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  1. redblood

    Another example of small minded behaviour!

    Just waiting for the looney lefties to request the England flag comes down as it’s racist!
  2. redblood

    Tommy Robinson!

  3. redblood

    Gary Rowett Sacking! Opinion's please.

    I'd agree with this Seems to move around the Midlands quite a bit
  4. redblood

    Sir Alex Ferguson - Brain Operation

    Pull through Boss
  5. Add to that Eleven sports have acquired La Liga rights By the guy that owns Leeds
  6. redblood

    Nine Years - FFS

    What really pisses me off is that two people got 4 years just for selling kodi boxes With Premier League football installed
  7. redblood

    Scottish FA Cup Website

    Link takes me to pornhub for some reason
  8. redblood

    Alfie Evans Trial.

    The Daily Mail never reports facts, just fiction
  9. redblood

    Alfie Evans Trial.

    Is that how low the Daily Fail will sink?
  10. redblood

    Liverpool v Roma

    Man Utd made a few changes in 2011 against Schalke in the 2nd leg as we had Chelsea in the league on the Sunday. First leg was won 2-0, second leg was won 4-1 and we virtually won the league by beating Chelsea
  11. Preferred Tarrant back in the day Have never liked Bradley Walsh
  12. I preferred the days when ITV had people with personalities presenting
  13. redblood

    New baby in the Royal family

    The media in this country reminding me why i still watch RT and Al Jazeera Real news

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