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  1. Cummings has being doing stuff for a while and Boris has been his puppet, Cummings is a nasty piece of work and i hope he goes soon. Boris has not got the balls to do it, too many high up in that government have to much gossip on him, he cant sack them
  2. I saw the title and thought this will be about the world cup, I will post that Eric was born lol
  3. I will be having a few glasses of wines when the kids are in bed,
  4. Very good, City have the advantage though https://newsthump.com/2020/05/13/premier-league-clubs-refusing-to-play-in-empty-stadiums-insisting-manchester-city-would-have-unfair-advantage/
  5. simonutd

    Random Videos

    and his shower, car, living room, kitchen and in the middle of boro with the rest of em
  6. good for you, be nice not driving for 3 days lol
  7. Worst teacher i had, well i was still a virgin when i left school and it wasn't a catholic one
  8. Make my next batch of home brew beer, bake some bread for french night, and try and keep 2 kids happy lol
  9. I made a fake away, salt and pepper quorn nuggets, salt and pepper chips, egg fried rice and curry sauce,
  10. light weight, where are you? i have had a few wines, about to have a whisky, tomorrow night will be worse, as Sunday is my sleep in day, its hers tomorrow
  11. 1) no, i don't like people feeling inadequate 2) Fiancee, she has too many of all of them lol,
  12. No i wear BB's when the sailor lads are bored of them
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