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  1. i find when I click to go on the next page of a thread, I just get the circle going round for ages,
  2. that's sounds interesting, wasnt too far from you yesterday, went to just outside Brighton to do a CCTV quote,
  3. That sounds about right lol Just about lol, how are you doing?
  4. simonutd

    Aye Up Bitches

    I'm kind of here. Hope your all well Had a few heart episodes. Turns out I have RVOT as we as AF. So in other words I'm living off meds and my heart is shot. I'm waiting for a op. Still have to work every day and it drains me out. Sorry BB for not being around would love to get this place up and running like old times, at the moe i just hope I live for tomorrow. I'm working in london near Wembley at now if anyone wants to bring me a beer Cheers Simon
  5. the world cup is look doubtful, the Gulf Cup of Nations later this year looks like its going to be cancelled, Fears grow over Qatar's ability to host sport with Gulf Cup of Nations in doubt - Football - Eurosport British
  6. Amazing really considering were not doing all that great
  7. I'm cleaning the garage out
  8. I'm with them but they not said anything about a price rise, then again I'm with the business side. I would pay it any way, never had a problem with them, had problems with so many other companies,
  9. More often than you think. A power cut can kill them. Clouds good just expensive if you have lots of data
  10. bye rooney, should have gone to china though, at least we would have got some decent money for him
  11. always go for one with raid, if you don't and a drive fails you loose all that gay porn of yours
  12. simonutd

    Aye Up Bitches

    Hello, Its me, I'm still alive only just, Sorry I not been on, been a busy 6 months, September my business was taken over by a largish IT firm and I now work for them I also got engaged. I nearly died in October still waiting for a heart op, going to the heart hospital in may to see a heart electrician, OP should be in the summer. The misses gave birth to my first child a baby boy in November, a lot has changed, I been meaning to come on, but I'm normally wacked out with my heart most evenings after work, the meds take it out of me., How is everyone doing and who is still around,
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