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  1. H, that's scary as fuck pal, i bought her all three things for xmas last year. Porn, na
  2. Few introductory questions to help acquaint yourself with us lot on here. Favourite takeaway? Parmo(When drunk) Beach or City? City Birmingham or Manchester? Manchester London or Baghdad? London Mackham or Geordie? fucking neither Adidas or Puma? Adidas Red or Brown sauce? depends Cheese on sandwich or toast? both Shower or bath? bath Whisky or Rum? JD Gin or Vodka? Southern Comfort Favourite beer? Coors What car do you drive? Aston Vantage If you could get as dirty as you like with any woman-who would it be? ( wife/partner is not a valid answer) Liz Hurley Do you have a pet? Dog Would you like to hit Jamie Oliver with a bat?- If not why not? Love to Corbyn- Cunt or hero? cunt, like all politicians What would you like to do to Nicola Sturgeon? Who? How much do you hate Villa? I don't, just Liverpool, Newcastle and Wham! How much do you hate Celtic? Big Jock Knew Is Raheem Sterling any good? Yeah but not world class Cockles- Prawns-or Mussels? Prawns Which EU leader do you hate most? All Have you ever shit yourself? Once, threw up at the same time. Food poisoning sucks Ever been arrested? No Have you ever pissed in your parents wardrobe in a drunken stupor? Unsure What was your worst non sporting injury? ACL Have you ever shagged a mate's girlfriend/wife ? next question Best holiday destination? States Worst holiday destination? London
  3. The house near ours is where Ravanelli lived when he was at the Boro.
  4. Long time MUFC Fan, former season ticket holder, now living in Hutton Rudby, just outside of Middlesbrough. I get to on average 10 games a season following United, the rest of the season i go watch the Boro. I post on a few other messageboards, both MUFC and BORO. All the best. Stay Safe Joe.
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