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  1. Need to beat Huddersfield tomorrow, to stay in play off spots. Home form not been good this season. Still well happy so far. Come so far under Gary Rowett.
  2. forgot you was a smoggy, No class or culture. That was UB40 at the proms.
  3. Went to Rio in 1995.Half the people were nice, The other half would kill you for 50p
  4. 27 February 2011. Obafemi Martins. What a day that was.
  5. I got a pic of me and Mrs SA standing next to it, If i can find them, I will post them on here. What did you think of Salou??
  6. Lets make it in 3 parts. UK holiday destination. European Holiday destination. Favourite outside of Europe. For me best UK is isle of wight, and Weymouth. European, has to be Portugal- Algarve, the standards are so high, it's clean, The food is amazing, also the people are really nice. Outside of Europe, It's either playa de carmen, or Montego bay. Both such beautiful places, also have food that is good. So whats yours and why??
  7. SA is gonna have to take a look. ......you got a link??
  8. Do u Remember getting loads of them fella?? Just seemed to have vanished. Guess we will know for sure next time a big celebrity dies.Or we get a major disaster.
  9. would enjoy seeing Newcastle go down with them.
  10. If my name was Klopp i'd be straight down the registry office in the morning to get that changed.
  11. superally

    X Factor

    Machoism. Yeah goes on too long. Mrs SA is avid watcher, so i watch it, and kind of get into it.
  12. The same stokes ceptic were wanting millions for a year or two back. Cant get in the team, Gonna lose him for nothing. Sweet.
  13. I got too many incidents with the police at football, To even begin to discuss. They just get in the way of thing's. They will generally escort them away from the area, To the nearest A road, or motorway.
  14. I thought this season Tim did a great job. I hope Garde continues the good work.
  15. superally

    X Factor

    So who's gonna win or who's your favourite?? For me it's the young blonde bird, her name begin's with L. louisa or leann not sure, but that's the one for me.
  16. superally

    Text Jokes.

    What happened to them??
  17. I only drive when im too drunk too walk. Police dont seem too understand it tho.
  18. Yeah talking of miracle men, There was an empty wheelchair outside the pub as i dropped in for a swift half after work. How the fuck can you get an empty wheelchair??
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