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  1. Death at Drayton Manor

    and that's the way it is going to get with all this blame claim society. You cant say or do anything now with out upsetting or offending someone and getting slated and sued. There is little fun to life now due to a minority who like to put red tape everywhere and who get upset over nothing
  2. Death at Drayton Manor

    There is a million 11 year olds in the country, there has been millions of people on that ride over the years and this is the first tragedy the ride has had. Sorry but why should there always be someone to blame, if we follow the rules of being supervised at all times, schools will say we cant afford it as no school can these days and then lets just stop all school trips and spoil all the fun that life has for kids in school, and that is the downward spiral we are on because there always has to be someone to blame. Sorry but at that age you know not to stand up if your told not to there are signs as well that say it, its not nice and I feel awfully sad for the parents but you cant blame the staff on a school trip for something like this.
  3. Death at Drayton Manor

    Id say the human who was told not to stand up, but stood up,
  4. Death at Drayton Manor

    this is whats going wrong with the world too much paperwork, health and safety used to be called common sense when I was growing up, your on a ride it says stay seated, you stand to move seats, its not nice but why should the school and ride be blamed if some who is old enough to follow instructions doesn't follow it.
  5. Death at Drayton Manor

    to be honest, I didn't lol, never been one to break the rules,
  6. Death at Drayton Manor

    you can never eliminate it, but at 12 when there are signs and people say stayed seated at all times, then you should know to stay seated at all times,
  7. Death at Drayton Manor

    when I was a lad on school trips we all went on our own, what about roller coasters, they cant have a teacher sat in ever 4 person cart
  8. What Are You Listening To?

    New single, I really like it
  9. Death at Drayton Manor

    you cant have a teacher sat with the kids in every ride, it would take forever on a school trip,
  10. I'm Leaving Plusnet due to their price rise

    I'm with them but they not said anything about a price rise, then again I'm with the business side. I would pay it any way, never had a problem with them, had problems with so many other companies,
  11. Death at Drayton Manor

    just been reading this on the news, no teacher on the ride with them and she was changing seats during the ride, Its very sad
  12. Does anyone have fish?

  13. Man Utd v Celts Vigo

    Its going to be a struggle to many players out, many coming back from injury, its a makeshift team, I just hope we can hold it together, its our only way into the champions league next season
  14. Wireless hard drives

    More often than you think. A power cut can kill them. Clouds good just expensive if you have lots of data
  15. Simonutd

    This is my entry into the competition to win a new replica football shirt

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