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  1. The Of York on the signs kind of gave me a wee bit of help mucka.
  2. What a day, pub at noon for Blues game, my son got a few lads from the Thringstone Rangers club down our local too, so back to back games, loads of beer, great result for Blues so i was buzzing, then the OF game turned into a bit of a sash bash, wnet home around 7ish, just woke up feeling a bit groggy but happy as fuck. Blues staying up, double for the Gers is on. Happy days. I will leave you Gers lads with this- take care, and stay happy
  3. It really was great to have my first pint in a long time in a pub, and seeing people enjoying themselves again. Lets just hope we really are on the way out of this horrible Covid disaster, and I,you and everybody can get back to the simple things we all enjoy doing. More importantly people can see their loved ones again. Whatever new freedom given us today, I hope you all enjoyed it. Cheers.
  4. Just about to sit and watch the Rangers beer in hand.
  5. Do you not think we should close that tunnel? Imagine how quick the French would be running through it, if they ever got invaded again.
  6. Harlee Dean was immense tonight, MOTM, and to score the winner, and that shrug afterwards, a total dig at AK, I loved it. A new era we move on. sooner we forget about AK the better. I've had 8 calls, since the match finished, which equalled 8 different views on it. Gotta love the Blues. Only sad thing for me is I couldn't be there tonight.
  7. Keep them away from Vilamoura, I have a home there.
  8. I want Europe vaccinated, it’s good for holidays. I wonder if they have heard Boris saying we are increasing our Trident capacity.
  9. Would love to be there tonight, the atmosphere at Rowett’s first home game V Watford was mega. I missed the first goal tho, delayed in the pub I was.
  10. Barry Ferguson is possibly the best midfielder in my time watching Blues. Hard to think of a better one. Any ideas @Mr Magnificent
  11. Bowyer has been known to be a loon in the past. That’s what makes him a good fit for us. We signed him as a player when no other PL club would touch him. Proper Blues.
  12. Just been announced as the new boss.
  13. That is so true. IE I love my wife's cooking, yet hate her fecking moaning.
  14. Sad reflection of modern day inner city life. All this taking the knee shite, nothing is ever mentioned about black on black crime, I feel for you @UNIQUE, when this kind of shite got close to where I lived, I (well the wife in truth) decided we had to move out to the country side.Horrible stuff, I believe all of us should have a right to feel safe/sound/and comfortable in our homes, and be able to feel the same when walking the streets. Sadly it's not the case anymore.# I want my country back.
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