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  1. I'm gonna have to read back a bit now, to make sure i dont feck up. Tho I feel tempted to have a punt on @UNIQUE.
  2. I got it the wrong way around.
  3. Fuel companies have large stocks of E-10 fuel, which is being replaced by E-5, from October.
  4. Wonder if the crisis will ease once all stocks of E-10 fuel have been used up.
  5. Tea & toast, trip to Tesco with Mrs SA, clean the car, watch the Rangers. Maybe go for a carvery later, then packing my bags, off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for 5 days.
  6. Jimmy Jones massively under rated, truly one of the best, along Jim, Bernard, Chubby, and Jethro, he tells great jokes. Just to let the snowflake brigade know,- Jokes are what adults laugh at.
  7. 50p a pint, fuel £1 a gallon, lets get feckin back there now. No snowflakes either.
  8. Feck knows, tho it's an American quoting it, so maybe there? Not a lot wrong in what she says tho is there? That's you and I paying for that stuff.
  9. So basically, you pay what you have too pay, anybody who says they wouldn't want to pay less tax is a liar. Since I have been doing really well with my little business, I have a fear of the taxman, to the point myself I haven't actually taken a penny out of it for myself, The JLR contract is more than enough for me to live a reasonable standard of life. I pay what's due almost with a massive grudge, thinking those people who come on dhingies are costing me so much money every week.
  10. How about we just run them over. Those cnuts put 4 hours on my day today.
  11. Should that not read- The greatest ever Ranger?
  12. Surely this has to be one of the truly greatest sports acheivments ever
  13. Oh yes, winning with an ace too.
  14. Lost that game tho now serving for the title.
  15. 1 set and 5-2 up in the second after losing serve. Radacanu seems to have stepped a gear now.
  16. Watching the tennis with a beer or 2.
  17. Emma takes the first set! Really good game this.
  18. Another good performance too. Bela was MOTM for me. Ref bottled a few decisions too.
  19. From what I know, building inspectors disturbed some asbestos buried ubder the Stadium. Tho with no fans in the ground for 18 months, then when allowed back we get this, you have asked the question we have all been asking.
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