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  1. Lost A good mate today!

    47 years of age, goes to a & e with chest pains, 15 minutes later he’s in cardiac arrest, 30 minutes later and 5 kids including twin boys have lost their dad and I a bloody good mate. With the loss of a couple of Blues this week, the accident in Brum this morning and then the events of this afternoon it’s a reminder to cherish every day we’re here, appreciate how lucky we are and everything we have and for gods sake make sure you show your love for your loved ones every opportunity you get.
  2. Sports personality of the year 2017!

    Mo Farah won it then!
  3. Horrific Car Crash In Birmingham Today!

    1 idiot caused the horrific scenes in the pictures I put up. I feel a bit guilty about posting those pics, Tho I did so in the hope they can be spread around, and maybe touch a chord with an idiot driver and make him aware of the carnage and grief he/she can cause.
  4. Sports personality of the year 2017!

    Is this on achievement or personality? If based on personality, I would go for Jermaine Defoe. His work on behalf of Bradley lowry has been epic, tho in truth he never wanted any recognition, he just did his best for an unfortunate little boy who touched his heart.
  5. 6 fatalities, 1 in critical condition. Many families lives ruined, emergency services traumatised by the horrific scenes that they came across. Evidence points to young kids speeding in the VW Golf. I am deliberately gonna put up some Horrific photos of the incident as a reminder what careless driving can cause. warning images may be distressing. more news on it here.- www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-42383464 [IMAGES REMOVED]
  6. The Christmas Thread 2017!

    Same here pretty much, tho Mrs SA has booked me a days off roading in a Land Rover Discovery.
  7. Just had my dog spayed

    Your dog when you tread on a plug.
  8. The Christmas Thread 2017!

    Only present I have on my want list is Tommy Robinsons latest book, mohammeds quran.
  9. Just had my dog spayed

    You nasty bastard.
  10. Ryanair Again!

    Ryanair have caved in, and agreed to recognise the pilots union.
  11. Net neutrality rules weakened by US regulator

    Corporate corruption will be behind this, guaranteed.
  12. SPL Match Day Discussion

    An unimpressive yet effective performance, and a 4th straight win for the Gers. Enjoyed lennons whining afterwards, I really do hate that man.
  13. The move could see driving licences of 2.5 million ex-military personnel stamped with a "V" symbol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42336381 Personally I think it's sick! When we've got 10,000 Veterans sleeping rough on the streets, being moved on by local councils who put spikes in the pavement where they're trying to place their cardboard box for the night, trying to beg money for food off people for whom giving them money has been made a criminal offence, if they're lucky being allowed to queue up alongside nurses at a foodbank, denied benefits because they're classed as 'fit for work' and so on, we think we're great because we give them a nice little V on the driving license for a car they can never afford. At least they could replace the V with something more appropriate, befitting how our government REALLY sees them:
  14. Football and the art of telling lies!

    The Premier League in particular is fast becoming a franchise and everyone employed within it is essentially working for the same boss. You only have to look at the way Moyes and a few others keep landing jobs. They know they have to toe the line if they want to stay on board. He's never really had the sack from anywhere has he Moyes? He's just moved from one department to another. Would he have walked into those other jobs if he'd spoken about his time at Man U? Not a chance. I've listened to some recent interviews with the England cricketers and management staff, it's all the same no real straight answers. They're all too media savvy now. The only one who's really spoken out in cricket in recent years is Pietersen...and look what happened to him. One of the few people in sport I really like to listen to is Eddie Jones, he just answers the questions as they're asked. There doesn't appear to be any spin but no doubt it would be the same for him if he went into too much detail. I'm not sure it's lying as such, or if everyone is just protecting the cash cow.
  15. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Indeed, tho Asthma inhalers do contain steroids, Salbutamol does anyhow, I know this as my kids have grown up using them. Large amount of Asthma medication = Steroids???