 6-0 matches. I wonder what meds he's on. 😀
  17. Typical ott reaction from you Mags. Lots of countries have struggles with Covid. It's not an English disease. There are obviously serious problems in England wrt contolling movement etc, plus people ignoring government recommendations. Since the onset of the pandemic the record of the English government and population has not been impressive. UEFA has seen fit to implement a system that punishes teams from those countries which have closed their borders to visitors from England. Is that fair? Surely the English teams should not travel.
  18. It would appear that a number of European countries see some kind of problem with teams from England visiting them. Of course the logical course would have been to can the tournaments rather than impose a ruling which does put some teams at a disadvantage. But when has UEFA ever been logical?
  19. Rampant Covid, a new more infectious strain, and no effective controls. But I guess in the eyes of some people there are no problems.
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