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  1. How do you watch your TV

    Through Sky Q these days
  2. As the title says I go for Tottenham
  3. Leeds v Boro

    Middlesbrough will win they have been going through a rough spell recently
  4. Have you ever been arrested?

    Good job one of our college friends guided you away from trouble Remember that night very well, Thought rio de janeiro had followed me that night
  5. Social Media Links

    It could be worth looking at this summer and start putting up goals from Euro 16
  6. Social Media Links

    Don't have one yet Would it be worth it?
  7. Social Media Links

    Hey we now have a facebook and twiiter icon that takes us direct to those pages
  8. Come on guys, let's not let this discussion turn personal.
  9. Forum Icons

    Well if icons & profiles are changing I am changing to Ronaldo
  10. Get your mates on the site.

    Canaries is a good poster
  11. Canaries here

    Good to see that you have taken my advice and signed up The layout is similar to footyaddict so you should find your way around the place quite easy.
  12. Computer & Games Forum

    Same layout & format as footyaddict But does more cleaner with its own section