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  1. Notice how all these cunts appear on GMB? That’s the problem as it’s giving them a platform to promote this bollocks! No TV appearance means it does not even enter my news feed. For the record cunts like this need shooting (twice if they survive the first bullet)
  2. They’re either in on it or taking money to turn a blind eye
  3. Nothing it was quickly brushed under the carpet A broken family still demanding answers
  4. Sorry for your loss Back in 2014 a friend of mine suffered a heart attack on the bus, the driver drove to the police station as it was 100 yards away and informed the police who did nothing until he had sadly passed away Cunts of the highest order
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/tamheednazeer/status/1106472369936199680/video/1
  6. This tweet sums up my exact thoughts
  7. That is why I am hoping the Saudis buy united
  8. A United fan from Dudley Proud my hometown has strong connections with the club thanks to Duncan Edwards
  9. The class of 92 have ripped the heart out of that club giving it a much more corporate image, they have changed the colour of the kit, the club logo and basically pushed the fans before they took over to the back of the queue. Sadly the club has no real identity now as it’s just a fucktoy to these ruthless people
  10. Anyone carrying a blade 15yrs Anyone wounding with a blade 30yrs Anyone killing with a blade death penalty You would soon see the difference
  11. We received 4 long calls via landline today
  12. I see what you mean, 10 years ago tomorrow I received a call from my mother telling me that my Nan had died I would’ve been fuming if I received that news from text message. As for the topic we still use the landline daily, mobiles piss me off, They are not phones they’re just actually computers on the small screen
  13. redblood


    A must watch into how twisted the media are
  14. Nothing worse than 6 fingered inbred rat eating scousers! We have a winner!
  15. redblood

    Shamima Begum

    If that thing is allowed back in it spits in the face of the Manchester/London bombings victims and families
  16. Seen this on football ground guide website. In the old days when health and safety was not an issue fans could take their chance and sit on top of a roof, here’s a pic from Colchester v Bradford in the FA Cup in 1948
  17. He’s a time wasting little shit! No doubt another one of these average Joe who will make it into the media due to his accent and way of words
  18. They’re convinced Philip planned it with MI5
  19. Just remembered the Gulf War in 1991 as it was on the news every day when I got back from school, 7 at the time
  20. Cannot remember anything major until death of Diana which my parents think was planned. I was 13 back when it happened. The Omagh bombing a year later also stands out as well
  21. I like a few of those ideas but the trouble is football as a whole is very corporate now (even in non league with Salford who have completely lost their identity). Players interviews are now scripted so they cannot express any passion. Broadcasters are over eager to broadcast too many games in this country at short notice and fuck the going fans completely, there should be 1 live game each league each weekend with 6 weeks notice to clubs.
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