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  1. Manchester United-Transfer

    Almost and RVP happened regardless of how long ago it was
  2. Manchester United-Transfer

    And attract the players City want RVP Sanchez
  3. Manchester United-Transfer

    Serious problems??? Are you on drugs?
  4. Plenty of evidence to support it, only have to google it. Also plenty of videos on YouTube supporting my theory. Dont become what the national media want you to be (a lemming)
  5. Can read you like a book retard. I said to myself Locke will reply with the opposite view, you don’t disappoint from a predictably standpoint. Anyway to my previous post how many times do you see the political leaders of Pakistan object to us bombing Syria for their assets and to overthrow their leaders? Awaiting a sensible (but highly doubtful) response
  6. Foreign Aid is just bribery money. We give money to these poor countries so they support us when we bomb Syria
  7. McCann investigator found dead

    https://news.sky.com/story/madeleine-mccann-investigator-kevin-halligen-found-dead-11206829 Did he get to close to the real truth?
  8. Just A Thought!

    @boro_boy can you dm me his IP address. Going to do some scouting and provide a picture of our retard member (wonder if he really has 6 fingers)
  9. Things that are pissing me off

    Glad your happy to be pussy whipped by them. one of the British lemmings I see, I bet you believe everything GMB tells you every morning. Dont get eating bacon though gives you cancer
  10. Things that are pissing me off

    the fact the british establishment seem to think that they can speak for me regarding Trump
  11. Just A Thought!

  12. Just A Thought!

    That would be the best outcome The quality of every other thread would increase in the process
  13. Just A Thought!

    Restrict him to a few threads We could start a talkshit thread which he would be most welcome, anything football related is a no go zone
  14. Top 10 countries!

    Brazil Lovely women playing volleyball on the copacabana
  15. Just A Thought!

    Any debate is suddenly taken off topic with his constant windups in his time here as St Andrews/Shelby/Negan/Locke any responses to the topic in question are 2 words at the most unless the intention is solely to wind up members (which is most of the time) He does not give the place much appeal for anyone who may wish to join the forum