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  1. redblood

    Work future

    Yeah have been made redundant, will kick in this October, technically on garden leave as I have no job to go back to
  2. I’ve had a job interview today for a small company (6 employees to be exact) I was wondering what benefits there are working for them should I be offered the job. Has anyone else worked for small companies?
  3. redblood

    Work future

    Not another job to walk into straight away but I’ve already got the ball rolling in terms of applying for jobs. I can also put my mortgage payments on hold for 3 months which would be a help
  4. redblood

    Work future

    Had a text message from my manager earlier asking me to go in tomorrow so he can update me on everything going on in the business. I know for a fact there are redundancies to be made and the department is restructuring. What you reckon am I a gonner or will they ask me to resume work. Personally I would like to take the redundancy (16 years service)
  5. It doesn’t fit there agenda The media now are into creating news rather than reporting it. I suggest watching the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) a film way ahead of its time
  6. Think of all the fat sweaty Karen’s in their black leggings and big white Mickey Mouse knickers that you can see through the leggings that have queued up for hours just to get some summer clothes so we can all see their cellulite!
  7. He doesn’t mention anything last Saturday regarding the violence https://twitter.com/mrjakehumphrey/status/1271789135284625408?s=20
  8. Collymore is having a wankfest on Twitter
  9. Glad I’ve done all episodes during lockdown before they’re all taken off air For the record along with Bottom my favourite British comedy
  10. Cunt of the highest order Good luck to the guys going down to London tomorrow
  11. October once the nights get darker earlier I miss the local snooker club, nice all round interaction with mates, few drinks and bit of food.
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