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  1. Is it to early for me to make a welcome to the championship villa thread?
  2. Opinions, opinions, fella. Wind my neck in FFS, why? I'm a pub going guy,with a healthy social life, and a good group of mates for many a year which i am missing. Yeah i have noticed,and yes i am confused as to why anybody would queue for any of those that you mentioned,it's all about what we like/prefer. I am happy the Lacoste shops are opening again. tho i think the pub opening is a different thing totally. anyhow, as you suggested i will be "GEEZ go have a pint ffs", socialising with friends, and generally enjoying myself,(if i get the time). anyhow, i hope you enjoy your ti
  3. Will post of pic of mine, at some point! don't hold your breath tho. I can use voice command for the Satnav which is great for me, and it actually understands my Brummie accent, tho it does have a female voice so every now and then it has a bad day. Last Tuesday, i said hello BMW, guide me to Middlesbrough, the car actually spoke back to me, it said, fuck that, were not going there, tho I can take you to Toxteth tho. @boro_boy
  4. It's not all about the piss up etc, I just find it nice to sit and have a few beers with a few pals, and talk random shite. Matchday different scenario tho, it's kind of like living each day as if it was your last. I so much miss that matchday and the Digbeth crawl on the way to Stans. Fuck you Covid19-you are either gonna kill me, and all of us, or eventually we will overcome you and get back to doing what we all enjoy. Better days will come believe. In the meantime, stay safe, use common sense, take care of yourselves and each other.
  5. As i previously posted, I don't give a fuck, I am Blues.
  6. For some people, going to the pub and engaging in some real life socialising is a big thing. Reading through some of the threads/posts on here, I get the impression a guy wanting to go to the pub is a sad wanker/bastard! Thankfully i grew up in a culture of meeting real mates/friends/associates, in a real life social environment, loved every feckin minute of it. Now when next time you lose your bank card, ask your social media friend to lend you £20 for a taxi home. Good feckin luck with that. The pub and real life socialising V social media. Give me the feckin pub every time. I
  7. As i previously posted, I don't give a fuck, I am Blues.
  8. Tho they have a more realistic life than social media wankers. I’m happy to be called a pub wanker all day long.
  9. I’m Birmingham City, I’ll piss where I want.
  10. We’re you around in the 80’s then?
  11. Has to be one of the best posts I’ve ever read on this forum, whether old or new MFF, after BB, I am the only original member, so I’ve read some good ones over the years. Tho possibly none as accurate as that. Brilliant summary.
  12. Feels solid tho yeah?
  13. I been looking forward to this day for a long time, tho I won’t be going this weekend, 2 reasons being-1 I am so busy with work I barely have time too eat a decent meal, 2 is it not pride weekend? I may be wrong with that, tho no way am I gonna risk going in a pub to find a load of blokes wearing dresses and other weird shit. Not had time to keep up with the news. I’m planning on going on Tuesday, hopefully with Mrs SA in the hope of tasting a pub steak again. My assistant is gonna have to hold the fort cos my phone is gonna be off for a few hours, and I’m paying him to do a job anyhow.
  14. I really like the colour of that. Do you not think there is such a solid feeling you get with German cars? No rattles or squeaky noises. Is it a 1.6 or 2 litre?
  15. Yeah they in all honesty deserved it, I doubt any body could deny it. I just hope they don’t play their kids against villa. I also hope them Scousers at some point before we all die, develop enough brain cells between them to learn that england should actually start with a capital E. Guess they still lag behind Man U, in the brain department.
  16. Could have called me instead, saved all the palaver.
  17. According to the Sunday Sport, he is riding around the moon on Shergar.
  18. Got mine as a boy toy, as for the Quad, I previously bought an off road motorbike, tho after constantly falling off it, getting battered bruised and cuts everywhere, decided to go for a quad, much easier on the old bones.
  19. Yeah, were shit, a mental club with mental fans, that's why i love being Blues. Grooming is the word you are looking for i think. Anything to gain a social media friend.
  20. Been a nice work free weekend for me. Yesterday took the quad bike out on the farm down the road, was enjoyable, and i never fell off. This morning I went to Brum taking the MG Midget out for the first time,I felt a bit uncomfortable at the amount of attention the car attracted tho. Getting home it was the usual Father's day stuff,and finding out Chelsea beat witton rounded it off nicely.
  21. Yeah, they copied it from the German's. Tho is your system not known as intelligent rather than autonomous braking? My system slows the car down if i get too close to the car in front, and as said in my opening post stops the car dead if needed. First time i ever noticed it in all honesty, and it was a bit of a shock. I also never get really close to the car in front, never been a tailgater. If i get a twat on my bumper, I usually deliberately slow down. Major cause of accidents that is.
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