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  1. Iv'e lost count of how many pedestrians have stepped out in front of me whilst i am driving over the years. I have always managed not to hit one tho.
  2. Mr Hazeldean had come through a green traffic light, and had sounded a loud airhorn attached to his bike, as well as shouting, swerving and braking in a bid to avoid Ms Brushett - but ploughed into her at up to 15mph, Central London's County Court heard this week. So he had the time and alertness to honk a horn shout swerve and break at 15MPH, yet he still managed to hit her, and seriously we are to believe there was no fault on his part FFS????. I am very bitter towards cyclists after one hit my old PA and her new born baby on a Zebra crossing, apparently doing over 10MPH more than the legal limit for cars, resulting in her suffering serious head injuries resulting in her losing all sense of taste, and smell, She received £170k in compensation, the cyclist literally got off scot free. Cyclists are a big menace on our roads, who somehow feel the rules of the road don't apply to them. A recent one day police operation to crackdown on cyclists in London resulted in over 5000 cyclists being fined for going through red lights by midday, FFS. IMO if they wanna use the roads, they should have to pass some sort of test, and be insured. Bear in mind that is my opinion, which by all accounts i am free to express.
  3. Even more reason for him to put in a counterclaim,which he chose not to bother doing.
  4. No insurance, no counterclaim = No sympathy from me. Insurance should be compulsory for cyclists if they want to use the roads, as should stopping at red lights.
  5. Would be more tolerable if the majority of players didn't look like a butch bag of spanners.
  6. I have no optimism at all for the new season, haven't even looked at the fixtures, tho thankfully my totally unjustified life ban at Ibrox looks like it may be coming to an end, after years of appealing,asking many an unanswered question and around £30k in legal fees, it's under review by the club.
  7. ????? Not sure what you mean there fella. I hate Jamie Oliver with a passion, fecking irritating stuttering cunt, with an annoying lisp too. Who the feck chose him to advertise Sainsburys FFS, thainthburyth. He is a massive cunt IMO.
  8. But Seriously! John McEnroe autobiography, it's a really great read, I like the way it proves MSM to be full of shit, particularly concerning his relationship with Bjorn Borg, turns out they are to this day still great friends, and McEnroe idolised the bloke,claiming Borg made him a much better palyer.
  9. Interesting,and thought provoking, even if it is the mirror. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/inside-story-behind-sensational-row-16539635 Kings Heath?
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