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  1. Good evening wankers
  2. Seriously speaking: fuck off you all ignorants English/Brits.
  3. Sorry to disappoint you: I'm not from Australia, not from Finland. My favourite team is not Luton, just could not find my team from the list. I'm just a worried world-citizen because of racism which has now put a huge shadow over England. These kind of world-wide news put your country in very bad position and will cause troubles in future. People will always remember the Euro-final at Wembley as a poor loosers match with ignorant racist English idiots. What a pity that UEFA let you organise matches in England. I'm sure this will never happen again. And - how is it possible that somebody uses words like "fuck off" here? A sign of very low level of this forum.
  4. All these replies show the lack of intelligence. As Bertrand Russell once said: "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt." So lucky that I live in the country with intelligent people. Also, so lucky that you lost yesterday.
  5. It is the shame and stigma of the whole nation. Luckily I'm not English.
  6. Everyone has always known it but now it has been finally proven: English football fans are the most stupid and uncivilized in the world. Shame on English fans!
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