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  1. Welcome to the forum @Gasworks_Gus
  2. I have said mags was a bit weird but generally okay if odd he did seem to follow me but nothing bad..... I'm tired I'll answer all points in the morning after coffee. In the mean time I would appreciate someone telling me why Red devil and mags don't get on? I may be wrong they could be lovers in a jealous rage?
  3. Cool, you're opinion 🙂
  4. You have issues? I have only been banned from the 365 site Don't care anymore about pics and those are my sisters legs and dads dog. I won't.... But then mags might, what is it with you and him?
  5. Never said Harold was mags.... Two other personas were mags.
  6. With regards to that forum.... ? What was personal to me I told Harold and Boro boy and that's private! I little over the top?
  7. Touche.... Well done.
  8. @Gasworks_Gus do you suffer from flatulence?
  9. You remember those days when your daughters used to get up and feel that you should be up the same time as them? That's me, when Lottie's up the neighbourhood is too.
  10. No a mug, I'm terrible!!! But we are talking from around four in the morning.
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