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  1. Green mile An amazing film
  2. Nightfall It's about the nights Templars Brilliant
  3. Already on the piss Getting ready for the game
  4. Happy birthday bb Already having a beer for you
  5. The style we have played so far gives me optisim But as a Boro fan that means bigger all
  6. By all accounts we should of won by at least 3 more goals But a win is a win
  7. I'm going to the millwall game But not to sure about home games as I live in Kent So I'm hoping for cup games in or around london
  8. It's too soon to judge him 7 prayers in and 6 out so it's going to take time to gel
  9. Cardiff away Ipswich away And all if any cup games in london
  10. With Ben I don't think it's about the money He is a Gibson, he has been involved the the club all his life And I believe that he would regret not giving it a go with his home town team before moving on Just like Woodgate,downing cattermole,morrison ,
  11. jcasper


    I'm not a total and utter supporter of them but agree on some other there views But after the Brexit feferendum result is there any point of them continuing being a political party What do you Think?
  12. In my opinion he will stay on for another season to try and give it another go He is a smoggie through and through And if we don't come back up,then I would expect him to bugger off and become a better player at a better club I've said for over 5 years he has the potential to be a future England captain
  13. I think we will be OK But by the skin on our teeth There are worse teams around us
  14. jcasper


    Hacksaw Ridge A must watch Also I daniel blake
  15. 105 league positions between the 2 teams Amazing
  16. Red in the fridge Brown on the shelf for me Why No idea
  17. We really need to play 2 up front We have the service but lack the finishing But at the end of the day karanka got us there so let him finish the job
  18. Just ordered 2 for 1 dominoes Tuesday deal Best ever treat
  19. jcasper


    I have 3 staffies
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