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  1. Why not have a football forum website and a general forum website, potentially more money in ads? If this appeals to you can you dm me, I may have something of interest for you
  2. redblood

    Brexit not going very good?

    What has Brexit talks done for us? Is our petrol any cheaper?, is our beer tasting any better?, you getting more sex than you can handle? Politicians they are as thick as shit
  3. redblood

    Football quiz questions

    It was Robert Earnshaw
  4. redblood

    Football quiz questions

    Name this player Scored a hatrick in the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and International Football
  5. redblood

    Football quiz questions

    Gordon Stratchan?
  6. redblood

    Brexit not going very good?

    That was the plan all along
  7. redblood

    Football quiz questions

    Alan Cork?
  8. redblood

    My Alcohol Addiction

  9. redblood

    My Alcohol Addiction

    I’m glad I now stick to a drop of whiskey each week as the benefits are much healthier. Got to the point where every lager I drank was too gassie for me and sadly didn’t enjoy drinking it like I used to when I was younger.
  10. redblood

    Showcase Cinema

    The Owner of Showcase Cinema's has died. Just been announced that his funeral will take place next Wednesday at 5.45, 7.15 & 10.20
  11. redblood

    Old stadiums

    For our older members on here, what were the stadiums like back in the 80’s when you had none of this safe standing bollocks? Interested in hearing a few stories from back in the day, just before my time as a football fan
  12. redblood

    Old stadiums

    What was the old den like?
  13. redblood

    Just a thought!

    I’ll be more active on here now
  14. redblood

    How far do we go with this "gender neutral" crap?

    Too many faggots in this day and age I miss being a kid in the 90s when everyone still had a sense of humour and all this shit didn’t even enter our minds
  15. redblood

    Idiot Of The Year!

    You moving onto bigger and better things fella?
  16. redblood

    A&E Rammed

    Usually the case
  17. redblood

    Don't you hate it when...

    This is topic of the year! 😂
  18. redblood

    New Year's Plans!

    Not that I would normally endorse Sky News but if you’re at home put it on at 8pm and watch Dubai welcome the new year no one does it better
  19. redblood

    New Year's Plans!

    I’m open to either or both
  20. redblood

    New Year's Plans!

    Out with the family for a meal then head over to the pub for a few drinks then if I’m still hungry might start the new year with an Indian
  21. redblood

    Gatwick Chaos

    He does sometimes have valid points but most of the time he just spouts shit to push an agenda
  22. redblood

    Gatwick Chaos

    Cunts like Piers Morgan happy to post images of the alleged couple involved then Grovelling A few days later. Sums up the media in this rotting country
  23. redblood

    Scum of the Earth

    He will be protected well inside, welfare should go out of the window for cunts like these!
  24. redblood

    London tomorrow.

    Only interested in the violence side of things to suit their own agenda Find it difficult in this day and age to trust or believe anything they say

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