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  1. superally

    Food films

    La Dolce Pizza
  2. superally

    Food films

    Silence of the lamb chops
  3. superally

    Food films

    Reservoir chocolate logs.
  4. Same here, 2 Sunday lunchtimes in a row without going to the pub. First time in my whole adult life. I’m toying with the idea of washing the car, that’s how bad it is. All car washes around here are closed.
  5. I’m thinking possibly Kings on Leon. Also thinking why do people send the questions but never the feckin answers? Even the next day would do.
  6. Remember they change tonight. Not sure we all wanna be late getting up just to sit in our living rooms.
  7. Don't have the answers fella, was just sent sent it. I was thinking possibly kings of Leon for no 1, -3, maybe U2. Was thinking the Black Crowes for 14, then as you put Eagle eye cherry for 6, then maybe 14 is The Eagles. Your right there, looks more like an Eagle tham a Crow.
  8. Walk the dog, stay in, Sunday walk the dog stay in. So where is everyone drinking then?
  9. Been staring at this for ages. I think the ones i have are- 2 coldplay. 4 Radiohead. 5- Red hot chilli peppers. 8- Haircut 100. 10- Crowded House. 11 -Arctic Monkeys. 12 UB40. 15- Beach boys. Not too sure on 7 possibly the doors, 9 maybe Ocean colour scene.
  10. superally

    Food Songs.

    Lime still standing-Elton John.
  11. Feck having another go just now. After 8 Stella spelling stuff correctly is gonna be my immediate problem
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