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  1. Should have just stuck to Goal Line technology, it’s actually refreshing to watch games in the Football League without all this VAR nonsense. Give me human error any day over this, even if it means cunts like Warnock always moaning
  2. Why the people who are not happy with the outcome feel the need to ram their opinions down your throat like theirs matters more baffles me!
  3. Chap at our work "Did you know 4 million children are in poverty thanks to this government and the public thinks you know what lets have some more of that!" My response "did you vote?" His response "No I didn't" I give up!
  4. Waking up to the news the terrorist has been identified as Usman Khan. Related to the mayor? Diversity eh
  5. redblood

    Britain 2019

    Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie!
  6. redblood

    Britain 2019

    Import 3rd World and get 3rd World standards
  7. So Corbyn launches his manifesto in Birmingham on the anniversary of the IRA bombings in the city centre. At least people from Dudley gave him a warm welcome https://twitter.com/romillyweeks/status/1197539080390762496?s=21
  8. I've recently watched Shooter and have started Narcos (have been meaning to watch that for over a year) Lack of decent tv nowadays, I'll always search other alternatives if I am in the house
  9. Yeah I noticed they had lost a legal challenge against ITV
  10. Never watched it as I refuse to acknowledge reality tv shows Some good series on Netflix well worth a watch instead
  11. TV debate on ITV tonight Hopefully Corbyn will make a tit of himself tonight
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/cassiiee1997/status/1191312702318268417?s=12
  13. Keep burning the plastic folks!
  14. Love how much it’s upset the lefties we now have our version of Donald Trump
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