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  1. My Resignation

    He will be back when he’s fed up of talking to 14 year olds on the internet
  2. My Resignation

    Attention seeking cunt alert!
  3. Children In Need!

    Worth noting that celebs take a cut from all this

    Google could mistake it for porn ?
  5. Does "everyone" Love The Irish!

    They bottle it at the final hurdle, have done it for years lost in play offs for major tournaments in 1995 1997 1999 2009 Reply below added 0 minutes later And tonight
  6. Does "everyone" Love The Irish!

    Ireland are tournament shy
  7. GMB are the biggest cancer to all this
  8. Hate the way this sort of thing is creeping into sport This country has become a nanny state
  9. No Italy or Holland

    The flip side to this is it will be great to see nations such as Iceland continue their excellent progress.
  10. Still use kodi for the football
  11. Evra kicks fan in head

    He should not have reacted that way but it Depends what was said to him. I doubt it was just criticism from the other guy, would have had to been racism or personal with him to get that reaction. Anyway he will go down as one of the finest left backs at United and one of Fergie’s better signings
  12. Evra kicks fan in head

    Evra will retire now Shame it’s ended this way after a fine career
  13. Added the adverts back

    Is that to go along with his retard of the forum award?
  14. So long, Goodbye, Adios

    With pleasure