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  1. 2 birthdays and Iโ€™m only one in pub. Always knew the world was going to shit when, the best golfer was black, and the best rapper was white.
  2. Wonโ€™t ask how old, tho I reckon you could use the candles to bake the cake.
  3. @Harold. Just in case you have any doubts
  4. Car is telling me things again
  5. Thoughts on Aribo today? I love watching players like that, nobody knows what they gonna do next, that's entertainment.
  6. Perhaps, tho the basic grammar escaped him.
  7. If that's the case, then I reckon you must be correct. Our club in that era was in a bad state, 6-7k crowds, most of the Zulus were too busy making money from the rave scene, ecstasy pills and security. I and a few others stayed loyal to the cause. I knew each and everyone of those lads during that era. In all honesty it wasn't a great time for us, as our reputation went before us and everywhere we went firms were out in numbers for us. I took a couple of good beatings, most notably away at Swansea and Hull. Tho Stoke in 92, saw us all re- united.
  8. I can remember a lad from NI, who used to hang around with us a fair bit. Early 80's got a load of tickets for a cup final over there Linfield V Glentoran, Windsor Park, I and a few others went over. Cant remember much of the game or who won, tho I do remember the carnage after the game. Happy days.
  9. I feel a bit let down by the club just now. Wasn't allocated a ticket for Brentford game, as I had one for the previous game, which is fair enough, it's just the fact that there was so many empty seats, whilst fans who desperately want to be at the game can't. It's a shitshow.
  10. All I will say is that he was outed, and moved somewhere safe. Tho the guy who wrote that book, is claiming some sort of victory, they got none of the main heads. The rave scene had a far bigger affect on the football scene than the OB ever did, in that era.
  11. Would have been a lot easier to find a pub in those days. Give him chances and he will score. That has been the problem, not enough chances for him, tho he has missed 1 or 2. (what striker doesn't?) Every player was on their game yesterday, great performance, Last time I remember us scoring 5 or more was V Reading, Rowett time, Donaldson hat trick, close to Xmas it was too. Bela has impressed me, never thought he'd adjust to the wing back roll, also as he never really got game time under Bowyer last season, I never thought he'd fit in with LB's way of playing. What a signing he has been for us.
  12. @Mr Magnificent, I was in Tesco around 9-30am yesterday, got a call from my pal Vic, he had a ticket for the game but couldn't go, do I want his ticket? No brainer. Fair play to Mrs Sa, straight to the checkout, home changed then she drove me straight to Brum in time to catch the lads going to the game. Was a great day, tho she not happy I never got home til 6 am this morning. Luckily she kind of understood, and cooked me a breakfast when I surfaced feeling full of horribleness. Just what I needed. Took her out for a curry earlier to repay the gratitude. FYI, I not been to Luton for a good while, it's still closed.
  13. superally

    A Roll on Sausage

    Travelling around Britain over the decades, I have been served several different things when asking for a sausage roll. Thankfully Greggs seems to have sorted that one out.
  14. Is this guy a reliable source? Not seen this news anywhere else. Twitter is not for me.
  15. Nah mate, when the one on the left shows sun, and a decent temperature, that really does say go the pub. I had an Audi years ago, it told me to buy drugs.
  16. What the thing on the car is actually saying is, head off to the Bowling Green for a pint or two, and some lunch. I have a great ability to sense these kind of things.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿฅ˜๐Ÿฒ
  17. 100% this. Bournemouth had a proper striker who did nothing all night- then, 1 chance= goal, and a good finish it was. We have strikers who huff and puff all game, and need maybe 6-7 chances to score a goal.
  18. Bag of shite, nowhere near good enough for this level.
  19. Just back from the Thringstone Rangers club, I have to say, tho the game wasn't great, It was joyous to be back there, along with a good few Gers fans. For me it was the first game I have watched there since lockdown has been lifted. It was feckin great. Feck Covid, feck ceptic, feck villa, FTP, feck Afghanistan too. WATP.
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