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  1. I'm thinking thread title may be old and considering Luton have more or less established themselves and are having a great season?
  2. She doesn't she's Australian.
  3. can't fault the hammers they're having a great season and looking good at least they don't seem relegation threatened this season.
  4. No, you need to think like an immature women who hasn't had it for a while.😟
  5. I live near a Tesco's but there is a Waitrose in South Woodford, kind off near?
  6. I don't they'll want to sign him to another EPL team and the Championship is a bit ruck and tumble maybe into another European league.
  7. Hi babes, or maybe it's the Essex droll?
  8. Because it gives the loony's a platform, now! being honest how do we know this women wasn't a proper cunt, I've been an arse on many occasion, I'm not saying she deserved it but we all have to treat each other with respect. There is always a history somewhere and isn't there a saying that most crimes like this are connected to people they know so what was the connection between this copper and the women? has this copper got a history of this kind of thing? We may not know the truth
  9. If you wanted a serious debate then your statement below is very immature but overall trying to keep men in after six is purely stating that whoever proposed it has mental health issues. The problem isn't men but a society issue. Statistically women walking alone at night are still safe than black males; but has anyone looked at the statistics for young black males walking home alone? One white middle class women is killed (by a serving police officer) and everyone is in revolution, but still black males are slaughtered!!!! It's horrible anyone is killed but we are looking at this from the wro
  10. That's the one in my post above. It'll make your blood boil.
  11. She held her ground and put her argument across to some proper tossers. It's here.
  12. Everyone can be difficult but she is a bit over sensitive and she knows I say it in public. But she is a great girl,
  13. Yes of course I worked with her in London.
  14. Luton has a high density of Asian people. Check out Stacy Dooly's programe about her home town.
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