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  1. You only have to look at the TV listings and see it's there?
  2. So if a man and a women were no longer allowed to populate the human race how do we survive.... ? Have I committed a crime giving birth to a little girl?
  3. Easy..... I'm still in prime fighting weight!!!!
  4. I'll be honest, West look like a very decent side last year and they are tipped to do better this time around.
  5. I am, it was decided when you were in bed.... Just another of those votes were miraculously many people voted to elect me.... Then they all disappeared. That is, but you boys fight each other and the place is a bit stale now from all the urine up the walls and crap stuffed down the sofa's so, we have a new thread which has a bit of feminine charm and more welcome than giss!!!
  6. Sorry the official welcome thread is closed but I am the appointed welcome person here on the website.... Induction is in a few minutes so please hold on tight.
  7. Soccer is travelling lite like a tramp? Through the countryside with his dog at his side.
  8. THere would be a couple on here who would be sweating buckets?
  9. I'm afraid soccer is a swaggie and travelling the wilds with his kelpie.....
  10. If only I could post all the PM's I have had to scrape off the wall.... Oh dogs as in slags?
  11. Me thinks soccer has fucked off again.
  12. Ches is anything with a pulse.
  13. How is this on topic for the drinking thread.... ?
  14. Does that hit the average for this forum.... ? Guess I'm weighing that average down?
  15. Everyone cries as sometimes the tears aren't always wet.
  16. Rules..... ? Oh yes, rules..... Do you mean rules or 'the' rule or do you mean don't upset the regulars rules..... I propose we follow rulz, kapeech?
  17. Teddy bear ignorance is not acceptable!!!
  18. Thinking about doing some washing.... Then maybe wash the car.
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