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  1. He was at Old Trafford yesterday protesting 😜
  2. Congrats @UNIQUE Some things never change around here so much bitching 🤣
  3. Was so disappointed last night. hopefully it isn't the end.
  4. Catsmother


    My husband snores too. I hit him then he turns over and does it again. So annoying.
  5. Had my second one last week, no side affects apart from a bit of a sore arm.
  6. Love line of duty. I watched all the series on BBC IPlayer. The guy who plays Steve Arnott is fit 😄
  7. Hope that we pull out too. Greedy owners.
  8. Catsmother

    Spicy Food

    Can well believe it. 🤣
  9. Catsmother

    Spicy Food

    Wheels??? I have been around forums for years so why would Liverpool's forum stop me from visiting forums?? All teams have dips including yours 🤣
  10. I trust Klopp. Don't think he has signed anyone that is dreadful.
  11. Catsmother

    Spicy Food

    Just been busy with my own forum and other things. Hopefully I will login more now 🙂
  12. Not heard of him. makes sense though a loan deal, we can send him back if he's shit 🤣
  13. Catsmother

    Spicy Food

    Thanks lad 😄
  14. Catsmother

    Spicy Food

    Spicy foods give me heartburn so I never eat it.
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