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  1. Hungary had a referendum on accepting migrants. They voted against. Poland has said the will only accept genuine refugees, and laid down conditions, liking having to learn/speak the language, also stated it is a Christian country, and will not bend to any other religious beliefs. echo Czech Republic. Love the fact these countries have balls, and will not bow down to the EU, against the will of their own people. Can't see the EU being around much longer anyhow. Other than a French-German, alliance, maybe Belgium to, as they are a non entity as a nation, and need all the support they can get.
  2. Grealish will be fecked then. How is he gonna constantly break up play by throwing himself to the ground.?
  3. So on what days/nights have you stayed in?
  4. Sorry fella, your wrong there. Own very own club BCFC, led the way, We were the first club whose players agreed to take a reduced wage, to secure the jobs of the non playing staff, then we immediately offered the services of our medical staff to the NHS, Man U, Liverpool etc, are lagging a bit behind us us here. Guess that must morally hurt the ego's of those so called big clubs. Nice to know tho that morally BCFC actually led the way. Those being so far up their own arses tho, coupled with us being an unfashionable club, and getting literally zero media coverage. Hey ho, let them do their own thing, in some perverse way in this current situation the nation is, still find a way to play one upmanship morally. Feck em all. We led the way, as per Harley Dean's statement a few weeks ago now. We are a proper club with proper fans.
  5. Sorry fella, i have no interest in UTD, or the EPL in general. I support my local team, So you thinking i had been drinking and was drunk, lay off the wine etc, was purely your ( wrongly assumed opinion) Yeah?
  6. For me it's been Sunday-Stayed in. Monday-Work then stayed in. Tuesday-Work-stayed in, had a bit of loving. Wednesday-work, which was harder than normal due to Tuesdays loving (i'm getting old)-then stayed in. Thursday-Stayed in. Friday-Stayed in. Saturday-Stayed in Sunday= Feckin great day, went shopping at Morrisons, then------- Stayed in. Monday= I'm not even sure if today is actually Monday! So describe your week, for me the highlight was food shopping at Morrisons. FFS! 6 weeks ago the thought of food shopping had me making excuses to go to the pub. worrying depressing times.
  7. superally

    Food Songs.

    Souffle it's over-Jean Grae.
  8. And what is it that makes you think i have been drinking??
  9. Yeah, good on them. Cos if they hadn't Man U etc would 100% have followed suit, guess they have now kind of forced the hand of other EPL clubs NOT to furlough the non playing staff. Well done Liverpool on leading the way.
  10. Feck me, I know it's a bit behind in smoggieville, but i posted that 2 weeks ago. And it was a smoggy who sang it.
  11. Cases by area, as of 20 minutes ago. Birmingham 1138 Aneurin Bevan 956 Greater Glasgow and Clyde 851 Hampshire 809 Surrey 736 Sheffield 730 Cardiff and Vale 729 Kent 704 Hertfordshire 692 Brent 663 Lancashire 642 Cumbria 629 Essex 597 Barnet 589 Southwark 586 Lambeth 577 Croydon 515 Lothian 476 Staffordshire 470 Wandsworth 454 Ealing 445 Bromley 434 Lanarkshire 427 Harrow 422 Newham 412 Tayside 410 Lewisham 408 Derbyshire 398 Liverpool 387 Cwm Taf Morgannwg 387 Nottinghamshire 357 Oxfordshire 356 Westminster 338 Worcestershire 321 Waltham Forest 313 Swansea Bay 312 Walsall 309 Hackney and City of London 304 Northamptonshire 302 Warwickshire 302 Enfield 300 Hillingdon 295 Tower Hamlets 288 Newcastle upon Tyne 285 Hounslow 285 Sandwell 283 Greenwich 283 Leicestershire 277 Wolverhampton 275 Leeds 272 Merton 271 Camden 263 Gloucestershire 258 Buckinghamshire 255 Norfolk 254 Ayrshire and Arran 254 Manchester 252 Redbridge 252 Dudley 249 Haringey 246 Kensington and Chelsea 240 Hammersmith and Fulham 230 Islington 226 Lincolnshire 223 Bexley 221 North Yorkshire 218 West Sussex 216 Coventry 215 Sutton 208 Forth Valley 208 County Durham 199 Derby 194 Havering 194 Stockport 193 Salford 191 Cambridgeshire 191 Suffolk 191 Solihull 183 Barking and Dagenham 183 Devon 181 Betsi Cadwaladr 178 Grampian 177 Richmond upon Thames 175 Trafford 173 Fife 173 Sefton 172 Bradford 170 Hywel Dda 170 Bristol, City of 166 Nottingham 161 Leicester 159 Barnsley 158 Rotherham 158 Kirklees 153 Oldham 152 Sunderland 152 Milton Keynes 149 Cheshire West and Chester 149 Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 149 St. Helens 148 Wirral 147 Southampton 145 Medway 144 Cheshire East 144 Kingston upon Thames 144 Northumberland 142 Shropshire 138 North Tyneside 133 East Sussex 132 Slough 129 Tameside 129 Luton 128 Wakefield 128 Rochdale 127 Dumfries and Galloway 127 Wiltshire 120 Doncaster 117 Central Bedfordshire 116 Wigan 116 South Gloucestershire 113 Middlesbrough 111 Knowsley 110 Borders 110 Bolton 109 Gateshead 108 Bury 104 Warrington 97 Dorset 91 Portsmouth 89 Windsor and Maidenhead 88 Highland 85 Thurrock 83 Wokingham 83 Bedford 83 Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole 83 Stockton-on-Tees 81 Stoke-on-Trent 80 Reading 79 East Riding of Yorkshire 78 Southend-on-Sea 76 Somerset 76 Redcar and Cleveland 75 West Berkshire 74 Brighton and Hove 73 Plymouth 71 Telford and Wrekin 70 Calderdale 69 North Somerset 66 Halton 61 Bath and North East Somerset 58 York 57 Herefordshire, County of 57 South Tyneside 57 Torbay 53 Blackburn with Darwen 52 Blackpool 50 Swindon 49 Peterborough 48 Powys 46 Bracknell Forest 45 North Lincolnshire 43 Shetland 40 North East Lincolnshire 36 Darlington 32 Kingston upon Hull, City of 28 Isle of Wight 25 Hartlepool 23 Rutland 6 Orkney 4 Eileanan Siar (Western Isles) 3
  12. The wife brought home a tub of ice cream and asked me if I wanted some. "How hard is it?" I asked and she cheekily replied "As hard as your cock when you think of me naked!" I said "Go on then....pour me a glass!"
  13. FFS. Play hard ball from now on, she will give in eventually.
  14. Nice to see you still have £1 notes in Middlesbrough tho.
  15. Absolutely NO. Unless she offer's favours later on.
  16. Another of ours lost today, Tony Quigley, RIP.
  17. Feck off with that thought mucka, mine was depressing enough.
  18. I personally think this lockdown will be around a lot longer than some think, and they’re going to get more stringent on who’s out and when. I have pretty much written the summer off. It's really getting to me not being able to go the pub, for a bit of socialising. I fear it may be September at the earliest. Depressing thought.
  19. Quality or not, when it hits the shelves at sports direct, it's surely not a label you want to be seen wearing.
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