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  1. I think he has done an excellent job of building up his product and advertising his fights. He really did bring a lot of fans to the sport and a lot of people watch fights just because of him. UFC was almost underground before he was part of it now a lot of people know about it. Quite impressive
  2. Aberdeen 19:45 Motherwell 1 Hibernian 19:45 Hamilton 1 Kilmarnock 19:45 Celtic 2 Livingston 19:45 St Johnstone X Rangers 19:45 St Mirren 1 Ross County 19:45 Hearts 2
  3. They were probably on holiday for the last two weeks knowing the SFA
  4. Now we’re talking! It’s starting to gather momentum @boro_boy, you’ll have a riot on your hands soon enough if it isn’t sorted
  5. I’m quite happy with the removal of green anyway, fuck the hibs! good work
  6. If we weren’t using colours based on teams we don’t like I’m sure we could fine a team for every colour not to use haha! was for hearts but only a joke. I’m not here to make your life more difficult, unlike the rest of the chancers
  7. Can’t believe you’ve bowed to the request to change the online colour from green to blue @boro_boy! You’re going to be getting requests For everything now. Anyway in an unrelated note, can we change offline from red to more of a maroon?
  8. That’s me humped then...
  9. I like it! Good addition! Was just about to ask about it to but assumed thats what it meant haha. Was going to ask how long it’s been active without me noticing!
  10. Was only joking mate! Think I’d be the only one interested anyway haha
  11. Welcome Big Si, I'm the lovable newbie round here so don't be cutting my grass with anyone without clearing it past me first.
  12. I’m using My Football Forum Light (default) as I like looking at the snowy mountains
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