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  1. fatpipe


    Scott brown reported as on the verge of resigning for the hoops , personally never thought he was going anywhere else
  2. there are lots of decent celtic fans also , i have all the respect for veterans and poppy's as for many years myself and the wife used to assist the BL here and do Sundays and the odd evenings etc making sure poppy's were available if you wanted them ,
  3. aye it was a good watch ,love ma dug be lost without her
  4. am allergic to the dry run as it can seriously have an adverse reaction on my throat (get affy thirsty )
  5. Aye not like you whats up have you a missus now that cracks the whip
  6. got to admit am hankering for another two wheeled machine and go touring again , Luv It
  7. BB will tell ya am the fat bastard that works on oilfield pipelines ,but harold you was partly right i used to also be a motorcyclist but due to illness i had tae knock that on the head used to be a regular on here and i was even a moderator peep but things change time moves on i cannot give the time nowadays
  8. i love all these dreams , rankgers it is then biggest and best-est there is
  9. Now is that the current rangers or the real rangers from a few years ago ( just asking)
  10. BB you could have said I would have made a point of trying to meet up so I could teach you how tae have a swalley North east Scotland style (Loads of Scotch Whiskey)
  11. 84 poons jist now tae fill ma passat , aye it sure is fecking expensive enough the robbing bar stewards
  12. fatpipe

    Streaming Music

    Deezer seems to be the easiest to use and not that expensive either
  13. fecking price thing on the booze starts up here some ridiculous things being said about prices , time to start making my own again do they really think that it will help the drinking culture to ease up ,they must be fecking mad your regular drinkers will just still drink the cash and if they have bairns then they just won't be fed will they
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