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  1. I have always thought that a high percentage of the people who come out with sectarian shite (from both sides) have probably never set foot in a church in their life.
  2. I agree completely with less teams and a more equal split of monies to improve the league. Can’t see it happening however.
  3. I don’t disagree that it will be difficult to get through! Thats what I was saying about all teams need to give something as they all want such different things. I was reading that depending on what’s suggested, if it is 2 new teams with no changes to the financials then it only needs 9 votes but changes to the financials needs 11 votes. Just anything confusing farce that no one knows about
  4. How can you know they’d be worse off without knowing how the finances of the new league would work? If the prize money was the same but the prize money for 1st and 2nd in the championship became 13th and 14th in the Prem then everyone would be the same. Also depending on how the split is done you could have teams still having the same number of home games against the old firm so still getting the same cash in. *edit* I just read a couple of Clyde’s statements on the matter. They didn’t say that they would never vote for reconstruction, just that they weren’t happy with the 14-1
  5. Extraordinary times indeed mate. There is no ideal solution, all the clubs need to come to some agreement and give up something in order to keep it out of the courts! will be interesting to see what happens.
  6. still don't get how its to save one club? reconstruction would save 3 clubs from being unfairly relegated and it would promote between 3 and 5 teams who have been denied the chance to get promoted, depending on what model is suggested. so that would save 3 clubs and benefit at least 3 others. all other clubs would be no worse off.
  7. how would they move down a league? if it goes 14-14-14 and two move up from champ and two up from league 1 etc, then the worst that can happen is you stay in the same league you are in?
  8. Last 2 episodes were made available today, so anyone wanting to binge this will be able to. Again, highly recommend, very good documentary that shows what it takes to be one of the all time greats.
  9. Of course we want league reconstruction out of self interest. Until we were expelled from the league after only 30 games there was no reason to discuss this as no unfair decisions had been made. Also the plan is supposed to be for 2 seasons the reviewed, and the reason for this is many clubs don’t want permanent reconstruction so that wouldn’t go through. Finally she has not submitted the plan yet so no one knows if it is 14-14-14 and no new senior clubs or 14-14-16 with 2 new senior clubs as you said. However if it is the second I would believe it would be keeping inline with what budg
  10. Yeah I think we have good grounds because the only other league that has expelled teams is France and I think the government stepped in or something. Most other leagues have finished without relegation.
  11. Budge released a statement saying she is putting a reconstruction plan to a vote, but if it doesn’t get voted through then she will begin the legal proceeding.
  12. Yeah they will be mate. I’ve used it big time, have bet on every game so far haha! I’m up thankfully
  13. After what feels like a lifetime, football returns tomorrow with the Bundesliga. All games on BT sport. I have myself a wee double of Dortmund and Leipzig to start us off with the early games, coming in at around even money. Of course I will probably put singles on the later games also because I have missed it lots.
  14. I mean through this whole process, Livingston voted to end the league early so they could get the money they need as a smaller club. They had nothing to lose from ending it early as they were in a better league position than they probably hoped for. That’s self interest. As I said, no problem with it, these. Lush are all individual businesses so of course they will act in self interest, as is their right and arguably their duty to the supporters and everyone involved in each club to do the best by them. Budges plans, (that she never even got to show the premiership clubs before being
  15. Of course Hearts are acting in self interest, every one of the 42 clubs has been acting in self interest. They all want what is best for their club, as is their right.
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