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  1. rangers won 2-0 comfortably there should be no other issues to answer , the ref dealt with the incident how he saw it at the time end of argument , move on it has gone
  2. two good looking fella's (not!!) aye that is an old one been many badges placed on their over the years
  3. that Mr Gerrard lovely missus out for the bevy
  4. the mad merry go round at this time of year ,there will no doubt be a shit load of managers relieved of duties and a shit load hired to new roles as the closed season approaches
  5. sounds ace tae me
  6. nothing worse than folk that let their dogs shit anywhere , it is no hardship to bag it and bin it surely
  7. nowt like getting the jobbie done
  8. aye all the time , line up all the fuckwits
  9. fatpipe

    The Gender Thread

    thats a twat in our language
  10. whats a hangover ???? just keep on drinking surely until you don't know who you are lol
  11. fatpipe


    Scott brown reported as on the verge of resigning for the hoops , personally never thought he was going anywhere else
  12. there are lots of decent celtic fans also , i have all the respect for veterans and poppy's as for many years myself and the wife used to assist the BL here and do Sundays and the odd evenings etc making sure poppy's were available if you wanted them ,
  13. aye it was a good watch ,love ma dug be lost without her
  14. am allergic to the dry run as it can seriously have an adverse reaction on my throat (get affy thirsty )

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