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  1. redblood

    Manchester United takeover?

    £4 Billion! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/man-united-set-4billion-takeover-13448984.amp
  2. redblood

    Luke Shaw

    Sell him if he slips into a Jones/Smalling comfort zone
  3. redblood

    Manchester United takeover?

    Also the stadium as it now looked dated, has been souless for many years as well
  4. redblood

    Manchester United takeover?

    It is included in the annual finanical results Will try and link you a pdf attchment
  5. redblood

    Manchester United takeover?

    The club would not need the Arab money but would be nice to have owners not taking money out of the club
  6. redblood

    Manchester United takeover?

    The Glazers have drained over £1b out of Manchester United whilst saddling then with huge debts over the last 13 years. Fucking leeches of the highest order
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7495718/manchester-united-saudi-prince-850bn-takeover-glazers/ Hopefully it goes through and gets rid of those Glazers
  8. redblood

    Got my house

    Approaching the half way point from when I brought it to when I can sell it. The house was £82,500 with a £32,500 discount from the council. In that time we have not done anything to the house just kept it tidy and looked after it well. Anyway we had it valued last week and it is now worth £115,000 on the market! crazy that it has shot up nearly £30K and we’ve done nothing to it. I cannot wait to sell it and have a nice deposit to play with for our new home
  9. redblood

    So when will United sack Mourinho?

    We are now paying the price for getting into bed with Mercenaries like Moanrinho and Rinola
  10. redblood

    Another example of small minded behaviour!

    Just waiting for the looney lefties to request the England flag comes down as it’s racist!
  11. redblood

    Tommy Robinson!

  12. redblood

    Gary Rowett Sacking! Opinion's please.

    I'd agree with this Seems to move around the Midlands quite a bit
  13. redblood

    Sir Alex Ferguson - Brain Operation

    Pull through Boss

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