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  1. I'm sorry for having a preference of what I want to happen over what I think will happen. Just like the dude that hopes Chauvin walks free cos he hates anything to do with Floyd/BLM 🤔
  2. How random. Is that the best you got 😅 Absolutely wounded right here after that.
  3. You realise Chauvin won't be walking free if that is determined then?
  4. So it could be a combination of everything? And not just drugs in his system or just being having his airway blocked? Therefore Chauvin would still be partly culpable??
  5. I literally just stated some in the same post. Some of you lot love to do some selective reading here 😅
  6. You'll question me about facts but not the claims that people make about drug use being the cause of death? Interesting. Anyway I believe one of the independent medical examiner reports state asphyxia was a cause of death. Another states cardiopulmonary arrest. None of the reports state the drugs in his body were a cause of death...
  7. Didn't the medical examiners and autopsy say he did from asphyxia?? So while there might have been drugs in his body, this might not be the cause of his death, but more the fact his airway was blocked by the coppers knee?
  8. True. I think the manslaughter charge will stick though. Can't see him escaping that.
  9. Or if you're black and innocent you have more chance of being killed than your average white person. I can't remember his name but look how the white supremacist got treated when he turned up at a protest all guns blazing compared to other black people that have been shot? Although judging by other comments on here people no doubt would have wanted that white supremacist to shoot everyone there...
  10. You tell me. You're the one that's been looking in to it...
  11. No they're not. Come on people, deal with facts yeah?
  12. Their protocol is to arrest and restrain a man until they can't breathe? Odd.
  13. Fair. None of us can say either way for sure.
  14. How can you resist with all your strength when you're on the floor with cops all over you, in handcuffs? Could the police not have loosened up slightly once they had him restrained?? That last sentence. Wow. Regardless what you think of Floyd, you want a police officer who killed a man to walk free. Stunned at that.
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