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  1. US President Joe Biden has welcomed Chauvin's conviction, saying it can be a "moment of significant change", as crowds erupted into cheers and applause outside the court building in Minneapolis following the verdicts. Mr Biden said Mr Floyd's death was "a murder in full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world" to see systemic racism. was it proved in court that it was down to race that floyd was killed. i dont think it was.
  2. i would give £20 to see bert in a skirt 🤣
  3. is it me or does she look black. also im not a fan of men that dress in womens clothes😄
  4. a thermonuclear warhead in the 120kt range should do the trick 🤣
  5. it was fun to see all the hypercrits come out of the woodwork and squirm like they did for a few days though. it was only the fans that never wanted the for purely sporting reasons.
  6. went shop without the wife and it cost far less so im happy. just got the essentials like beer pork pies and a microwave jalfrezi for later if im hungry. might cook the wife a roast dinner tonight.
  7. what you need to do is open a thread closed to non members where people can fight as much as they want because the mods and admin will always be forced to pick a side. instead of banning members for fighting just let them sort it out in a thread that non members can read. then inform new members that join we have a thread where people can sort shit out as they feel fit. if people dont like to see or read these fights they can choose not to go to that thread but make it clear to people that start fights in other threads they must take it to the fight threads. the problem we have now is people g


    thats like trying to find a kardashian that dont have a 2 pac greatest hits CD.


    hungarian vizslas.
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