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  1. Aye Up Bitches

    I'm kind of here. Hope your all well Had a few heart episodes. Turns out I have RVOT as we as AF. So in other words I'm living off meds and my heart is shot. I'm waiting for a op. Still have to work every day and it drains me out. Sorry BB for not being around would love to get this place up and running like old times, at the moe i just hope I live for tomorrow. I'm working in london near Wembley at now if anyone wants to bring me a beer Cheers Simon
  2. Replica Shirt Competition Numbers

    Fine will do captain of the boat lol
  3. Manchester Concert

    Nice of cold play to open fix you with lines from a great Manchester band
  4. Getting married next year, need advice

    If your upset or they are because the can't make it do a Skype chat or something so they can still see everything and feel part
  5. Replica Shirt Competition Numbers

    I'm in most days. Just don't post as there isn't much happening lol
  6. the world cup is look doubtful, the Gulf Cup of Nations later this year looks like its going to be cancelled, Fears grow over Qatar's ability to host sport with Gulf Cup of Nations in doubt - Football - Eurosport British
  7. Replica Shirt Competition Numbers

    I'm not inactive
  8. Global Warming

    its deffo real, were getting less snow and hotter summer,
  9. Amazing really considering were not doing all that great
  10. My Rock Concert

    1. James 2. Lightening Seeds 3. Pulp 4. Killers 5. Blondie 6. Keane/Tom Chaplin
  11. Plans for the weekend?

    I'm cleaning the garage out
  12. Who Will You Be Voting For?

    I'm voting lib dems at the moe, don't like corbyn, he has done too much took at me how good I am fake stuff for the media. Lib dems don't want to leave eurpoe and I think will do the best for us to still be part of it, problem is theres millions out there who want that but don't think voting lib dem will make a difference, where in reality they all did vote for them they could get somewhere
  13. Death at Drayton Manor

    and that's the way it is going to get with all this blame claim society. You cant say or do anything now with out upsetting or offending someone and getting slated and sued. There is little fun to life now due to a minority who like to put red tape everywhere and who get upset over nothing
  14. Death at Drayton Manor

    There is a million 11 year olds in the country, there has been millions of people on that ride over the years and this is the first tragedy the ride has had. Sorry but why should there always be someone to blame, if we follow the rules of being supervised at all times, schools will say we cant afford it as no school can these days and then lets just stop all school trips and spoil all the fun that life has for kids in school, and that is the downward spiral we are on because there always has to be someone to blame. Sorry but at that age you know not to stand up if your told not to there are signs as well that say it, its not nice and I feel awfully sad for the parents but you cant blame the staff on a school trip for something like this.
  15. Death at Drayton Manor

    Id say the human who was told not to stand up, but stood up,