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  1. Yeah mate basically the whole of Europe has cancelled football!
  2. All Scottish football suspended until further notice, effective immediately. Finally common sense prevails.
  3. Haha! That makes it more ridiculous that they are leaving it this late! There will be plenty of fans in that situation needing plans sorted.
  4. Can’t believe some people’s ignorance. Football should have been cancelled this weekend. Ridiculous to delay it until Monday.
  5. Wednesday 11th March St Mirren 19:45 Heart of Midlothian 2 Friday 13th March Motherwell 19:45 Aberdeen 2 Saturday 14th March Hibernian 15:00 St Johnstone X Kilmarnock 15:00 St Mirren 1 Ross County 15:00 Hamilton X Sunday 15th March Rangers 12:00 Celtic 2 Livingston 15:00 Heart of Midlothian 2
  6. whats the premise of Cash Trapped Hairy? I seen Bradley Walsh has left The Chase due to the "gruelling" filming schedule, not sure how true it is.
  7. Saturday 7th March Aberdeen 15:00 Hibernian 1 Celtic 15:00 St Mirren 1 Hamilton 15:00 Kilmarnock 2 Hearts 15:00 Motherwell 1 St Johnstone 15:00 Livingston 2 Sunday 8th March Ross County 12:00 Rangers 2
  8. Haven't heard anything about it. I have seen the goals and was at the game so haven't seen everything. Only thing I can think of is Lewis Moore went down injured then got subbed off, ref made him walk all the way round and the fans in that corner were throwing things at him. That's probably when the police got involved. They have history, its the same section the boy jumped out of and attacked Tavenier and the same section that chucked a bottle of buckfast at Scott Sinclair. Don't know why it isn't shut for these big games.
  9. Yeah Bozanic, good goal from an average player! Had been frozen out of the team for a while but back in now, 2 goals in 2 games, think he’ll be in for a while. Washington’s goal was brilliant, they went from trying to get it to 2-1 to 3-0 within about 5 seconds. Brilliant finish from a great player who works like fuck but doesn’t score often, was delighted for him!
  10. Yeah I was there, slept in for work this morning, hungover and no voice but so worth it! yeah for a change I would say it is worth watching for a neutral, usually they are terrible games. Not much happened in the first half but hearts controlled it. Second half was very entertaining
  11. Yeah I’ve seen this before! It’s really good mate
  12. You think? Think they are both on premier sport mate, not sure if bbc are showing it also.
  13. Draw: Celtic v Aberdeen Heart of Midlothian v Hibernian
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