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  1. Definitely . I now cringe when players take the knee. I think we have all now got the message. Football is nowhere the same like it was in the 1980's. that was proper football. Nowadays players are tackled and they go down like they have been shot.
  2. Yeah most forums wouldn't allow all the shite that is posted on here but I agree this is my favourite football forum 🙂
  3. Could be a replacement for Aguero. Who else will pay a fee for him? maybe Chelsea too? but not sure Spurs will sell to them.
  4. What makes it more sweeter is that OGS put a weakened team out to play Leicester 🤣
  5. Hope Leicester win too but my head says Chelsea will win.
  6. Nope never use them. I never wear make-up either.
  7. He was at Old Trafford yesterday protesting 😜
  8. Congrats @UNIQUE Some things never change around here so much bitching 🤣
  9. Was so disappointed last night. hopefully it isn't the end.
  10. Catsmother


    My husband snores too. I hit him then he turns over and does it again. So annoying.
  11. Had my second one last week, no side affects apart from a bit of a sore arm.
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