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  1. now you have put me off my tea and digestives 😬
  2. you know im gonna search up the next batch of chocolate you send me for the ones i like best 🤣
  3. i think its great that your family get together with you and your good lady wife as much as they do. nothing better than having the family around.
  4. if you are suggesting i am a greedy fat cunt you would be right 🤣
  5. well in that case you need a night off so we will all be good. 😃
  6. no point asking you to send me a few then 😃
  7. he is skiving off work so he might as well fill his guts with the good stuff.
  8. do they have any THC in them 😄 thay look good tbh. my son would clear them as soon as they hit the table 😃
  9. the meal i was talking about was a home cooked meal by the good lady mags. not that ready meal stuff. i also think its about time you posted some pictures of your home cooking. show us your kitchen skills 😃
  10. yes ive got it now bas. not sure how bert has the front to call people out for it though. man makes a living being huffy. 😄
  11. better charge that phone up bas if you want to be on the night train.
  12. i thought thats what the wolf did when he was trying to rob the 3 little pigs.
  13. so he is basically talking about himself. i think the old fart is losing his marbles. gonna have to start calling him joe biden ffs. 🤣
  14. so what is huffs. how does one huff ffs. 🤣
  15. i think people were using that word in 1937 which explains why he knows it and we dont. 🤣
  16. the good lady mags looks like she can cook up a good bit of grub mate. if im ever in brum im coming round for dinner 😃
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