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  1. lads its been fun and we should do this again sometime but im off to bed now because i have to get up early tomorrow to bite the postman because my dogs are not well.
  2. so thats a no then. just like ive been saying
  3. have you been european champions. super cup champions. EPL champions and world cup champions at the same time?
  4. so its the champions lge. the EPL the super cup and the world cup.
  5. true. opinions are like ass holes everyone has one
  6. wow. i hope you dont beat us to the title
  7. we won 3 titles before the virus came along and we will win the 4th title soon so it has nothing to do with the virus.
  8. but we will still hold all 4 titles at the same time. has any english team done that before.
  9. normski was finished on page 2 so dont bother checking
  10. i just had a thought. when liverpool win the title in the next few weeks we will be european champions. EPL champions. super cup champions and world champions. has another english team done that before.
  11. tbh it was normski that said that so i think a check up is needed.
  12. from what you have seen from sterling what if anything makes you think he would leave city for man u.
  13. i thought rashford and greenwood had more goals than the liverpool front 3
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