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  1. This cop is so dirty it's hard to believe he's still in the Police force, he's had about 6 previous similar offences against black and latino men. As far as I'm concerned this guy needs the death penalty as he's using position of power to kill people on purpose. Fair enough some of these guys might be criminals but that doesn't make what he's done right. Speaks volumes about the U.S that someone so dangerous can be in such a position. As for Trump posting that post on Twitter, the guy isn't fit to run a country the size of the U.S he needs taking out of his position as he's clearly losing his fucking mind. First the Maleria drug and now threats of shootings is the kind of stuff you expect to hear from terrorist organisations not the president of America.
  2. He's world class yes, over the last few seasons he's been relentless in front of goal and a constant menace to teams. Let's not forget how he took Spain apart in their own back yard as well. Having said that by his high standards he's had a pretty average season, not bad but not the 20-30 goals he's plundered the seasons before.
  3. 23 is still young in football terms and I never said he'd be the next Ronaldo, I said he will develop with age similar. He is relentless in improving himself physically and in his ability, I'd say judge him at about 25 and you will see what a player he is.
  4. Look stay on the forum a few years and we can reference this post. Rashford isn't a striker for one he plays off the left and is developing into a forward that comes in from the left. Yes his finishing isn't the best but so wasn't Ronaldo's at first, Rashford will be one of these players that just one day click and everything goes in and he will be a defenders nightmare. Greenwood is one of the best finishers we've ever had come through. Ole is building it up correctly, Maguire and Fernandes have been a revelation and we were on course to win a Europa league and push for the FA Cup. Tip four was the target and we were 5th pushing hard. Look you've got a great team, it's taken 30 years and I doubt you even remember that period as I don't as I'm 38. Go wank over your team for now as it will be short lived, domination isn't assured given City and Uniteds wealth.
  5. They are kids, have u even watched or looked at how Rashford is developing? This season he is growing into his body and his goal tally has improved, are you expecting kids to be world class straight away. As for Greenwood I doubt you even know anything about him, he's been about 5 minutes but this kid has been tearing ever level up since he was 10. United fans know and he's in double figures at 18 years of age. Don't bother if your only gonna try and provoke a reply as I don't bother with people who only want to talk shit when they know Jack shit.
  6. Look mate, don't know u but you are aware Liverpool have gone 30 years without a title and spent countless millions on players during that time. Yes you've got a good manager now but honestly given its taken you 30 years to win the league I think you should take a step back and stop talking shit. Give it a year or two we're back its coming and it's not gonna be the 30 years you took.
  7. Rashford and Greenwood are young they will be top top players, if you can't see that stop watching footy as there is massive potential in both.
  8. We've got Greenwood and Rashford growing all the time, we need to make Ighalo a full time deal and rotate as he would be happy with that role and in two or three years Greenwood can become our main man.
  9. Two runs for me today, one at breakfast and I decided on another at 5pm. It's nice to keep active.
  10. Listen I've followed United all over the country and I've no problem with Liverpool winning the league. It was gonna happen one day anyway. You are gonna win it during a pandemic, no one is actually arsed who wins now as what's more important is people's health. So you've basically waited 30 years to win a title that nobody really cares about. Health is more important....
  11. Weekend, I'm gonna go for a nice long walk somewhere. Thats all u can do really.
  12. Having a few vodies, back in work next week so gonna enjoy my last few days.
  13. The guy who I bought the house off was a chef so we've got an area that's a herb garden. That big bush next to the bridge is rosemary and we have chives and various other herbs.
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