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  1. Nurse J

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Deffo yer m8
  2. Nurse J


    Well, I am still at Coll lol
  3. Nurse J

    How we all did our Skool Ties

    Yeah like me mate - Skinny bit only out!!
  4. Nurse J

    Football Documentary From 1994.

    Will watch yeah .....bet it's great!!!!!!!!
  5. Agreed yeah - even if you bet Rangers or Celtic each year you are safe bet-wise to bet on the other to win it!!
  6. Nurse J

    Anyone else fallen out with football?

    Yeah - I guess my reasons are similar to RedBloods ones
  7. Nurse J

    Change one thing.

    My hair ................ hopefully lol
  8. Nurse J

    How we all did our Skool Ties

    Post your version/or rather style u had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  9. Are /do they have as pro approach and standards as poss - eg qaulifications coaches have/rotation system for matches too/do you have to be suited/booted etc/do they care for fines etc etc too
  10. Nurse J

    If Football Had A Six Nations!

    It'd be great yeah - but who'd be in it!!?
  11. Nurse J

    Should mid-season sackings be banned?

    In a nutshell I'd say yeah!!
  12. Wow .... this'll take me all night to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nurse J

    Shania Twain

    Yeah she is super-fit and a great singer to boot Not often that you get 2 in 1 lol

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