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  1. Its a place of business, a company, the logic is still the same thing. For the record, I hope those responsible for such things HANG, but if its employees, it isn't the football club, or tesco or any other business. These crime wern't commited in the name of Celtic...
  2. I have read it, and thats why I'm asking you because I'm unsure of what you're onabout. Now go and eat some Spinach or tell me.
  3. Because sometimes crimes don't become public knowledge... Really... if you employed someone at your petrol station, and he used that facility to rape someone, that means you should suffer?
  4. I feel another desperate attempt at squirming out of a conversation coming on... What has Celtic FC ever done to offend, harm or fuck you, Harold, off?
  5. "I despise the club though for many reasons and I won’t apologise for that". Not the same?
  6. Decent song but the singing is too dull, don't know what my style can do with it. I need something uplifting because what I do requires tension and an explosion of sound. For example I'm doing something with The Winner Takes It All, her voice in places is very emotional and uplifting. It's not going to go down well here but its not meant to lol
  7. Sure, I know about the freaks who worked for Celtic and raped kids, chances are there was someone in every club, but that wasn't Celtic FC and nor are the fans. Again, what have Celtic FC, the company, the business, the ACTUAL club, ever done to harm you?
  8. I used to hate F****t but I grew up. I don't like hating English people.
  9. Leeds. We played them in a thrilling 4-3 win in 1989, but other than that, I remember minutes before kick-off in their standing area, which I was 2 yards from, about 4,000 of them to a man, all crouching down and from the front began a Mexican Wave. How they managed to organise that and all take part was a truly brilliant thing. I have never seen any fans in any situation do something as a group like that.
  10. Happy Hardcore? 180 BPM. Have you not heard his voice, you can see why he committed suicide. I'm having second thoughts now... How do I rave this up (I know its not all the words I only keep one of everything). Can't speed his voice up because then it wouldn't be his voice...can't stretch it because it already sounds dull. I could reverb and/or delay it When routine bites hard and ambitions are low And resentment rides high but emotions won't grow And we're changing our ways, taking dif-ferent roads Then love, love will tear us apart again Love, love will tear us apart again
  11. What have they ever done as a football club to offend you?
  12. I'm not surprised, you're an angry ignorant bunch...you could scare the hair off Hannibal Lecter
  13. Okay so I've set myself the difficult challenge of adding this to a dance beat, gonna attempt 140BPM
  14. Who do you want? I'd love City to get F****t away and see the Foxes piss up the trees.
  15. 3 good movies on at 9pm on the Sony movie channels, Psycho, the butterfly effect, seraphim falls
  16. The difference between the Championship and good PL teams is fitness, Stoke just couldn't handle our ball possession. And if you haven't got the ball and can't win it back its just a matter of time before the goals go in. We could of had six or seven and that would have been fair. It occurred to me that unlike previous seasons where you only get a third of the gate receipts, now you get none as in the league, plus we hadn't got a midweek game either side, so made sense to play a strong team.
  17. You wouldn't because most folks outside of Scotland like to stick their nose up at them. Theres not one Birmingham player would get in either of their 11's.
  18. Stoke have played well in first half. We've given the ball away too much and our passing isn't great but what a goal from JJ, right back playing left back coming in from the left and hits it 20 yarder goalie no chance.
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