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  1. No i think it's shite.
  2. Election poll latest Conservatives 42% Labour 28% Lib Dems 15% Brexit party 4%
  3. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11704/11859520/neil-warnock-parts-ways-with-cardiff-city At his age he really should be at home with his feet up anyhow.
  4. SNP-Green Party,-green brigade all =massive cunts.
  5. Tho memory has faded a bit over the years, First time i was in that part of the world was for a game Gers v Everton, i remember Gers winning on pens, cant even remember the year, late 80's, near to Xmas.Sure it was called the Dubai cup, featuring the English & Scottish champions or cup winners, and ran for a few years.
  6. Hardly surprising to see the Scottish Sun is reporting that Celtic fans booed the green brigade for leaving their seats to boycott the minutes silence on Sunday, instead of reporting the fact that they actually left their seats, booed and jeered. Looks a lot more than just 1 or 2 there, disgusting cunts supporting a disgusting club. They really are a boil on the face of humanity.
  7. Can't believe the double standards of that vile club. Remember 2008, and ceptics tour of Japan which actually never happened.
  8. Ah who gives a feck. Have a look at this lorry tho.
  9. Tho you have on kids, my ambition was always to live long enough to become a burden to my kids. Hopefully yeah 2 years, the roll is supposed to be 3 years, tho there is no way the project will possibly take that long, 2 years max. Will i retire then or find something else of interest? Thankfully i am in i am a position to pick and choose. It's not always about money to me, in reality i never needed this roll, It's the challenge that attracts me. I'm just the type of guy who loves a challenge and never shirk's away from one. It's kind of like a buzz. Cocaine free one too.
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