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  1. I was in Tesco earlier today, very few wearing masks, nobody really cared, then I came across that one person who was a total arsehole, you can guess the type, around 25 years old, dressed entirely out of charity shops, 10 stone overweight, piercings, tattoos everywhere, 15 different colours in her hair, looking like My Little Pony, obviously some loony left wing, lGBTQ+, anti everything normal type of person, anyhow, I never coughed I merely cleared my throat as smokers often do, she started tutting etc, wound me up a bit, so I asked her, how the feck do you eat that much to get into that shape? After her little rant about me not wearing a mask, I said do your oversized knickers stop your farts?. She was kind of lost at that point.
  2. FFS fella, your making yourself look a bit silly now. I had you down as better than that, or maybe you are just looking for an argument, either way I can't be arsed, tho I can sort of understand all viewpoints in this thread, I just can't make any sense out of yours. Don't wanna argue so I'm out.
  3. Biggest pile of nonsense iv'e read in a while.
  4. Nah, just naturally gifted people, finding their correct path in life, similar to the one that led Gazza to football, after all he could have been a fisherman. I hope i read your post correctly, tho your grammar their makes it feckin difficult. I strongly disagree that nobody is born with a talent, I think everybody is, tho it's only the (lucky) few that discover and develop their talent.
  5. So why don't Barcelona have a team of player's all equal to Messi? I could go on and on here, same coach yeah?
  6. Found this after a very brief google search.
  7. Can't help thinking back 3 or so years ago, when Mags, ( tho a different username back then) was posting pictures (googled) from his Eastern European tour. So many different IP addresses it was unreal, The Slovakian train journey photo's had a Birmingham I P address, the Prague ones were a Russian IP address etc, etc, all in the space of a few hours. Farcical beyond belief. Members at that time actually felt insulted by the fact he expected them to believe it. The IP addresses were posted uo by either myself or BB, can't remember, tho anybody who could be arsed to take the time, could troll the forum and eventually find it. My big issue is tho, after paying megabucks for flights, covid tests etc-etc, and then having limited time with your family, who are suffering, losses etc ( we have all been through that). How the feck do you find time to post on a forum? Seriously that is what i don't understand.
  8. Coach me as much as you like, I am never gonna beat Mo Farah over 5000 metres, or be able to a score a goal like Gazza did at Wembley against Scotland Euro 96.
  9. Did Pele, Maradona, Roanldo, Messi, Eusabio, Gazza, Best, etc etc, come from a family history of producing legendary footballers? Just curious, tho I doubt a logical answer.
  10. Simple answer for me is that- Rangers are not a loony left PC type of club. They are a club that is proud of their British/ Scottish roots, and that simply does not fit the agenda of the currently biased left wing, PC, Snowflake, current political climate, which MSM wise is run by snowflake, lefty, LGBTQ, anti anything British, White, Straight, and happy to be so. Rangers also do not have a history of kiddie fiddling. Just my mere opinion, tho I maybe wrong.
  11. superally


    Lost our little fella yesterday nearly 15 years old. Never knew I could cry so much.
  12. I think the day Ben Elton got airtime, and was deemed funny by the MSM, was the day comedy died, this being at the expense of Jim Davidson, Bernard Manning and such like, proper comedians paid the price, and the funny bits were taken out of comedy. Lefty BBC cnuts.
  13. Squeaks, rattles and bad smells are a sure sign a service is needed.
  14. Sitting alone in a beer garden having a pint in peace. It’s great 👍
  15. Remember this like it was yesterday
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