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  1. SPL Match Day Discussion

    An unimpressive yet effective performance, and a 4th straight win for the Gers. Enjoyed lennons whining afterwards, I really do hate that man.
  2. The move could see driving licences of 2.5 million ex-military personnel stamped with a "V" symbol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42336381 Personally I think it's sick! When we've got 10,000 Veterans sleeping rough on the streets, being moved on by local councils who put spikes in the pavement where they're trying to place their cardboard box for the night, trying to beg money for food off people for whom giving them money has been made a criminal offence, if they're lucky being allowed to queue up alongside nurses at a foodbank, denied benefits because they're classed as 'fit for work' and so on, we think we're great because we give them a nice little V on the driving license for a car they can never afford. At least they could replace the V with something more appropriate, befitting how our government REALLY sees them:
  3. Football and the art of telling lies!

    The Premier League in particular is fast becoming a franchise and everyone employed within it is essentially working for the same boss. You only have to look at the way Moyes and a few others keep landing jobs. They know they have to toe the line if they want to stay on board. He's never really had the sack from anywhere has he Moyes? He's just moved from one department to another. Would he have walked into those other jobs if he'd spoken about his time at Man U? Not a chance. I've listened to some recent interviews with the England cricketers and management staff, it's all the same no real straight answers. They're all too media savvy now. The only one who's really spoken out in cricket in recent years is Pietersen...and look what happened to him. One of the few people in sport I really like to listen to is Eddie Jones, he just answers the questions as they're asked. There doesn't appear to be any spin but no doubt it would be the same for him if he went into too much detail. I'm not sure it's lying as such, or if everyone is just protecting the cash cow.
  4. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Indeed, tho Asthma inhalers do contain steroids, Salbutamol does anyhow, I know this as my kids have grown up using them. Large amount of Asthma medication = Steroids???
  5. All football clubs have issues, all managers are one-eyed, all those who take money from the game are keen to protect their own interests but the sheer amount of bare-faced lying in football really does my head in tbh. It's so prevalent that for someone to tell the truth (or at least their version of it) they have to do it anonymously or in 'an explosive tell-all' autobiography written well after they've left the game. I don't really understand how or why so many fans can remain loyal to a sport that constantly bullshits them. Thoughts?
  6. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Even a simple cold remedy like Lemsip, can get an Athlete in trouble nowadays.
  7. Negan has left the building

    Scary part from his dad's thought's must be- 5 million sperm and he was the fastest ffs.
  8. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Just read Tampax are making a limited edition Tampon with a piece of tinsel attached. Apparently it's for the Christmas period.
  9. Bitcoin!

    If Negan hadn't of phucked off, he could have given us some good advice on bitcoin, no doubt he would have had a couple of mil stashed in his wardrobe or similar place in his flat.
  10. Is Social Media Destroying Society?

    I rarely use Facebook, Mrs SA uses my Facebook to play a few games! I have no dodgy passwords or hide anything from her. Some people would be horrified at the thought of their husband/wife having access to their Facebook or phone, WTF is that about seriously?. I bet it causes a few arguments too. I don't mind her giving me grief if I stroll home at 4am pissed as feck after saying i'm popping out for a quick pint at 7pm. I'll be phucked if I'm gonna have her screaming at me for liking a mates comment that has a girl 50 yards away in the background or similar type crap. Sad thing is tho, people really behave like that nowadays. Is deleting somebody on Facebook the worst thing you can do to a person nowadays? From thing's I hear at times it seems that way.
  11. Man Flu!

    Women just don’t care, they know nothing about our immune system. They don’t see how sensitive we are and how the brain can have such an effect on this system. They don’t look at it holistically like we do. As Dr Rolf Wellman’s latest research has shown, even simple words or sentences can slice through our immunity. In tests words like, lawnmower, shelf, bedclothes, iron, shopping, all produced symptoms of pre- flu; sweating, lethargy and unquenchable thirst. (Grayson Perry I think)
  12. Man Flu!

    It's the way women say, us blokes don't know pain, as we've never given birth. I think of it like this-A woman will go on about how painful child birth is, then 6 months after dropping a sprog will say to the old man "I think we should have another child". How many times after a bloke has had a kick in the bollocks do you hear him say "Yeah, that hurt a bit - I fancy another bollock boot in a week or so"? Similar with me and Mrs SA.
  13. Man Flu!

    It's real. We know that we men are the weaker sex, male foetuses are more vulnerable than female, male infants are more likely to die, boys have a lower life expectancy and all that. Now, the BMJ report that, because our immune systems are weaker than women's, we are more likely to be unwell with viruses like flu. When my Mrs has a cold which is rare, and goes 'sniffle'... air is still able to pass up her nose. When I have a cold , both nostrils are clamped tight as a nuns chuff, eyes streaming, head throbbing, throat burning, sinuses on fire, snot coming wave after wave and the urge to blow my nose every 15 seconds. Once I blew my nose and nothing but blood came out. My sinuses were infected. Tissue looked like a sanitary towell. But yeah us men make it up.
  14. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Like my Aociety one then, Now were equal.
  15. Ryanair Again!

    Problem I have, is that some places I go/wanna go, can only fly Ryanair directly.