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  1. It's mostly people talking about the other forum, talking bad things about people they don't even know, having a go at each other, hosting a proven liar like Cazcat... I do feel sorry for the Admins and the few good ones. But boy, it is infested with a lot of simple minded and just outright vile people.
  2. You wish. I prefer women with sound mental health. Who don't need to make stuff up for attention. Have a good day. And sorry to the Admins for having to deal with people like that ^
  3. What the hell is your problem? I was trying to talk civilized with you, and you start making shit up again. Admins can check the messages. There was no coming onto anyone. Wishful thinking on her part. Delusional individual.
  4. I had nothing to do with your ban. Stop spreading false information.
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