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  1. fatpipe

    Here's a fun poll

    BB will tell ya am the fat bastard that works on oilfield pipelines ,but harold you was partly right i used to also be a motorcyclist but due to illness i had tae knock that on the head used to be a regular on here and i was even a moderator peep but things change time moves on i cannot give the time nowadays
  2. fatpipe

    Here's a fun poll

    i love all these dreams , rankgers it is then biggest and best-est there is
  3. fatpipe

    Here's a fun poll

    Now is that the current rangers or the real rangers from a few years ago ( just asking)
  4. fatpipe

    The Drinking Thread

    BB you could have said I would have made a point of trying to meet up so I could teach you how tae have a swalley North east Scotland style (Loads of Scotch Whiskey)
  5. fatpipe

    Petrol and diesel prices

    84 poons jist now tae fill ma passat , aye it sure is fecking expensive enough the robbing bar stewards
  6. fatpipe

    Streaming Music

    Deezer seems to be the easiest to use and not that expensive either
  7. fatpipe

    The Drinking Thread

    fecking price thing on the booze starts up here some ridiculous things being said about prices , time to start making my own again do they really think that it will help the drinking culture to ease up ,they must be fecking mad your regular drinkers will just still drink the cash and if they have bairns then they just won't be fed will they
  8. fatpipe

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    cooking in Aberdeenshire where i am as well , hope it is like this tomorrow as i am off
  9. fatpipe

    New scooter time

    aye the Honda would have such a good reliability record and it looks reasonable too
  10. fatpipe

    What a bastard!

    aye that sounds pretty shitty tae me , aye bastard is what i would be saying as well
  11. fatpipe

    Scottish Cup

    Yeah i don't doubt that and yeah i did watch the Aberdeen game they were gash tae say the least
  12. fatpipe

    Staff Members Needed

    stop the people spamming the site then for good measure spam theirs with links to this site (sorted thats the way to do it LOL )
  13. fatpipe

    Scottish Cup

    Hail ! Hail ! bring on the Well
  14. fatpipe

    Return of the devil

    good to see someone come back , am still hanging about and when i have time i come on here so hopefully will see yer postings again
  15. fatpipe

    Boring Football Clubs!

    Aston Villa i would rather watch paint dry ,they are so fecking boring i always change channel or just switch off

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