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  1. Takes a while for it to spread to every single person but once it does it is fun unleashing all of the debilitating symptoms to end the human race
  2. I have played it and killed off the human race on the highest difficulty. It is really easy to do, choose Madagascar as the place to spawn your disease and the remove all traits so that your disease has no symptoms but can still spread. Then simply wait till everyone is infected with no symptoms and then buy all the traits that cause death and watch as the whole infected planet dies quickly
  3. Found this on twitter earlier https://www.onlinemortgageadvisor.co.uk/content/footy100/ It really shocked me how much footballers get compared to other athletes, I always thought all athletes are generally overpaid but footballers blow everyone out of the water! Take Messi for example, he earns 10 times more than tiger woods! Tennis players also make pennies compared to footballers same for cricketers. What do you think has caused this inflated wage for top tier footballers? Is it demand? Is it just the popularity of the sport? Or is it the fact that if a player makes xxxx amou
  4. Yeah homemade and chips also homemade rarely have frozen chips as homemade chips are still fairly easy to make just takes a extra 10 mins to prep but no I did not see that but it's scary to think there really are people who don't know simple stuff like that. Do you see that study where if I remember correctly it was 13% of people think a toy boy is a type of action man! I won't be getting a toy boy for any of my daughters lol!
  5. I'm looking forward to the mrs's famous lasagne and chips tonight, having a half italian wife doesn't help the belt
  6. Just a few questions lol feel like I am sitting my exams again! indian city birmingham geordie puma red shower rum vodka carling m6 mary berry got a dog course I would support labour but corbyn is a old cunt flip her over not as much as I used to not too much love dembele on a lucky day don't like seafood apart from cod salmon and mackeral don't pay attention to politics let alone the eu
  7. What's football without passion and romance?
  8. This season not so much sadly due to busy year with family situation but in the 2018-19 season I went to leicester, watford, and cardiff away sadly as you get older life gets in the way and don't have as much time/money to spend on things like this.
  9. To be honest it's not exactly an away ground but I went to the nou camp in 2011 and that was amazing! I went for the full tour while I was on holiday and would recommend it to anyone, the sheer height of some on the stands is amazing.
  10. New here decided to find a new forum after getting bored of the football subreddits and already enjoying it here! Quick info about me - Support liverpool - Work as an estate agent (Not as boring as you'd think if anyone needs a house shoot me a message ) - 38 and love away games!
  11. I'll have a look at the introduction thread now and make a quick little intro post thank you!
  12. Thank you for the welcome! Good luck against blackburn on saturday
  13. My thoughts exactly unless we have a major fuck up or like you said a few bad injuries it should be plain sailing. You never know with this funny old game though
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