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  1. The Realist

    Question for BB

    I find that a bit ironic really, You started it with a needless post, slagging me and accusing me of being a snob. If you can give a logical explanation as to why you felt the need to post what you did, and also use the expletives that you did along the way i will maybe accept being a snob. May i also suggest if you have no rage, you post in a calm and decent manner? Do you really need to use the FUCK?, or is it only when you get angry. As for the pension fund, it's down £1200 today.
  2. The Realist

    Question for BB

    Really?? Proof?? Now we don't really want to drag up your past now do we?? Do you really want me to troll through the forum to prove your the biggest saddest person ever?. You have left a trail over several years, it's well documented fella digital footprints etc, so really so do not go there. you will only make /prove yourself to be an absolute full of shit desperado cunt, who after multiple bans for your shite, beg forgiveness. I dont want to do this to you as i somehow understand your needs for any kind of friendship/recognition you can get. I actually believe in self improvement, and since being allowed back on the forum after your last life ban?, you seem to have behaved yourself, tho i think the fact that you have found yourself a buddy on a similar social scale may have helped you a bit.after all you can both like each others shite .No doubt helps boost your ego, and makes you feel a tad worthwhile. sad very sad. If you were even half what you claim to be, you would never EVER beg to be allowed back on an internet forum, so your opinion means fuck all, jog on, get a life, and a reality check. ( and may i suggest a decent car). I will now leave you and your buddy to slag me off for what i have, and what you wish you had.
  3. The Realist

    Wanna save some money ?

    Taxed on salary, beer, smoking,fuel,clothes, and literally everything else we buy. We have the money to house clothe, feed and provide with the latest iphone economic migrants, also money for MP's pay rises, no money for a proper police force, or the NHS tho.
  4. The Realist

    Question for BB

    Is that an educated statement or an opinion?
  5. The Realist

    Question for BB

    Whatever, tho i have never felt the need to go into a rage over what somebody else has.
  6. The Realist

    Question for BB

    I fail to see why a man expressing an honest opinion comes across as a snob and would cause you to make such a none sense making irrelevant expletive rant , I do not boast and brag fella, i merely speak the truth. May i suggest the fact that i am not a snob and you are plain and simply jealous? As for my throne crumbling, Currently sitting on a £600k pension fund, aside from the JLR pension, and previous FS pension. Maybe when i retire, i may decide to drive a Bentley. Your jealousy doesn't even flatter me' it makes me sympathise with you. Imagine getting an education, studying when your mates were out on the piss as a teenager, learning a career being on far less wages than them, making many other sacrifices, working your ass off 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, missing out on so many things. Well i did that got the career got the rewards. It's kind of sad that through your obvious jealousy you see me as a snob. Personally i respect a man who has worked hard all his life to achieve better thing's for him and his family. Then again i have never been a jealous type person. Did you key scratch cars as a youth, thats if cars were around when you were a youth.
  7. The Realist

    Question for BB

    I view that as a kind of eating at a wetherspoons thing, to a high class restaurant. a Spoons is cheap, so you can't really have any complaints about the quality of the food. Pay top dollar to eat in a higher class establishment, and you will complain about the slightest thing.
  8. The Realist

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Life is great fella. I'm a country boy now, and loving it.
  9. The Realist

    Question for BB

    How much MPG are you getting then? I'm driving a 3 litre Jaguar F pace, 4x4, and i am getting well over 40 mpg.
  10. The Realist

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Bumped into an old mate today, I asked him what he was up to nowadays,he said he prepares meals, for homeless,dropouts,inbreds, crackheads,peadophiles,and down and outs. I said do you work at a charity drop in centre? He said no, I work on the pie stand at Villa Park
  11. The Realist

    Plans for the weekend?

    Birthday weekend for me, Mrs SA has booked to see Jim Davidson in St Ives on Friday night, (she thought it was Cornwall apparently it's somewhere in Cambridgeshire). hopefully be back in time for Blues Saturday as several family are meeting at DDC, Saturday evening.Sunday they got something planned in of all places Shrewsbury. the town with a million pubs, and only 7 parking spaces, 4 of which are disabled.
  12. The Realist

    Question for BB

    Tho it's a question for BB, i feel compelled to put my penny's worth in here. Any car will have DPF problems if it's used mostly for short journeys. A decent run on the motorway should sort the DPF problems out. Yet again it is a Vauxhall were talking about, i really think they are shite, My mate who works as an RAC patrolman for the last 6 six says he has never worked a day when he hasn't had a call out to a Vauxhall, that says a lot. As for BB's comment on it be very reliable, well it's in the garage on Thursday for a potentially huge repair bill. Hyundai's are a better option, Toyota or VW, if your budget cant stretch to the German more luxurious brands.
  13. The Realist

    Lennon Threatens to Quit

    A youtube video shows the coin hitting his chest, and the way the cnut went down was farcical, it was like he fell in instalments, he started to fall, just as i was going for a piss, finally hitting the turf just when i got back.
  14. The Realist

    Scum Celtic Fans at it again

    Yet they are all happy to take the British tax payer's money, that pays their benefits.
  15. The Realist

    Scum Celtic Fans at it again

    Name one?

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