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  1. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Deffo yer m8
  2. What did u guys do!!?
  3. Work!!!

    Well, I am still at Coll lol
  4. How we all did our Skool Ties

    Yeah like me mate - Skinny bit only out!!
  5. You all know me

    Me too - I have tried many Footy Forums, but I like here coz of the community and it not being too big and ppl not having mega egos!!!!!!!
  6. Football Documentary From 1994.

    Will watch yeah .....bet it's great!!!!!!!!
  7. Agreed yeah - even if you bet Rangers or Celtic each year you are safe bet-wise to bet on the other to win it!!
  8. Anyone else fallen out with football?

    Yeah - I guess my reasons are similar to RedBloods ones
  9. Change one thing.

    My hair ................ hopefully lol
  10. How we all did our Skool Ties

    Post your version/or rather style u had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  11. Are /do they have as pro approach and standards as poss - eg qaulifications coaches have/rotation system for matches too/do you have to be suited/booted etc/do they care for fines etc etc too
  12. If Football Had A Six Nations!

    It'd be great yeah - but who'd be in it!!?
  13. Should mid-season sackings be banned?

    In a nutshell I'd say yeah!!
  14. Wow .... this'll take me all night to look at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!