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  1. redblood

    Shamima Begum

    If that thing is allowed back in it spits in the face of the Manchester/London bombings victims and families
  2. Seen this on football ground guide website. In the old days when health and safety was not an issue fans could take their chance and sit on top of a roof, here’s a pic from Colchester v Bradford in the FA Cup in 1948
  3. He’s a time wasting little shit! No doubt another one of these average Joe who will make it into the media due to his accent and way of words
  4. They’re convinced Philip planned it with MI5
  5. Just remembered the Gulf War in 1991 as it was on the news every day when I got back from school, 7 at the time
  6. Cannot remember anything major until death of Diana which my parents think was planned. I was 13 back when it happened. The Omagh bombing a year later also stands out as well
  7. I like a few of those ideas but the trouble is football as a whole is very corporate now (even in non league with Salford who have completely lost their identity). Players interviews are now scripted so they cannot express any passion. Broadcasters are over eager to broadcast too many games in this country at short notice and fuck the going fans completely, there should be 1 live game each league each weekend with 6 weeks notice to clubs.
  8. Lenny Lawrence Middlesbrough
  9. Why not have a football forum website and a general forum website, potentially more money in ads? If this appeals to you can you dm me, I may have something of interest for you
  10. What has Brexit talks done for us? Is our petrol any cheaper?, is our beer tasting any better?, you getting more sex than you can handle? Politicians they are as thick as shit
  11. Name this player Scored a hatrick in the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and International Football
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