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  1. The forum has gone, when I was asked if I'd like to return I knew it would create and issue with Mags but what I didn't realise is it would drive away one of the forums main posters in Bas so we basically lost two for one and it's killed the place. I'm more than comfortable to post elsewhere so if you are reading Bas, I've step aside. You are more active than I could ever want to be on this forum so come back and help Harold, Boro and Mak rebuild the place. I think maybe me coming back was a mistake.
  2. Fat Brummy, married to an American women. Enjoys cycling, going out on his scooter, fishing and camping. Pets - One dog flown in from Cyprus.
  3. Rumour doing the rounds he refused to take the team out to train in protest against ESL. If he's done that then fair enough, hats off to him but I can't help but think he's trying to make himself a Martyr of himself before he gets the actual push for his performances.
  4. Cup final at weekend. 😂 Could be a few things this could. Results driven sacking, he's not been getting the results required. Player power, he's relegated about four top players to basically reserves. Alli, Bale, Winks, Alderwereld. Maybe they've had enough as a squad. Super League, he may disagree with the Super League and made his feelings aware. Levy is looking for the bounce of form a new manager could bring before the cup final.
  5. You couldn't write this shit could you, it's either one or the other. Why do you get a kick out of this behaviour? The pair of you Caz & Mags need clinical help.
  6. Okay. 😂 I think someone needs to call the nurse because her pills are clearly wearing off. I've been more than supportive of you on both forums over the last few months and how was I rewarded? Blocked for no reason at all. Now I'm done, no fucker is sucking up at all, just seeing a pattern like everyone else is. If this was one forum, then fair enough but you've been banned from every forum you've been on. Now I'm going to be straight with you, I don't really care who you are, what you are or even if that girl in the photo, if I like you I will post on a forum with you but the
  7. To be fair mate I posted something last night making a point why the forum has declined. Caz just used it as an opportunity to talk shite. Disappointed in her to be fair, thought she was trying to integrate better but it was almost like she was waiting for the chance to cause trouble. Forums fucked in my opinion, Bas and Normski are needed badly, they were the life blood of the forum. No chance of Idiot boy back but I'm sure they could come back.
  8. Brilliant that mate. 38 days is unreal, thought I had it good these days but that's brilliant.
  9. He didn't like it mate it was a dig at me because he accused me of staking him.
  10. How many weeks do you actually get off a year?
  11. That would be too easy, let's just say I doubt Messi could do it there on a wet and windy night.
  12. This City is considered the North.
  13. Just a random guess Bath?
  14. He replaced Sir Alex's whole back room team and replaced them with guys who'd been at Preston and Everton. That was his biggest mistake, they weren't good enough for that level. If he'd worked with Sir Alex's team he'd have done much better. Exactly my mindset mate, he was so out of his depth he almost looked relieved when it was all over. Sometimes a club is too big for someone, he was even struggling to conduct himself in interviews well,he was coming across like a nasty piece of work when in reality it was stress.
  15. Catsmother - I'm told she left because she didn't like the way new members get treated. Bastion - I think it's fair to say he liked Mags and maybe didn't like me so has decided to call it a day because Mags was banned. Normski - seems a mystery as he was so active on the forum and then just vanished. Superally - Think he's either too busy with work or his own life to care enough to post regular anymore. Mags - Was the most active member and him going was always going to have a huge impact on the function of the forum but you just can't do what he did and expect to conti
  16. But Mount is proving he's a class act at both International and Champions league level so therefore is good enough to fill a squad postion within the Manchester City ranks. Thanking you and wishing you a bright and prosperous weekend.
  17. Just sat with smile on my face, works going well, the sun is shining and it's Friday afternoon. Got a table booked for my wife's Birthday meal tonight and a nice trip out to the zoo planned for tomorrow with the kids.
  18. Yeah, he was the star of the show wasn't he. That's how I will remember, the leader of the pack with his boys behind him.
  19. Good result for Arsenal that was, I thought they'd struggle but they destroyed them. Roma in the semi, not kept up to day with Italian teams of late but looking at their squad it's not going to be an easy ride. Dzeko finishes half the chances the wasteful Granada players missed over the two legs.
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