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  1. Video was immediately removed from youtube and vimeo
  2. No wonder Sam Smith is having a breakdown in his mansion
  3. October once the nights get darker earlier I miss the local snooker club, nice all round interaction with mates, few drinks and bit of food.
  4. No Jermaine Jenas on the tv for the foreseeable
  5. Since the football has been suspended I’ve had to start talking to my wife. Just found out she’s been made redundant from Woolworths
  6. Even the plasters are getting it from the pettledick society!
  7. Apparently this was part of a new tv program he was filming for. Thats the problem with daredevil’s the stunt only has to go wrong once
  8. Following the sad death of Caroline Flack, Love Island now officially has a higher mortality rate than the CoronaVirus.
  9. No doubt that cunt Khan will be outraged by a fellow Muslim been killed!
  10. All the talent in the world but like Pogba the attitude stinks, no coincidence they played together at youth level for United. He was a key player in our Youth Cup win back in 2011 and was even compared to Paul Scholes in terms of ability and technique. Even Fergie got tired of his attitude and sold him to West Ham
  11. I’m getting an enormous amount of satisfaction watching the left have a meltdown on Twitter. The usual celebrities throwing phrases like gammon and racists about just because they might lose their cheap labour!
  12. Night in with the young one I will be raising a glass to a bright future and laughing at Terry Christian and the left wing tossers losing their minds on social media
  13. Scary when a broadcaster of 40 years can get sacked for quoting Shakespeare I wonder if the Pettledick feels guilty over this?
  14. Should have just stuck to Goal Line technology, it’s actually refreshing to watch games in the Football League without all this VAR nonsense. Give me human error any day over this, even if it means cunts like Warnock always moaning
  15. Why the people who are not happy with the outcome feel the need to ram their opinions down your throat like theirs matters more baffles me!
  16. Chap at our work "Did you know 4 million children are in poverty thanks to this government and the public thinks you know what lets have some more of that!" My response "did you vote?" His response "No I didn't" I give up!
  17. Waking up to the news the terrorist has been identified as Usman Khan. Related to the mayor? Diversity eh
  18. redblood

    Britain Today

    Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie!
  19. redblood

    Britain Today

    Import 3rd World and get 3rd World standards
  20. So Corbyn launches his manifesto in Birmingham on the anniversary of the IRA bombings in the city centre. At least people from Dudley gave him a warm welcome https://twitter.com/romillyweeks/status/1197539080390762496?s=21
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