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  1. Hi, your the first to notice that. The thing is that I started with all the countries in the world and got diagrams for each. But, of course, Scotland isn't a member of the United Nations so I had to get details for it (and Wales and Northern Ireland) from a different source. That other source gave a lot more detail. At some point, I'll improve the details for all the other countries. You wouldn't believe how complicated it has been to cross reference nations recognized by the United Nations versus nations recognized by FIFA. It gets super confusing. Anyway, thanks for the note.
  2. Yes, I could set up a page of external links. I don't have that yet but it wouldn't be hard. send me the link.
  3. Hi All, Just in time for the Euro, there is a new web-site base on an interactive map. Check it out at www.OneWorld-futbol.com -Mark
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