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  1. ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    after tuesday i don't care for the rest of the week as i will be in Adeje Tenerife Yehaaaaaa!!!
  2. Vodka

    aye well i would second that no doubt about it
  3. Is this not because they are playing the waiting card to pressure the selling club into accepting what has been offered
  4. The Bacon Sandwich.

    Jist loads of bacon fine and crispy
  5. Well am off to Tenerife again

    seen this and well am looking just now tae sod off again for a week in the sun with a load of beer lol
  6. Karaoke!

    Nowt like a good sing song tae get proceedings warmed up a bit , aye used tae love a sing song and a good rammy lol
  7. Classic songs you hate!

    i actually don't mind it to be honest but i will say not really a fan of queen anyway
  8. Sky Sports and Social Media

    aye i agree with you there
  9. Newcastle!

    am going to apologize first to SA but me thinks i couldn't give a shit lol
  10. The Female Mind!

    well personally i think as members of the male species we just require to nod our head in agreement and let them think they rule the roost as such, but deep inside our inner feelings we are thinking wtf !!!
  11. Classic songs you hate!

    birdie song what the F__k was that shite about
  12. agree with you it is a joke ,feck knows whats happening with celtic tv as sometimes it can be streamed and other times it cannot
  13. How to Become a Vegetarian

    i am with you i could not munch veggies on there own i like a steak or chicken way to much also
  14. i personally could not give a hoot about that cnut ,he's know for his diving antics so he might have just got what was coming to him he cannot cheat and dive forever surely
  15. SPL Match Day Discussion

    your not the only one , they will have too buck up their ideas in the coming matches or i think there could be a few defeats coming our way