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  1. 5 minutes ago, Makdee said:

    The famine song  was pathetic and not needed was sung to sloop John B the beach boys song bit for a long time now The song sung to that now is Four young lads had a dream but they still try to say it’s the Famine song


    Seriously I think they are mentally feckin ill.

  2. 6 hours ago, Harold said:

    service or repair....gas I take it ?

    Service mate. Im on LPG,  via a tank so it has to be an LPG registered guy.  I got 2 floor standing boilers, had filters fitted to the water thing too, to keep the shite out of the boilers, he has also installed the Hive smart heating thing. Decent price, tho what pisses me off is the facr Mrs Sa won't stay in the house when workmen are in, so I had too. It's Sean from down the pub FFS, he's done 5 or 6 jobs for us now, including the annual service for the last 3 years.

  3. 3 hours ago, boro_boy said:

    Not looking forward to hearing about it failing. My Engine Management Light keeps coming on, it was last year but luckily didn't come up during the last MOT. 

    The cars 11 years old so she's getting on a but. The EML is linked to the DPF which is probably fucked. 

    Fingers crossed it passes.

    Not had to go through many MOT's in my time, tho the car i have now is due it's first mot, 125k on the clock, I would usually got rid of it before now, tho I just love this feckin car. It's a 5 series BMW, fully loaded. Tho i know it should be time ti get a new car I just can't see how I could improve on this one, other than a Rolls Royce. I just love it.

  4. Personally, I don't give a feck about the environment, why should I? Im happy enough driving around in a fossil fueled car, and i also enjoy m ybeef, and all the cow farts that go with it. My types haven't got that long left on this planet, so why should we worry anyhow.

    Tho I am sure in the not to distant future when we are gone, It won't be a problem anyhow seeing as Greta Greenbum and her types know everything, so will sort it all out in record time.

    I don't really see what all the shouting is about.

  5. 9 hours ago, Harold said:

    So when have you promised her you'll take her to see James ?

    Never promised mate, she decided. Anyhow it's gonna be next Saturday, Loughborough cinema, then Hammer & Pincers for a meal afterwards. She is a spoilt woman.

  6. 7 hours ago, Mr Magnificent said:

    Shame the weather is pissing down else I would have jumped on bus and had a pint in the BRT with you. 

    Another feckin miserable day at Blues. Ah well still a few hours of the day left, so i'm heading to the Kings Arms for a few.

  7. On 26/09/2021 at 17:52, Mr Magnificent said:

    He'll be in mate. He will be brutally honest too...He has been here forever with BB, SA and me. 

    Which is why you should know its @YIDDO, not Yiddo! He gets the hump if it's not spelt in caps.

  8. On 28/09/2021 at 19:55, Mr Magnificent said:

    @superally I have noticed the last few games that our boys are no longer taking the knee in respect of the original cause?  

    Do you know the thinking behind this and if the club are doing anything else instead as the commentator said "BCFC are doing their own thing"


    Of the few games i have managed to go to, I can't say iv'e noticed as I have deliberately taken my seat just after KO, to avoid it.

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