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  1. FFS. Play hard ball from now on, she will give in eventually.
  2. Nice to see you still have £1 notes in Middlesbrough tho.
  3. Absolutely NO. Unless she offer's favours later on.
  4. Another of ours lost today, Tony Quigley, RIP.
  5. Feck off with that thought mucka, mine was depressing enough.
  6. I personally think this lockdown will be around a lot longer than some think, and they’re going to get more stringent on who’s out and when. I have pretty much written the summer off. It's really getting to me not being able to go the pub, for a bit of socialising. I fear it may be September at the earliest. Depressing thought.
  7. Quality or not, when it hits the shelves at sports direct, it's surely not a label you want to be seen wearing.
  8. Yeah, tho pricey to some people, the price you pay for clothes is reflected in the quality. I have some old polos, Lacoste etc, which have been washed so many times, yet still retain their colour and shape. compare them to sports directs finest, which are 5 shades lighter and 5 sizes larger after 5 washes. Quality comes at a price.
  9. So where are you drinking?
  10. Your in Peckham. Guess that makes you a gangster
  11. Harry’s bar has a real ring to it. Just like a bar in old town Albufeira. Sir Harry’s Bar. Mrs Sa loves that bar.
  12. The game to play at home not the TV show.
  13. Only thing is buying it from Debenhams ensures it is the genuine article, not some cheap Chinese made copy that may well fail and burn your feckin house down.
  14. Bastions bar by any chance?
  15. I will be having a few in Ashby-De-La-Zouch- in my feckin house.
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