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  1. You need to listen to Peter kay, misheard lyrics. No, certainly not just brought a major issue to his attention. Of course not this is worthy of further investigation.
  2. I have taught English for a number of years now and there isn't.
  3. I did think I was going insane! But yes there is, what can be heard, a 't' on the end of kill.
  4. It was, very bad your crystal ball must be operating nicely yep, it wasn't hard but still we could have thought a bit more. He is a decent player but to much of a liability when things go wrong and he loses his cool. That was me. I was. It was. It was on the cards from a long way off and well worth a stab with the opening prices. Never a truer word said, we are bad at the moment and something needs to give and changes have to be made if we are to compete.
  5. I have a massive Tesco in Leytonstone sells absolutely everything. Do a decent London cheescale @Harold Either that or Waitrose. Added bonus!!!
  6. being honest this is a major transfer he really does still have it. yes it does but Grealish to City I feel there maybe too many ego's to satisfy, United for me just seem to get along (in the public eye). You follow Boro? So most of your players are on the living wage. Are his performances that great or it is the fact he's in a great ream? That's below the belt. I don't think the stand up circuit will miss her. You know Gaz has long away trips? I do agree this guy will be very useful on the wing, very quick and can put in a decent ball. Future building, I hope?
  7. It's full of wankers who don't wear masks
  8. Coconut and icing top with jam inside
  9. She has listed the R above the gallows she's building See below. An O please Lyn 🤞
  10. I don't mind getting into the office just the commute that's the dodgy part.
  11. We didn't but then that result wasn't good enough.
  12. I don't think so but losing three in a row is poor and there has to be a massive change. Logically that should be the board but it wont. Conti is a must as Arteta has not been up to scratch, he should start his managerial career in the Championship.
  13. I'm not our efforts this season have been poor. For you the weekend but for me it's the season this is going to be a hard season for us. I agree completely we're in for a bad one.
  14. I am wondering if they really do work? Hope not. Only the virgins! I know the feeling. I have no time for any religion like that, I have no time for all the made up fantasy rubbish. Good luck, I can write you a reference if you wish? Well, it wont be sex worker eh cazza!!!! Avoid it go for something less demanding and local, do you really want the commute? He didn't get that one. You really didn't get it. From behind?
  15. Captain Morgan rum. T20 Vricket. A lot of gassy lager there?
  16. Sounds lovely but many pubs don't do it so looking for one that does. The bandit might. Then close your mouth x
  17. The topic was the other site and the response was about the other site. End off. Please stop calling me darlin.
  18. The words are there so maybe a first chance to read them.
  19. Words can't describe how shit this individual is, so glad they aren't in power but then I'm glad she isn't my MP. John Cryer is ours. Dapper looking fella.
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