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  1. The Realist

    FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - 3rd Dec 18

    So we have got a 5200 ticket allocation out of 60000, and a 12-30 KO, the Met must be shitting it.
  2. The Realist

    Should football clubs be punished be...

    And yet a guy running around with a Zombie knife to attack and rob people in London, gets fuck all. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46370271
  3. The Realist

    May is Doomed

    200 - 117 votes in her favour.
  4. The Realist

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

  5. The Realist

    London tomorrow.

    Don't see the relevance there. Anyhow after work i'm gonna have a mooch on the internet to see what bullshit the media has come up with about the demo.
  6. The Realist

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    I'm hoping to get Roger Daltrey's book.
  7. The Realist

    Tonight' dinner.

    When Mrs SA picked me up, she didn't fancy it. I was at the Old Crown too, so i could smell all the nice food,
  8. The Realist

    Should football clubs be punished be...

    No stupid idea IMO. Tho in the case of celtic and their green brigade something should be done.
  9. The Realist

    Tonight' dinner.

    Tonight's food was a bucket of non halal KFC. Very rarely have KFC, we really enjoyed it tho, not sure if that was because it was really nice, or something different, or cos we were starving, or a bit of all 3. Either way it was enjoyable.
  10. The Realist

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    It's nearly here, what are your plans, what pressies do you want etc etc?
  11. Roberts wasn't great last season, made a few costly error's. I'm not sure i have confidence in him, then again he was playing under Cotterill, who seemed good at destroying players. How different has Jota, and several others been under Monk?.
  12. The Realist

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    You seriously think i would trust you with my dog??? Nice offer tho.
  13. The Realist

    London tomorrow.

    Fully intend to behave fella all the DFLA lads do, and will. Tho after many years of following England abroad i know how the media work. I myself have been offered money by media to throw a few bottles, obviously i never took it, tho some people would. It gives them something to report then. Feckin hate them.
  14. The Realist

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    Got to put mine in kennel's next July. My son is getting married abroad and all the family will be there, whenever we have gone away in the Past there has always been somebody staying with him. I'm dreading it.
  15. The Realist

    London tomorrow.

    Will only make the news if there is any hassle.

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