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  1. superally

    Mazda 6

    A very stylish looking car, and being Japanese no doubt very reliable. Tho think back to your post about the BMW ( Jeremy Clarkson thing). At the end of the day i suppose it all comes down to what you can afford.
  2. Being a Brummie, I/ most Brummies ( well proper born and bred ones) would more likely call them a stupid twat-pratt, or idiot. Different areas, different dialects and phrases. Dickhead was always a big term in Liverpool and still is,I very rarely hear knobhead, It's a term used mostly by the younger generation, In Scotland bawbag is often used, yet i never hear that in my area. I have used pretty much all the swear words in my time over and over again. The only one i have ever been pulled for using is CUNT, and I have been pulled many a time for it, which has kind of made me aware of the dislike for the word. I still use it tho i think before i speak, and am always aware of the people around me, it just may be that i am going soft in my old age, or getting a little considerate for some people around me ( snowflakes excluded). If i was hosting a dinner party tomorrow for friends and their partners, I doubt I would be using your favourite word cunt very often tho.
  3. USAGE ALERT ABOUT CUNT All senses of this word are vulgar slang and are very strongly tabooed and censored. The meanings that refer to a woman and a contemptible person are used with disparaging intent and are perceived as highly insulting and demeaning. There are many words used to refer to people in sexual terms. However, to call a person a cunt, especially a woman, is one of the most hateful and powerful examples of verbal abuse in the English language. @Hairy Scot, cunt is fine apparently.
  4. Sector's of the entertainment industry will also suffer badly. Are they one or the same thing tho?, as hospitality and entertainment and very intertwined.
  5. It's a no brainer, the Trefoil Vs the cheaper far less classy alternative.
  6. So RD, now DR, is trying to make peace with you, after years of the shite you have thrown at him, and your still trying to be a WUM. FFS fella, take a look at yourself.
  7. Oh dear, there is all the proof you will ever need about what I posted, and only a few posts above your usual always the victim shite. It's all about standards fella. I repeated it because, I still won't lower mine to that level. You can take that however you want to.
  8. I don't even know when the weekend is any more. Now if we still had TISWAS on TV I would know it's Saturday morning.
  9. When did you last have it serviced?
  10. Been here since 2002 myself fella. There was a fair bit of censorship back then, we have nothing like it now. Tho i have noticed Mags still claiming to be the victim, in spite of being the biggest shit stirrer in forum history. There is nothing I have ever said on here or ever will say that I would give a second thought to saying to anybody's face. I have noticed a few of my posts deleted, and have had the message explaining why, not sure i've managed to get through reading the full PM, as the theme seems to be, don't speak the truth about certain members. I doubt there are any of us on here who would get offended by another members comment, some may get the hump for a few second's then move on, that's the type of members we have. What i find more concerning is some of the thread titles we have. Tho they may not bother us on here, we have to reflect on the wider picture, and non members browsing the forum, which there seems to be a lot of, yet how many join?, then how many stay around? I ain't no snowflake, or easily offended, tho if i browsed a site and saw titles like the cunt thread, has Boris made a cunt of himself etc-etc, I may be inclined to think what the feck am i looking at here, and just turn away. Think of the bigger picture and sort the feckin thread titles out, as that is what the whole world first sees when having a browse, It's an embarrassment to the forum, and will never ever help the place get busier. It just suits the few on here, maybe 10-15 people in a world of billions.
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