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  1. What really pisses me off is that Kirsty Gallacher got away by Sky for drink driving with her 2 kids in the back One rule for one I guess then at Sky
  2. Never really been a fan of Motson, always thought Barry Davies was the best commentator the BBC had to offer. As a whole no one came close to the late Brian Moore who was the finest to ever commentate. Nowadays I just want to smack modern day commentators such as Sam Matterface!
  3. Sky Q - Anyone else got this?

    Not too sure on that one to be honest
  4. Sky Q - Anyone else got this?

    We have Sky Q Easy to navigate around and it has a nice few features such as the sky Sports app where you can watch the efl goals from 6pm in a Saturday. Also Netflix and Spotify are coming soon
  5. Yes Ventura is on RT I would say the same applies over here in terms of knives (bold text) There is a mentality over there of shoot first ask questions later (including the police). Mexico has strict gun control but has over 20,000 deaths per year due to the drug cartel wars
  6. The Oxfam Prostitution Scandal.

    I'd much rather give my money to a homeless guy than these corporation "charities"! Of course Negan would object to that
  7. Sky have not ruined football, the Premier League have and the club chairman that made it happen have! They wanted a product like the NFL now they have it but at a cost I much preferred football on ITV before 1992 as a young kid growing up
  8. Wonder who will get the remaining fixtures beIN ESPN Amazon Facebook
  9. British Knife Crime or American Gun Crime

    Parents on both accounts
  10. British Knife Crime or American Gun Crime

    Within the last 2 weeks we’ve had fatal stabbings to girls aged 8 and 11 within 10 miles of each other. makes my blood boil
  11. jon venables

    Venables is probably Negan!
  12. We have to be careful on Sunday lads.

    That picture represents inbred