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  1. Talking of things shit
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/NandosHip/status/1121040871493984258/video/1
  3. Well done! Drinks on you
  4. Bacon gives you cancer (apparently) and which religion doesn't eat Pork?
  5. Can we add the term Pettledick to this?
  6. I know teams in Level 8 despised them a few seasons back. I’m looking at the table hoping Orient return to the league instead of these
  7. If you’re working class and white you are automatically regarded as right wing racist bigot
  8. My polling card came yesterday and in May I will go to cast my vote but I will add and mark x on the slip for..... None of the above
  9. Religion and politics the root of all evil
  10. If this Brexit chaos has taught us anything it’s how self centred these out of touch politicians are! They are all bloody toxic and can’t stick the knife in quick enough. I will never vote again, our polling cards came today, they will be used as shit kit!
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