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  1. I don't even have mainline gas, so I doubt i'm on google street view.
  2. Yet you said the reverse about Slash, well being American.
  3. Well she's just gave me the shout, come on if you want a lift. Back at St Andrews for the second time this season. After the stadium repair fiasco, and the Tilton upper now re opened, there are enough seats for all season ticket holders and some for general sale. Only 1k allocation for away fans tho. Don't know why i still get so excited about match day after all these years, I just can't help it. COYB.
  4. 15 mins walk ( downhill), there are a few others between it and the ground. Birmingham's oldest pub mate. The Old Crown Digbeth. On the sign at the back t says 1368. Which is probably older than us lot here collectively. (maybe)?.
  5. First final in open era, to have 2 unseeded players.
  6. Mrs Sa will be dropping me off here in approx an hours time, for my first of several pre match pints.
  7. First British woman to reach the US open final since Virginia Wade in 68. I think i will be watching it. It's on Amazon Prime tomorrow at 9pm. Good luck to the girl, who has really bounced back after her Wimbledon breakdown.
  8. Either can choose to be either, in this day and age.
  9. After what has been a crazy week, It's me time. Going for lunch with Mrs SA, then off to Blues later.
  10. That's the kind of face, only a cosh could love.
  11. I'm starting to wonder if, the loony lefties are creating fake accounts and spouting the racist stuff, just to give themselves a bigger platform to cry on, and get more coverage.
  12. superally

    E10 Fuel.

    I saw one on the road earlier today, the envy is still there.
  13. superally

    E10 Fuel.

    A thing of pure beauty.
  14. Used the Old Wharf a good few times over the years. The club you are on about has long gone, tho just a bit further up the road there is the Bordesley labour club, and the Emerald club, both still going.
  15. superally

    E10 Fuel.

    Fuck Ferari etc, I dream of owning an E-type. Sex on wheels.
  16. I have been to watch Coalville Town a few times, mostly due to Covid, and not being able to go Blues. rules change, you can and then you can't go etc. Totally enjoy it tho, non league club, bar in the ground, where you can actually watch the game with your pint in hand. It's always a decent match day experience, just football lovers who want to see a game. The attendance tho is massively affected by whether Leicester City are home or away.
  17. superally

    E10 Fuel.

    I have the Midget, I had to go to Dundee to fetch it, and bring it back on a trailer which i didn't enjoy, towing is not for me. Tho i love the car, It's a ball ache taking it out. I keep it off the ground, and in a carcoon. Then reverse that when putting it away again, 3 -4 hours a time. Maybe I go a bit OTT, that's just me tho, I wanna preserve it as best I can. I just wish it was British racing green rather than red. Hey ho, it is what it is. I would like a few more classics, and have tried to buy 1 or 2. The owners are a feckin nightmare, which to some extent i can understand, they have a thing that they have loved and cared for, for many a year, so they want to know it's going to be continued to be looked after. Like a responsible dog breeder checks out the potential dog owners. I have had a failed attempt to buy an old Jaguar, which was nothing like the ad anyhow, it was all rusty & rotten. Also tried to for a 1956 Morris Minor, the seller wanted me to sign a contract obliging me to certain things regarding the car. Such a shame as it was in great condition and only £6k.
  18. OK so what was the last one, and what/when was the last game?
  19. What was the last pub you had a few beers on your way to a match? It may be getting late, and I have had my shandy, yet i am somehow far less aggressive, and far more grammatically capable than you. Strange that.
  20. superally

    E10 Fuel.

    This has been playing on my mind a bit, following a conversation in the pub yesterday, and Iv'e not been arsed to research it as of yet. I have an old MG, tho i have rarely driven it, I am told the E10 fuel is totally gonna mess up old classic cars engines etc, apparently due to evaporation leaving watery time stuff in the engines, causing problems. I'm not so much concerned for myself here, tho there is a whole load of Vintage and classic cars out there, which are part of our heritage, that surely can't be ruined? There has to be an alternative, if only to preserve the cars. Anybody know of an alternative, fuel additive or similar?
  21. Nah, just search back through the forum and you will see multiple examples proving what I say.
  22. superally


    Not been for a few years, The Ibrox ban, and my dad dying leaves me no reason to go. I have always taken the route of getting advice of taxi drivers, wherever in the world i have been. They really are the best local guides and source of advice.
  23. You really don't like the truth do you? You will do anything to avoid it. Every single time I have called you out you have never EVER managed to reply logically, you just do the sidestep. Hey ho, i'm just glad I don't live in your world.
  24. @boro_boy @Harold, @Makdee. I have noticed that this thread is under surveillance, and can be closed at anytime. The question i ask is why? Surely a thread on a football forum about pre match drinking pubs is valid and could have some mileage, and room for decent discussion amongst those who go to matches, or have done so in the past, lots of memories etc, discussing pubs that are now closed etc etc. How the fuck does yet another thread become hi jacked by the so called crazy gang, and become under threat of closure? They have just had the Back at St Andrews thread closed due to their nonsense. Get a grip of these people FFS. I do not include @Mr Magnificent in this. He has actually contributed many a good and on topic post in these threads. Stop letting the lunatics run the asylum.
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