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  1. Apparently this is news

    BBC Scotland must be completely different to the stuff you get down south then SA. Because the BBC here certainly doesn't favor the left. I do read loads of opinions from various people but BBC isn't one of them. The amount of crap they sprout is ridiculous.
  2. Apparently this is news

    Makes a change to the guff we have had to endure about the royal wedding. I wouldn't even click on a BBC link never mind read what they have to say about anything.
  3. Blatant Racism By The BBC!

    Whats that got anything to do with the debate SA? you wanting to come across as some sort of Hard man? As for the last part you seriously blame the left for this? Considering we have never really had a left wing government in power in my lifetime i find that hard to believe. Our justice system is rank rotten you won't get me disagreeing with you on that.
  4. Blatant Racism By The BBC!

    Because I talk about them almost every other day and prefer not to get overly involved in these sorts of things on a football forum when I already talk to many people about this sort of thing, I have in the past many times but don't do it anymore. SA has posted stuff like this for years bashing the left without every really touching base with other events that happen around the UK. I'm not saying people have to post or condemn every racist, sexiest, sectarian event that happens in the UK but when you post a fair bit concentrated on stuff like this then it reeks. In his post he is obviously suggesting that leftys and people who are a little more PC than he is would react completely different if this was an advertisement that restricted ethnic minorities applying ( Just like he is ). There have been plenty of occasions where big businesses have been fined for discrimination against ethnic minorities, sexism, ageism, sexism the list goes on. Yet it never has really interested SA to post about these events like he would when this sort of thing happens. This is just my opinion of course SA Will disagree of course
  5. Christmas decorations

    1st Dec - 3oth dec for me
  6. Blatant Racism By The BBC!

    I agree and disagree with you SA, This isn't right and it doesn't look good think the same type of subject came up in 2016 as'well with the BBC, for different reasons but i can't stand the BBC which is why i don't watch read or contribute to it As a "lefty" I stand for equality for all not just the minority and when it suits my own agenda like your doing just now... for years you have used topics like this to bash anyone on the left. while defending or not bothering to comment or post on other events that happen around the UK every day. hypocrisy is what it is.
  7. Blatant Racism By The BBC!

    delete will reword
  8. What book are you reading ?

    I tend to only read a few books a year, and always non fictions about WW2. One i recently read was Vanished in Darkness
  9. Weather

    I don't mind the rain so much recently beats having to come out in the morning scrapping my car at 7am
  10. The November Budget 2017

    Pretty much, In Scotland Minimum pricing when it does come into effect will only really effect the white lightning type drink, Cheap cider etc. Some wines will be effected such as your £3 bottle of wine might need to go up a little. lambrini etc.
  11. Next Rangers Manager!

    If Rangers feel they can get 2nd or 3rd placer with Murty in Charge then they should keep him until the end of the season. Better managers will be available then and more likely to take on the role with a full summer to get in players and get a team together.
  12. Things that piss you off.

  13. Carabao Cup Discussion

    fixed it for you
  14. Carabao Cup Discussion

    Managed to watch a wee bit of the Burnley Blackburn game and its a tasty game likes, Old Hibs player Cummings shitting on Newcastle. Think Warburton is going to have to give the kid half a chance when it comes to the next league matches.