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  1. Very fact racist cunts like Unique are allowed on here is the reason the place is as dead as fuck. Your post was a disgrace and your cry because others mock your background. Fucking fat racist prick.
  2. By a mile, an absolute mile. Jog on racist cunt. Your the biggest waste of breath this forum has ever had. What you said on the other forum was an absolute embarrassment.
  3. Shite posted on here and my peaceful post was deleted 😅 I was and still am easily the most knowledgeable football poster this forum has had, I am also a decent person who ended up in a daft war on this forum. I came back to post in the predictor thread and got tempted back in. How I can be rejected on this forum is comical, the stuff I read daily and I'm rejected 😂😂😂😂 The guys I've made my peace with, look after yourself I thought I'd come back and help this place back to life, won't bother. 😂
  4. Don't rule out the devil, I've got a few aces hidden up my sleeve.
  5. No mate, back in Manchester now nursing a major hangover. That picture was taken at 8am this morning when I was heading back from a local Co op with paracetamol for the wife 😂 Lovely traditional stadium to be fair, a few people were looking at me wondering what I was doing when I was up against the blue gate trying to see inside.
  6. A couple from my hung over stroll this morning and arriving back to hotel late last night. Didn't go in the boozer as it didn't look too Manc friendly 😂 Top festival in Glasgow Green, nice meal and far too much to drink. Not a bad city for having a drink to be fair, I did end up walking into a Celtic boozer bear Glasgow Green called Craic, place was far too moody for my liking so we moved on to Maggie May's
  7. Saturday 11th September St Johnstone 12:30 Rangers 2 Celtic 15:00 Ross County 1 Dundee 15:00 Livingston 1 Motherwell 15:00 Aberdeen x St Mirren 15:00 Dundee United x Sunday 12th September Heart of Midlothian 12:00 Hibernian 1
  8. Devil


    Off to Glasgow for the Trnsmt festival next week to see Liam Gallagher, a few other acts on but I'm gonna do a few things in the City before arriving for the gig. I'm visiting Ibrox for one but what else is there to actually do? And where is best to go drink?
  9. I'd just like to declare I don't wish to be considered for the award 😂
  10. Back off my jollies, 2 out of 3 so far Won't be happy unless I get a minimum 4 correct this week.
  11. I see Harold has put up my predictions. From me here In Zakynthos, have a good day guys 👍
  12. Next week's Dundee United vs Hearts x Hibs vs Livingston 1 Motherwell vs Dundee 1 Rangers vs Celtic x Aberdeen vs Ross County 1 St Mirren vs St Johnstone x
  13. Be awfully embarrassing for you Scottish lads if I carry off this title. @sployal I'm away in Greece next week so will leave next week's predictions in this thread if that is okay as I won't have forums on my mind whilst on holiday.
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