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  1. Bye. I wish you all the very best for the future.
  2. That is rather a personal question, is it not? I suppose Budgie Smugglers are taboo too?
  3. Lovely dogs. I am looking for a rescue vizla under 2 years old as company for my dog.
  4. I think it was you with a length of lead pipe in the bedroom.
  5. What kind mate?
  6. Bruce McClean


    I love animals. Any of you guys have pets? I have a dog.
  7. Derby County are shit and could go down. I am waiting to see how the media spin this given Shrek is the manager.
  8. This place has more whodunnits than an Agatha Christie novel! Chill out people. Chillax! 😃
  9. So much aggression in here. I might stick around! 🤣
  10. Excuse me? My wife is from Jamaica! Fuck them cyclists they are a pollution on London's road. I am heterosexual, so camping isn't for me. I have a dog called Dave. Anything else?
  11. That is what my friends call me!
  12. Stone the Crows mate! We shipped Jack Wilshere out ages back. Too injury prone.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome there Bloke! I think you have got your wires crossed mate. I joined up thinking it would be a way of passing any down time I have in the day. I like to talk about the Arsenal, so yes I get a kick out of that. You need to chill out a bit.
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