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  1. Total bolloxs... Enjoy your forum, no more input from me.
  2. Read my post above yours mate, the guy has a new agenda on the forum and it stinks and its boring. Part of post deleted....unacceptable comments.
  3. No one denies it, but don't think we hate them because they are good. We've always hated them. Things go in cycles, anyone with an actual brain knows this. This Liverpool team like any will have a shelf life, Klopp isn't going to do a SAF he's gonna move on eventually, he's already said as much. Why because Klopp inherited a squad, he started to put his own systems in place, he started to develop young players (Trent, Robinson) and he moved on the players he didn't want for the good of the team. Ole is doing this now and himself and you can only really judge him 2 years from now wh
  4. Another football thread taken down the Childish route by a pair of immature clowns. If we can't discuss football (the main reason for the forum) without it becoming a pathetic Childish Liverpool are the greatest, united are shit route I'm not gonna bother as it's a joke. The United match thread got derailed the other night with sagging off our players and the thread title alone in this thread is joke. Mags you're an embarrisment, these individuals join the forum and you attach yourself to them like a leach agreeing with everything they say to add to the sad WUM attempts. If y
  5. Nah mate your another prick who can discuss football without being a tit. I was giving praise to the lads in Liverpool (unlike u) but you felt u need to constantly rip United. It bores me
  6. Mate I just want you to flog all your other teams tops on ebay, fuck the Liverpool squad. Youve got the Chelsea top, Leicester, Blackburn, Arsenal and City. Don't think u need to get rid of your Liverpool top yet.
  7. Most pathetic plastic fan post I've ever read... Defo Mags best mate, another wish I was funny idiot. Here I was thinking u were funny, your a fucking cock. End of.
  8. Mate your players aren't the best in their position they've been lifted by their tactics and systems. You really are a stupid fan, honestly if you cant see the improvement in United youre blind and I could name a number of players that would get in your team under Klopps system and tactics. Ole is building pal, he's not a million miles away and even if he is a few seasons awsy I'm not fucking arsed and your a pathetic cockney who's latched on to a successful football club. If that's what you wanna call it as most of your success came when you were a baby like most current Liv
  9. So every manager was fantastic before they were a success at an club. Klopp had won a few domestic titles and a cup...... Ole had done the same pal in Norway. Not comparing the leagues but he can only work with what he's got. You use the word Manure.... Your from London/South Have you been to Anfield? Are you even a fan or just and fucking forum fan jumper, bet your supported City last season. Don't talk shit to me, don't know you, your new to the forum and you just come across annoying as fuck.
  10. Awww.... You've got a good manager... Why write off Ole he's only managedfor less than ten years pal, give the fucker a chance to build something. Klopps only been at Liverpool 4 years. You gotta give people a chance.
  11. Cheers mate I knew you'd understand and I've held back many times as I didn't wanna insult your club mate. I respect all clubs for what they are and don't do what mags does mate. Your a big club and with great fans, as is loads of clubs I don't do what these knobs do which is chat shit.
  12. Why you jumped from a low position under Klopp up to a challenger when he had his squad right. Just wait. Honestly you talk like you've been a challenger for about 20 years. You've been there or theres about..... Twice
  13. Childish humour mate, we've smashed you so many times over the years on points. Doubt you were even born when you last won the league so I will give the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Who are u two trying to annoy as its not working with me lads. Mags can we just remind you u support a team in the Championship and your shit.. And for the record @superally your my pal and its hurts me doing that mate but the constant arse licking banter as forced me to it pal. Unique, I don't know you pal but if I did when we won title after title I wouldn't have written you off when it was clear things are changing at a football club. You will see where we're at next season, trust me everyone can see out progress since January, we lost ground well before that. And Ma
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