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  1. United Road

    2017 Holiday Thread!

    Prague is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. I went for 4 days and came back with a lot of spending money to spare
  2. All of this over a harmless comment. Never change, MFF
  3. United Road

    2017 Holiday Thread!

    I came back from Prague nearly two weeks ago now. Amazing place, the Old Town is very charming. When I walked into the square on my first day, it was blocked off by police because of a suspicious bag and they were waiting for the bomb squad! I would recommend watching the sunrise on the Charles Bridge. I'm done for holidays this year as out of annual leave but planning on Germany next spring and then Austria around early summer.
  4. I quite like the competition. It gives a chance to play some of the squad players and to win an extra bit of silverware. English teams in Europe could definitely benefit from a few changes to our game, I do agree with Jose there, but I'm not sure ridding of this competition is one. None of the big boys play strong teams until the QFs anyway.
  5. United Road

    Carabao Cup Discussion

    I enjoyed our performance last night, Burton's lack of quality aside. We showed a lot of fluidity and Martial particularly stood out. Another four goals can only be a positive
  6. It was a poll on BBC's website. More info here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/08/14/dennis-bergkamps-newcastle-pirouette-voted-premier-leagues-best/
  7. This was my personal favourite on the list. Pure genius
  8. United Road

    2017 Holiday Thread!

    Prague in 3.5 weeks for me. I had an email from Easyjet saying my flight times had been changed. Was thinking 'oh ffs, how many hours am I losing now?', opened the email and my return flight lands 5 minutes earlier than originally planned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Coutinho's a fantastic little player, would love it if he kicked up a fuss and left Liverpool scrambling for replacements. I can understand why they wanna keep him but they do need to buy a few more people and aren't as financially capable as their rivals.
  10. From an oil merchant. Relative to Man Utd and Real Madrid, they're a nothing club financially. They, and City, have shown such blatant disregard for FFP, for example, manufacturing false sponsorship deals and are just lucky a billionaire fancied a new project.
  11. United Road

    Best match you've ever seen and why?

    United 4-3 City had everything and the Owen moment gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Neutral game, maybe Brazil 1-7 Germany or Barca 6-1 PSG ? Sadly, I didn't watch much of either live
  12. Officially signed for €222m. What a farce. If UEFA had any balls about them at all, they'd throw the book at PSG
  13. United Road

    2017 Holiday Thread!

    Prague booked for early September. The images and videos I've seen of the city look absolutely gorgeous
  14. United Road

    Email notifications

    I've been getting a few. I've turned them off, will it still happen for posts I'm already subscribed to?
  15. United Road

    2017 Holiday Thread!

    Heading to Belgium on Thursday. Then will plan for Prague when I get back!

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