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  1. Can't remember who we agreed on, according to the crazy gang, If I remember you were September, so i'm gonna go with SP this month.
  2. The tax ain’t happening according to recent news reports.
  3. Well it's happened he has signed. Not sure what I think. Yeah we love him cos he's proper Blues, he will sell a few shirts with his name on the back, tho he is injury prone, not a great scoring record if you minus the penalties, plus we already have 2 battering ram type strikers. I would maybe have preferred taking a punt on a lower league striker with potential.
  4. Mad couple of days for all sorts of reasons, all of them good BTW. Too fecked to post anything sensible so i thought best not bother. 2 or 3 people on here, could learn a lot from me.
  5. Should be sharing a cell with Tony Blair, tho hey ho,money talks.
  6. I'm in a nice relaxed mood, enjoying a beer, I'm not gonna talk about lefty snowflake woke types, guaranteed to wind me up they are. I think their all a bunch of cnuts, I will leave it there, and carry on enjoying my pint in relaxed mood.
  7. They never mention the slavery still going on in Africa, or black on black crime either. Doesn't suit their agenda.
  8. Bear in mind he is from the same religious/cultural background as their billionaire owners, no way are they throwing him under the bus.Not a chance.
  9. Big jock knew of many more heinous going’s on involving that horrible club too. 🧹 🧹 .
  10. I rang the gaffer at my local about it as he seems to know everything that’s happening locally, sure enough he’d heard about the missing horse which is now reunited with its owner. moral of the story here is that the local landlord is more useful than the local police. I much prefer the pub to police cells too. Far nicer.
  11. Back home from seeing the new Grandson, to find a horse wondering around my garden. That's never happened to me before, not sure what to do about it.
  12. Seriously fella, I have never quite understood that mentality/illness. Why hate UB40 really?, are they these bunch of bad guys who have set out to cause any kind of harm to you personally, or were they one of the biggest bands on the planet through the 80s and 90s who's music gave pleasure to many a million of people worldwide, and they just weren't your taste in music. To say they were shit is a bit silly and IMO makes you look a bit of a twat. Just my humble opinion tho.
  13. I'm just having a glass of Champagne with my eldest son toasting the arrival of the new Grandson, not a fan of Champagne and not really liking it, he's just insisting on it, as he's an uncle again. Got a few beers in the fridge tho. Absolutely buzzing, and just dying to meet the little fella, may not be til Sunday at worst tho. Fuck Covid.
  14. No visitors mucka, as soon as she goes to the ward, my son has to leave.
  15. Must remember to tell Mrs Sa to cook the Sunday roast at 181 degrees instead of 180, see if the world ends.
  16. It was in the old Bull Ring by the bridge over the road. I know the pub your thinking of, tho I cant remember the name. The underpass around Paradise Circus.
  17. Gonna be driving to the hospital shortly, contractions getting closer. The new Grandson is arriving in the world today.
  18. I mean she’s going into labour,I gonna be taking them hospital. Not sure how we’re gonna get along, he’s not even born yet and he’s upsetting my routine.
  19. No pub today, the new Grandson is threatening to arrive any time now, taxi driver today.
  20. Brian Travers RIP, cancer takes another one.
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