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  1. Stand by Loyal Ulster! We joined the EU as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and we shall Leave the EU as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. The Realist

    Kay Burley

    Yeah with a Pineapple, rough end first.
  3. @Hairy Scot has since summed it up perfectly to be fair.
  4. The Realist

    Pet hates.

    Modern day footballers, professional or non league who; a) Wear their socks above their knees b) Cut the feet out of their socks I understand the 2nd one is to do with sports performance socks supposedly giving a better grip, but I've never yet wore a pair of socks that feel more comfortable above the knee than below it!
  5. In truth it's not too bad, we go out and eat, I bring a few beers back with me, so i get to relax and have a beer, tho it's getting a bit chilly on the night's here. I have a book to read too, which strangely is something i always do when away from home. (Let me be Frank) Frank Bruno, is what i have just now. Only time i ever buy a paper(tho it's always a day old), and do the crossword too.
  6. In my defence here, i do fella, first beer is well downed by 9am, problem is, i have the afternoon nap, and she doesn't, so when i'm raging for the nighttime session, she is tired, she don't take a drink til early evening.
  7. Weather been good enough so far, tho Mrs SA is behaving just like she does at home, likes to get settled early. I challenged her about this, and said why are you behaving like you do at home? Her answer totally fecked me to be fair, she said i am at home, this is my home in Portugal. What could i say really?
  8. It was around in the 70's, as it was everywhere, and deemed as acceptable. Remember Love thy neighbour on tv etc? I estimate it died at Blues around 79/80. Then in 82, the Zulu was born, the rest is history.
  9. I really feel your pain here. I suffered the same fate.
  10. You couldn't run a fucking bath.
  11. Maybe you should have told them that you actually have AIDS first.
  12. Incredible. 01:59:40 Marathon. Super human effort?????? There were undoubtedly circumstances massively in his favour tho. I'm a little torn on this.
  13. Well it's been in the 20's today with a little cloud. Not sure as to why i am posting on here when away for a break. Been a long day due to early flight and the usual travel shite, .Mrs SA is tucked up, whilst i feel like a session. Guess the holiday starts tomorrow, in the Gonna piss down all weekend Algarve. 20+ Degrees tomorrow, tho i just gonna have a few beers nice fresh food, and thank god i am not in Kings Heath.

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