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  1. Are pregnant horses faster because the have 2 HP
  2. yes, well, because they asked who were out last 3 games against lol, we drew with them 3 - 3, in November, totals united 8 - 7 other 4 (last Year) united 14 - 2 other 4 (last 4 game) our defence has really improved, tbh i think we are playing better as a team, still not good enough to win the prem but getting far better, i'm not going to sit here saying next season is our season lol,
  3. They were, Brighton, villa and Bournemouth. results when we played them earlier in the season Bournemouth 1 - 0 united united 3 - 1 brighton united 2 - 2 villa, we got 4 points between them games November and December, now we got 9 points in the last 3 games. its a bast improvement
  4. doesn't matter, last few season we would have lost or drew them, to win by 3 goals is a big achievement lol
  5. Manchester United become first side in Premier League history to win four games in a row by three or more goals Considering how bad we started the season, its a nice little stat to see we are improving up front, about time they started scoring, thing is that look really good going forward. I am looking forward to next season https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8508239/Manchester-United-Premier-League-win-four-games-row-three-goals-more.html
  6. I never said it was any good lol
  7. I am sure many of a certain age remember this one,
  8. No, just good clean Welsh Water, and lots of beer, wine and whisky
  9. You have won it once, stop jumping ahead of yourself, you are breaking records in a season that will be remembered for being stopped due to covid. Let see if you can win it again, i doubt, Leicestpool
  10. i would not say that, liverpool is the best team in the prem at the moe, but the rest are utter shite, you won it because like Leicester, at the moment, your a one hit wonder,
  11. IMO, this liverpool team is good, but its not the best team in the league history, they just have no competition, It is like when Leicester City won it, there was no other club who had a team built. This season everyone is rebuilding. Its like Celtic in Scotland, there is no competition
  12. you are welcome, i have done a handful of posts over the last month and look at the impact lol
  13. Mines a few years old now, due a new one in the summer from work, this one is i7, 16gb of ram, 960gb sd and an 256gb m2 drive as main drive, and a nvidea GC along with a intel one for background stuff. Need it this days when i plug into a cctv system that has 100 8MP(4k) cameras, it struggling a bit now. I always go for 17" screen as well.
  14. I want the weekend off, i am so busy it's none stop at the moment
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