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  1. Is boring, All MP's are corrupt too.
  2. Politics is boring.
  3. Forgot about this, Yeah bargain with them.
  4. I hate everyone apart from Liverpool
  5. Anything, for instance you could just be looking in the shop window and they are almost begging you to buy. Got that way in the end that we stopped looking.
  6. I am hoping Chelsea win only because it would be funny if Arsenal don't qualify for Europe.
  7. Welcome back @Red Devil I am not sure what happened for you to be banned. Some crazy people on here I have been to Turkey and loved it, very cheap too, just you get them chasing you down the street to buy something
  8. I don't know. I can honestly say that I wasn't one of them in 10's of thousands. I avoid busy areas like the plague. Anyhow I am not supporting the dickheads that have gathered like that and unfortunately you will always get idiots from every city and like I said I am not one of them
  9. Everywhere will be in lockdown again soon. You can't visit another household but it is okay to go the beach. Lol
  10. 1-4 Rangers, Come on Stevie G's team.
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