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  1. i always will does not mean i approve of all the drivel shite that goes on ,for me it the football and only the football , i do go to the odd game but i got to admit i am just as happy to sit at home and be the armchair supporter it is an age and if am fit to travel to a game thing , age and illness being the things that feck me up
  2. Surely it would be a ban for heading footballs below a set age group ,thing is i tend to agree with Harold and how do you enforce such a rule if it is introduced if yer last man on the goal line and the keeper is stranded and the ball is heading goal-wards and you can head it easily do you do it or let it hit the back of the net ,aye can see a lot of arguments arising from this one
  3. Hopefully get a bit more spare time so you never know my friend i might just start appearing on a more regular basis
  4. aye you have to wonder sometimes I think they don't like seeing me when I go into the hospital now as I am a right inquisitive fucker that asks loads of questions
  5. Aberdeen fans like to think they have this incredible hatred of Rangers and for Celtic but do you not think it is purely because they will never match the two Glasgow sides ,ok they have the odd flurish now and again but Rangers and Celtic will always be top dogs fan power alone will enforce that They just cannot accept that where they are is most probably the best they will be until somebody unearths another manager that has ambition not just fueled by the crisp packet support to drive them on to next level
  6. your still on here giving it big licks i see , aye the tests get a bit boring blood for this and that but i got to admit that lot have kept me ticking along as they say
  7. rangers won 2-0 comfortably there should be no other issues to answer , the ref dealt with the incident how he saw it at the time end of argument , move on it has gone
  8. two good looking fella's (not!!) aye that is an old one been many badges placed on their over the years
  9. that Mr Gerrard lovely missus out for the bevy
  10. the mad merry go round at this time of year ,there will no doubt be a shit load of managers relieved of duties and a shit load hired to new roles as the closed season approaches
  11. nothing worse than folk that let their dogs shit anywhere , it is no hardship to bag it and bin it surely
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